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    [–] 5/22/2017 Daily Discussion frankreddit5 1 points ago in AMD_Stock

    I have calls. Leaps, rather, January 2019 20 strike. A lot of them. But I bought them when amd was $14.50, so the leaps were 3.20 each. Now they're 1.20. Lost a lot bit not selling , will hold til mid 2018

    [–] 5/22/2017 Daily Discussion frankreddit5 13 points ago in AMD_Stock

    Can't believe we kissed 13.15 a few days ago after hours during that conference and now we're back in the 10s. Starting to get tired of hanging on.

    [–] I made this Fallout painting last year frankreddit5 1 points ago in gaming

    You, sir, understand depth. Wow. Fantastic. That mega man is mind blowing.

    From one artist to another - fantastic work, keep it up.

    [–] First promo art from Jurassic World 2 frankreddit5 7 points ago in JurassicPark

    ohhh. I didn't know that, nice. thank you

    [–] My dog saw something through the window... frankreddit5 3 points ago in pics

    Beautiful picture. What a fun hobby, you have!

    [–] Down Days like Today Test your Investing Strategies frankreddit5 15 points ago in stocks

    I'm in Amd calls and bank of america b warrants. I'm down 20% on my calls and 14% on my warrants. Not just a 1 or 2 percent down day for many of us

    [–] here's my Boo art. Boo! frankreddit5 5 points ago in gaming

    That's my website lol

    [–] Lisa sold 87,500 shares at $10.24 frankreddit5 4 points ago in AMD_Stock

    Very well said. Nvda exec sold 250k in shares at $13ish a share, can't recall the exact number, but it was several years ago. But regardless, point is, look at where it's at now.

    [–] Working on a Sloped Road and Overpass for my Lego Town. frankreddit5 0 points ago in lego

    Wow! Nicely done! That's a lot of bricks if you're going to be making multiple of them. You'll have to keep us updated

    [–] Amazon is offering $250,000 to a team that comes up with an advanced robot for its warehouses frankreddit5 21 points ago in stocks

    Bingo. Hey I built a robot that can automate orders and manage your whole warehouse! I think it's probably worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But you can have it for 250k and continue building your empire, sure.

    /s lol

    [–] HALO Warthog MOC (Render, 1920x1080) frankreddit5 2 points ago in lego

    Nice! Very well done. Simple yet effective

    [–] AMD $10 five days in a row. Down last 3 days... frankreddit5 0 points ago in stocks

    I think the majority of the paniced shareholders (aka weak hands) already sold their positions a few days ago. it's been up 1% then down 1% back and forth. at this point I don't see it dropping another 20%.