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    [–] My dad when he first immigrated to NYC in 1986. fretgod321 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Eh, depends on the subway station. The D/N/R lines are generally decent. That said, in my experience, The Canal St, Bowery, and Central Park North stops always smell like piss

    [–] When Devs have to explain fretgod321 2 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    And be sure to get one from a local breeder, not a car mill

    [–] Meat Biome. fretgod321 1 points ago in Minecraft

    so it's basically the third impact

    [–] Dude asleep at the wheel of his Tesla on the interstate fretgod321 3 points ago in WTF

    That's why you take Highway 30 to see the small towns, and/or get off the interstate to see the Sandhills instead

    [–] Dude asleep at the wheel of his Tesla on the interstate fretgod321 8 points ago in WTF

    that's probably more because of Grand Island than Amigos

    [–] Anyone in favor of bringing ‘Can You Feel It?’ back to football games? fretgod321 5 points ago in Huskers

    i can't remember a single game where most of the crowd stayed around for so long after a game

    [–] [QUESTION] Who do you think is/are the most underrated guitar player(s)? fretgod321 1 points ago in Guitar

    Leslie West from Mountain. Listen to Nantucket Sleighride. 30 minutes of heavy-hitting pure rock jamming. His tone is impeccable

    [–] I want to learn how to play guitar fretgod321 2 points ago in IWantToLearn

    First of all, do NOT buy one of those guitars you posted. Go to an actual guitar/music store and find one that feels good and comfortable in your hands, as guitars have a variety of neck shapes/widths. Buying a guitar that ends up not being comfortable to play will make you quickly not want to learn anymore. Saving a bit longer to buy a nicer instrument willl pay off in the long run.

    As for learning, start with your basic open chords(G C D A E), Power chords(root, 5th), and minor pentatonic and major scale patterns. Once your hands get stronger and used to playing, learn the various barre chord shapes

    After that, start looking into some basic music theory,

    Additionally, /r/guitar has plenty of learning resources

    [–] [Question] What makes a good rhythm guitarist? fretgod321 3 points ago in Guitar

    Listen to the Grateful Dead and study Bob Weir’s playing. Dude is a master of rhythm guitar

    [–] Happens all the time - be aware fretgod321 17 points ago in newyorkcity

    Sounds like a shitty person to me