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    [–] Love that suture practice in the end freygrmn 34 points ago in educationalgifs

    Nah man we’re just really normal people. Probably sleep-deprived, but still normal people at house parties. We’re probably already asleep by the time you get there.

    [–] Love that suture practice in the end freygrmn 69 points ago in educationalgifs

    In nursing school we practice administering/injecting intramuscular medications on a tomato

    [–] Love that suture practice in the end freygrmn 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in educationalgifs

    I think they’re called Nephrostomy forceps

    [–] Love that suture practice in the end freygrmn 6 points ago in educationalgifs

    They use a special technique (and set of instruments) for suturing. This technique ensures minimal possibility of breakage.

    [–] How Filipino relatives treat their children about depression or mental health problems is just fucking disgusting freygrmn 1 points ago in Philippines

    I definitely understand this. The term ‘depression’ though has been loosely used nowadays it tends to be the norm for people who, in reality, are just actually sad and lazy. Increasing people’s awareness about the importance of determining mental illness and treatment can help, but it also tends to get a lot of backlash since they don’t see it as something serious as physical health. It’s also equally important to educate people regarding the use of the term ‘depression’. In the clinical practice, you can’t be diagnosed as depressed or have a depressive disorder unless you manifest 4 or more characteristics under that category. Throwing the term ‘depressed’ and describing it merely as a mood may overshadow other people who actually suffer the illness.

    [–] What do people not realize is just marketing? freygrmn 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I once met a guy who’s like a walking billboard of Supreme. It’s an eyesore.

    [–] That movie theater reach freygrmn 4 points ago in likeus

    Reminds me of that Cheaper by the Dozen 2 movie house scene

    [–] Rest of the fucking sheep freygrmn 461 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in restofthefuckingowl

    The legs on this sheep are fabulous

    [–] 2 Beatles post on front page, what has happened freygrmn 5 points ago in beatles

    Also can i just say Ringo is so effin adorbs in this video. Like so effin adorbs all of them ugh

    [–] What do you listen to when you're only passively listening to music? freygrmn 2 points ago in LetsTalkMusic

    I listen to something I don’t know the lyrics to so that I can’t sing along to it. I lose all my focus when I know all the words to a song playing in the background. I can’t specifically listen to a song I know all the words to whenever I write my essays/do homework because I tend to act like I’m in a karaoke bar and have the tendency to forget my homework lol.