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    [–] *SPOILER ALERT* How bad the last jedi ? fullcolourcactus 0 points ago in LastJedi

    If you think the script is garbage then there's no way we'll reach a middle-ground to agree on and our argument is pointless. I thought the writing was sharp, I thought the plotlines were engaging. Contrary to popular belief I also loved the points of humour.

    And your opinion is fine exactly because it's your own opinion. I'm sorry that these things you've mentioned inhibited your enjoyment of the movie but for me it is an arguably good film that doesn't impact my enjoyment of the previous films whatsover. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

    [–] *SPOILER ALERT* How bad the last jedi ? fullcolourcactus 0 points ago in LastJedi

    What does that have to do with anything? We were talking about twists and subverting expectations. Star wars has never EVER adhered to exact rules of space (there are explosions in space in the original trilogy, as well as hearing sound in space) so there has to be a suspension of disbelief.

    [–] *SPOILER ALERT* How bad the last jedi ? fullcolourcactus 0 points ago in LastJedi

    Which ones are you referring to which were weak? Personally I felt they were all strong and thought they only made the previous film stronger since it's now heading in a much more unique direction than anticipated. And of course I wouldn't want my dad's star wars. I already have those, the original trilogy is brilliant and I love it do death but I don't just want a lazy repeat for the new one. I want it to be fresh and i want to be surprised, that's everything a good cinema experience should be.

    [–] *SPOILER ALERT* How bad the last jedi ? fullcolourcactus 0 points ago in LastJedi

    But they weren't random, most of them served important points. Rey's lineage doesn't matter, her story is about her own talents rather than who her parents were. Snoke doesn't matter in the long run, we know he's a bad guy who wants to rule the galaxy and that wasn't interesting to me, I was much more invested in Kylo so I'm glad snoke was so unceremoniously killed by him so Kylo could have more of a poignant moment character development.

    Which twists are you referring to that in your mind had no pay off? Because in my mind none of them seemed random or pointless at all.

    [–] *SPOILER ALERT* How bad the last jedi ? fullcolourcactus 1 points ago in LastJedi

    The difference with your example is that while I would WANT to be intimate with someone, I didn't WANT Fischer to be dead, I didn't WANT Rey's parents to be somebody, I didn't WANT Snoke to be the new big bad emporer 2.0, so when these things subverted my expectations I was very happy to have an alternative

    [–] [OC] Ghost Wedding fullcolourcactus 13 points ago in comics

    Thanks! I have a whole series of sappy comics/drawings featuring me and my fiance haha. @seanyboydraws on Instagram if you're interested!

    [–] I just want to punch my screen (sucking at Photoshop) fullcolourcactus 3 points ago in graphic_design

    Sucking at something is one of the best places to be, as you've got nowhere to go but up. It may seem frustrating and like you're not getting any better, but if you stick at it you'll begin to notice certain things start getting easier. That journey is the most rewarding part of learning anything new, so try to focus on that rather than judging yourself for not being at a certain level already.

    [–] I learning Photoshop. What do you think? fullcolourcactus 3 points ago in graphic_design

    Very cool stuff! You've got some nice compositing skills happening. Have you ever tried playing around with the HDR toning tool? For your particular images it can really be fun to play around with to make them pop even more.

    [–] Some people just don't understand... fullcolourcactus 1 points ago in TheSimpsons

    Thank you! I guess my post just wasn't cromulent enough