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    [–] “I am here,” written by a million fingertips on a map in Times Square’s subway station. fretgod321 4 points ago in MapPorn

    there's literally signs everywhere indicating subway lines there. find your line, follow the signs, and then take the uptown or downtown stairway. simple

    [–] [Postgame Thread] BYU Defeats Wisconsin 24-21 fretgod321 11 points ago in CFB

    So much soaking happening at BYU tonight

    [–] [Game Thread] Troy @ Nebraska (12:00PM ET) fretgod321 2 points ago in CFB

    Bluepoint and Left Hand Okctoberfests. Fireball shots for kickoff and NU TDs

    [–] FUCK YOU NETFLIX STOP CUTTING OFF THE CREDITS fretgod321 5 points ago in movies

    Or go to a library, check out a bunch of dvds for free, and rip them

    [–] Nebraska releases Akron game contract fretgod321 3 points ago in CFB

    One of my favorite games that I’ve attended

    [–] This pianist drank a speed potion. fretgod321 13 points ago in videos

    Fun fact: Rachmaninov was actually a bear; he was just really good at hiding it

    [–] Newcomer with bad eyesight fretgod321 3 points ago in bjj

    Thanks all of you for your input, I'll have to check out the BJJ place in my neighborhood now!

    [–] [Setlist Thread] 2018/09/02 Dick's - Commerce City, CO fretgod321 2 points ago in phish

    there's a link deep in the thread. they're like $220 apiece

    [–] [Setlist Thread] 8/31/2018. Dick's Night 1, Commerce City, CO fretgod321 2 points ago in phish

    not tonight, are they showing the stream on sunday as well? might be able to catch that one