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    [–] Need advice for buying a set. fornoggg 1 points ago in lego

    If you're talking about the kallax, then no, Ninjago city will not fit in a slot

    [–] 75203 Hoth Medical Chamber fornoggg 2 points ago in lego

    I like it, especially since the previous Hoth echo base 7879 is so damn expensive to get.

    [–] Am I displayin' my Ship In A Bottle rite!? fornoggg 7 points ago in lego

    That must have been a boat load of fun to put together

    [–] Grafuatuon gift to myself fornoggg 6 points ago in lego

    I hope it wasn't an English major...

    [–] Week 23: Taiwanese - Smashed Cucumber Salad fornoggg 1 points ago in 52weeksofcooking

    Your link it's forcing us to sign in to see it

    [–] Gate keeper to the stars fornoggg 1 points ago in woahdude

    Fun fact: The vertical concentration of stars is actually one of the arms of the milky way galaxy (imagine being somewhere along the Galaxy "disc" and looking in the horizon towards the rest of the disc)

    [–] how to avoid side cracks fornoggg 1 points ago in lego

    This happens over time when torsos and legs are switched frequently. The plastic also becomes more frail with sun exposure, which contributes to this. Changing the arm pieces can contribute.

    [–] How many builds could you do before Monday morning? fornoggg 3 points ago in lego

    I'm going to bet if you have a backlog of that many, that you'll continue having a backlog of that many by Monday. It's like me and the games I bought of steam...