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    [–] The Evil of Bezos fuckin_wot_m8 5 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Jesus you must get invited to a lot of parties

    [–] Well this really puts LeBron's durability in perspective fuckin_wot_m8 15 points ago in nba

    Short shorts decrease wear and tear on key muscle groups.

    [–] Let me help you up there. fuckin_wot_m8 11 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Link? Sounds interesting.

    [–] Wealth gap in a picture fuckin_wot_m8 7 points ago in pics

    Square stone apartment buildings, no vegetation, those iconic dumpsters...... So Amman.

    [–] Am I gay? fuckin_wot_m8 1 points ago in bodybuilding

    I know everyone is giving you shitpost answers, but your post could have been written by me. Or you wrote what has been in my head for several years now. I've come to think of sexual attraction as lying along a spectrum, rather than a binary gay/straight. I probably will never have sex with a guy in my life, but I am attracted (mostly in a non-sexual way) to a man's physique. I spend more time looking at guys bodies than girls I think.

    [–] Advice for the roads fuckin_wot_m8 2 points ago in Atlanta

    That's unrealistic advice.

    [–] Curry just scored 45pts in 30 minutes (3 quarters) fuckin_wot_m8 -2 points ago in nba

    But mobile makes it easier because it autocorrects...

    [–] Notice board fuckin_wot_m8 126 points ago in funny

    Well it’s also in Denver