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    [–] THE RIOTT SQUAD APPRECIATION THREAD funbob1 18 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Honestly, the fact that they're all a kind of non traditional WWE woman in their own way made it make more sense than Absolution. Absolution was inherently Paige getting some backup, Riott Squad was about some weirdos bucking the system.

    [–] This fan favorite Marvel hero dies in War of the Realms #2 funbob1 12 points ago in comicbooks

    Jason Aaron is not necessarily the driving force behind these, you know.

    [–] Megathread: Fox News Town Hall With Bernie Sanders funbob1 3 points ago in SandersForPresident

    And the same things he's been saying since before I was born. It's almost like he has, like, principles he sticks to or something.

    [–] Live Raw Discussion Thread - April 15th 2019 funbob1 3 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Sounds like one of those joke sex acts.

    "Ugh, Ivar tried to give me a Viking Experience. I'm never gonna hook up with him again. "

    "You think that's bad? My boyfriend tried to get me to do a Rusty Venture last month."

    [–] Every Money in the Bank Run-in/Announcement in exactly 1 Minute funbob1 1 points ago in SquaredCircle

    There's a timeline where WWE was sued out of business after inciting a riot that night.

    [–] How well would John Cena have done in the Attitude Era? funbob1 23 points ago in SquaredCircle

    If nothing else, he could have been that Early Angle character, where's he's a heel BECAUSE he is so goody good.

    [–] How do I stop my cat from falling out of the window funbob1 2 points ago in Pets

    My apartment in Michigan doesn't have a screen in all but one.

    /u/Naelarys , what I did when I moved into my current apartment was buy an In Window fan for pretty much each room. That way you can open those windows and get air circulating, but still have a blockade to keep the cat from being a cat and doing something stupid like fall out the window.

    [–] The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 25 | Discussion Thread funbob1 4 points ago in TheAdventureZone

    Not necessarily stealing in general, but at the very least stealing from what he considers his friends.

    [–] The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 25 | Discussion Thread funbob1 3 points ago in TheAdventureZone

    I see Duck getting his powers back before Minerva coming back. It's absolutely possible there's more to the powers than Minerva reaching across the galaxy and giving them to him temporarily.

    [–] The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 25 | Discussion Thread funbob1 28 points ago in TheAdventureZone

    An underrated part of the evolution of Duck is that he's getting really pragmatic now that he's not 'chosen.' Maybe he's taking what Minerva told him earlier to heart, or maybe he was always kind of fly under the radar with his powers, even when he was 'out' with the Pineguard.

    [–] Anybody Live(d) in the Palmer Park area in Detroit? funbob1 2 points ago in Detroit

    Be ready to be blown away. Detroit auto is high, and many insurances go crazy high to avoid covering. As far as the area itself, Palmer Park looks beat in pictures and the park is nice, but when I did a drive around when I was moving up to the area, it all Not necessarily sketchy as in unsafe, but sketch as in I wouldn't trust the apartments to not have bugs or health and safety conditions/concerns. But I never actually viewed any, just how the area looked from outside.

    [–] Elizabeth Warren Switched From Republican to Democrat After Watching Banks Destroy Families Through Bankruptcy funbob1 1 points ago in politics

    I know one guy in high school who signed up for military service because "it'll be the only time he'll be able to legally kill someone."

    [–] House votes to reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules funbob1 1 points ago in politics

    Fox News can afford to pay the ISPs to make it freely accessible to all.

    [–] House votes to reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules funbob1 30 points ago in politics

    Xs made an initial push and got rebuked hard, us millennials(Y) were battered down hard by "Both Sides" propaganda, and the Zs have kinda said fuck all that noise and are pushing hard, and getting more of the post Boomers to care and try again.

    [–] 911 operators of reddit, what call will you simply never forget? funbob1 2 points ago in AskReddit

    That's fair. Just pointing out that, in the US at least, "track my phone" or "just get em here" isn't very helpful.

    [–] 911 operators of reddit, what call will you simply never forget? funbob1 19 points ago in AskReddit

    But they really can't track the phone. They get like a 3/4 block radius via cell tower. 911 is usually a local/county funded thing, they're not the NSA.

    [–] 911 operators of reddit, what call will you simply never forget? funbob1 19 points ago in AskReddit

    That's my friend's anecdotal estimate. His point was a lot of 911 callers are not very helpful at all. "Just track the cell phone" is practically a trigger phrase for him now.

    [–] 911 operators of reddit, what call will you simply never forget? funbob1 58 points ago in AskReddit

    Probably conditioning(and lack of, as well) combined with a lack of life experience for what's going on. Even though it's a voice on the phone, most kids are raised to be trustful and truthful to authority figures, and aren't old enough to know or care about the consequences of what they tell someone. My friend who is a 911 dispatcher tells me that 75 percent of his calls have some kind of lie or omission that makes the dispatch harder/less prepared.

    For the former, children can process grief a lot differently than adults can. My dad died when I was 9 and I kept it together pretty well(to the point people told my mom I was emotionally stunted, basically. ) My stepdad died at 19 and I was a sad crying mess for close to a half year. Both good men, both fairly involved in my life when alive. I just think 9 year old me was much less reflective or aware of what the loss meant.

    [–] How Knights Of The Old Republic Pulled Off A Voice-Acting Triumph funbob1 11 points ago in Games

    My biggest surprise was that she was Felicia Hardy/ Black Cat in the 90s spider-man cartoon.

    [–] A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] - Sorcerer funbob1 5 points ago in dndnext

    It'd hurt attack rolls early on, but halfling sorcerer with the halfing luck and lucky feats is gotta be crazy as all get out.

    [–] As a new comer to the series do I have to play dragon age 1 and 2 to play inquisition funbob1 2 points ago in AskGames

    I played all three and was confused during a lot of bits of Inquisition anyway, so go for it.

    Part of the problem is Dragon Age is one of the most weirdly piecemal games ever and there's a ton of DLc for Origins and 2 that tie into the story for Inquisition. Like, I still don't know who the heck the main bad guy was in Inquisition. I think he was in a DLC for 2?