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    [–] The worst of The Office frenchlimones 1 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Couldn't stand Hollie. She was just too much of a shady character for me.

    [–] You have unlimited funds and are tasked with reducing crime. You can’t spend any money on the police. What do you spend it on? frenchlimones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Creating jobs with good pay for criminals that are barred because of their past history. Would sell high quality products for cheap to keep production high. Profit wouldn't matter much if it's unlimited funds to the companies

    [–] What are the awesome perks that come/came with ajob you have held? frenchlimones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Worked at a law firm and received lots of goodies from court reporters and interpreters. Took a lot of sweets home and also when to the bakeries they brought stuff from to my new jobsand they were an instant hit. I do miss the food...

    [–] Reddit users who had a gang affiliated life when you were a teen, how is it different now that you are older? frenchlimones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes that's true but I didn't mean it like that though... more like how is your life different now that you are older... hope that makes sense and sorry for the confusion! Hope the edit makes it clearer.

    [–] [KH3] What happened to Ansem the Wise? frenchlimones 5 points ago in KingdomHearts

    Oh really? Damn then I need to rewatch the trailer! Thanks!

    [–] I'm 18M, almost in done high school and I haven't had my first kiss, date, or even held hands with a girl. Am I just unlucky, or does this happen more often than I think? frenchlimones 2 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    My husband had that same mindset during high school. He unfortunately got into an abusive relationship during his senior year because he felt he needed to have a girlfriend before graduating high school. Don't worry it happens more often than what you think. If you are truly looking for a relationship of some kind make sure it's not out of need cause that wont be a great experience. Have fun and enjoy yourself. You might find yourself in a relationship or dating someone when you least expect it.

    [–] What are the worst things you heard or read a fandom has said or done? frenchlimones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    What the hell? Period blood? That's crazy!

    I recently heard a bit about that one couple who were kicked out of a label for dating each other and I read that some of their fans were a reason for it. Dont know how much of it is true though.

    [–] [Serious] Redditors who knew murderers before they committed their crimes, what were they like? What was your experience with them? frenchlimones 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Husband had a friend from high school who he lost touch with a year after graduating. About 3 years later (after they graduated) the police warned the neighborhood around the school to not go out too late at night since there was someone killing homeless people. Later found out on the news that he was charged for killing them. Apparently was under some drugs while doing it. Husband said he was a pretty chill and funny guy. Didn't expect him to do something like that.

    [–] What is a reason(s) you cut off family? frenchlimones 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I hope they got arrested and are in prison for life. How the hell can you do that to your own family?