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    [–] What ever happened to Mike Caldwell, creator of cassascius coins? frankreddit5 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    He just stepped out of the limelight. He's still around, lurking among us :) I spoke with him a few days ago after getting his approval for our latest Casascius art print

    [–] Hodl tight. 5 to 10 years to mainstream adoption frankreddit5 2 points ago in Bitcoin

    Black Mirror seems more like a documentary of our upcoming future than a fictional TV series. (if you guys haven't seen it, I highly recommend it - Netflix)

    [–] Mike Novogratz a true convert.. Fascinating insight detailing Wall Street moves into BTC frankreddit5 2 points ago in Bitcoin

    put Andreas and Mike in a room talking about Bitcoin, put it on TV, and I just might never leave the sofa. I could seriously watch for HOURS. DAYS!

    [–] To those asking if they should "wait for the dip to buy??" or "when will it get to 20k??" or "how much will Bitcoin be worth on X date??" or "why hasn't the price moved in 13 minutes am I going to go bankrupt??" frankreddit5 36 points ago in Bitcoin

    1M new wallets created each and every week. 21M coins total, but only 16M in circulation right now. At least 3 or 4 million coins that were lost or burned. 1 million probably held by Satoshi, but definitely, as seen on the blockchain, sitting in a random wallet that no one knows who's it is? 4-5 more million coins put away in cold cold storage, people who are NOT selling until the price is much, much higher. This leaves you with just 3 or 4 million coins left to exchange, yet millions of people coming in to buy each and every week. Massive Demand > hardly any supply.

    it will hit $50K and much higher next year. You say we don't know, but, we do. You just have to look at the simple math!

    [–] Creator of the Casascius coin, Mike Caldwell, shared his enthusiasm about our latest artwork & I'm so very excited to share it with you all. Introducing the Casascius Astronaut. frankreddit5 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    We had the opportunity to speak with Mike prior to having this piece printed and he was both enthused and honored - as are we!

    The thought process behind this piece:

    As the price of the Casascius coin continues to rise higher and higher in value, it remains out of the grasp of the astronaut, despite his struggle to reach the coin.

    Hope you all enjoy the print; it is limited to 21.

    [–] Guys I am extremely concerned about Bitcoin this is important frankreddit5 7 points ago in Bitcoin

    2020: Seriously. It's still only 10% of Gold's market cap, what a joke.
    2023: The US dollar is fine. Everybody relax.
    2028: This is the biggest bubble the world has ever see.
    2030: Dad, what's a bank?

    [–] WARNING: /u/tether_is_fiat is an impostor, if you donated you got scammed. /u/real_tether_is_fiat is her real account. She is offering refunds via Twitter. frankreddit5 4 points ago in Bitcoin

    wow. I can't believe twitter's user account creation accepts the same exact name but with capitalization differences. did not even realize this was ever possible. that's startling. sorry that happened to you.

    and thank you /u/SlinkyHosts for bringing it to our attention.

    and as a side note, /u/real_tether_is_fiat, I thought for sure your name was Salome. Or maybe Mary.

    [–] Daily Discussion, December 06, 2017 frankreddit5 13 points ago in Bitcoin

    better than any sports show. give me a gdax ticker, some food and drinks, and we can all have a 'stare at the ticker' party. Hey, John, you watching the game this Sunday? No. I'm watching GDAX. Come on over and enjoy the show.

    [–] Jurassic World 2 FIRST Clip of Jeff Goldblum frankreddit5 5 points ago in JurassicPark

    now I'm uh by myself and uh, talking to myself...

    so pumped he's in the film.