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    [–] Steph congratulating Drake on the championship win fuckin_wot_m8 7 points ago in nba


    [–] Shaq on Drake's antics: "Drake is a smart guy. He knows what he's doing. It's called marketing, people!" fuckin_wot_m8 512 points ago in nba

    I can't imagine being that dude's friend or relative and actually having to listen to that totally stoked voice every day.

    [–] The last time LeBron wasn't in the NBA Finals.. fuckin_wot_m8 94 points ago in nba

    What level what now for half the cost of a what

    [–] Who could be the “Drake” of your team? fuckin_wot_m8 3 points ago in nba

    Homeschooled... super conservative Christian parents... No movies were allowed, and the only television that was allowed was sports.

    [–] Who could be the “Drake” of your team? fuckin_wot_m8 16 points ago in nba

    Growing up a Bulls fan in the 90s who also wasn't allowed to watch movies... Spike Lee was the guy who dressed funny at Knicks games and who Pip told to sit the eff down and that's all I knew.

    [–] Portland is going to kill their championship chances by paying a 34 year old Dame $48 Million - And they have no choice but to pay him and kill the cap because of the stupidity of the supermax fuckin_wot_m8 3 points ago in nba

    This is an interesting point. From an ownership perspective, winning championships is amazing, but it isn't everything. Getting very close and being a contender is also very close to amazing. And with the Warriors in the league, what's the point of really contending?