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    [–] Smooth AF moves (credit: Jiemba Sands) frostwarrior 13 points ago in gifsthatkeepongiving

    I don't think it was rape because the whole point of the movie was about that: a teen girl sexual fantasy. They weren't abducted. They wanted to flee from their shit lives with their attractive as fuck superhero to fantasyland. The hundred years old thing is more of a plot resource that a real thing. After all, in the perception of the public, the vampires were teenagers.

    The movies weren't good. But I think we shouldn't be so harsh with the single story meant to fulfill female fantasy meanwhile the media is full of the same unrealistic crap for teen dudes.

    [–] This is metal frostwarrior 1 points ago in pics

    Does this count as /r/2healthbars?

    [–] The Internet Was Built on the Free Labor of Open Source Developers. Is That Sustainable? frostwarrior 3 points ago in linux

    Thing is, you can open source code that is hell to maintain, and the ecosystem will leave it behind like irradiated uranium. Like Virtualbox. Technically open source, but no one other than Sun employees actually touched that code.

    [–] Redesign: 50 Stripe and 13 Star American Flag frostwarrior 1 points ago in vexillology

    Now do this flag in "Conquered by the rejected flag of EU" version

    [–] Found a new strategy for classes frostwarrior 13 points ago in 2healthbars

    But that doesn't cover your error at specifying the limits of the error.

    [–] My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today. frostwarrior 70 points ago in pics

    When shit's hot and humid with no wind, and there's no air conditioner, you need to be the most naked, yet socially-accepted possible to dissipate the heat.

    [–] Thoughts on a EU-Type Association between Mexico, Canada and the US? frostwarrior 2 points ago in PoliticalDiscussion

    That's a lot if you take in account the cost of living in Mexico. I'm a web programmer in Argentina and I actually earn less than that

    [–] NES games painted & updated frostwarrior 0 points ago in gaming

    Nintendo has an internal policy clause that demands every new game to be innovative in playability.

    That's why they never released a new F-Zero game. Miyamoto doesn't see the point on releasing the same game with new graphics. (

    Sequels are more of an exception.