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    [–] WON: Ronda requested that Becky hit her as hard as possible with her crutches on Sunday funbob1 6 points ago in SquaredCircle

    In case you're not being sarcastic....

    "The crimson mask" is kind of a term used in wrestling referring to when they're bleeding heavily at their face, the blood turns into a 'crimson mask.'

    [–] ‘The Punisher’ & ‘Jessica Jones’ Canceled By Netflix funbob1 5 points ago in netflix

    Hopefully they had enough time from hearing about the Iron Fist/Luke Cage cancellations to make it end actual ending, rather than cliffhangers for a new season.

    [–] I need an apartment asap. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated funbob1 3 points ago in Detroit

    I rent in basically the area you're looking for and the 1 bedrooms are around the price you're looking for. Place isn't great, but it's not bad and in a place I feel safe. Dunno if they have anything available, but this is a good bet.

    Also, look into Southwest Solutions, they have rentals in close to the same area for good prices, as long as you have no pets.

    [–] Dickey's Brings Back Two for $22 Deal funbob1 2 points ago in fastfood

    I know there's one in ferndale just north of detroit(9 mile and Woodward) if you're in that area and have a hankering for it.

    [–] Nobody has a problem dropping the biggest spoiler of the entire game. funbob1 3 points ago in chronotrigger

    Crono dies, Kefka wins, you have to pray to beat Giygas. I'm sorry you got spoiled, but you're looking up party builds for a game that is old enough to buy alcohol and graduate from college. If it's something you're interested in learning about WITHOUT spoilers, you can add No Spoilers to your google search, or open a new thread requesting no spoilers.

    It's unfair to let 20 years of internet forum history to maintain spoiler warnings, man.

    [–] Working fast food is hard and honestly we get underpaid by too much. funbob1 2 points ago in fastfood

    And fast food is cutting the amount of employees by the day. Very rarely do I ever see both the drive-thru and dining room lines open, it's just one line doing both. Very rarely is there a dedicated dining room cashier anymore, just someone that comes up to take an order. So the dining room gets cleaned less frequently. Very rarely do places with two drive thru windows use both of them which means it's harder to have someone do a quick prep drop or keep dishes caught up.

    Outside of CFA, every fast food place has had declining levels of service and cleanliness in the last 10-15ish years that I've been aware of such things.

    [–] Working fast food is hard and honestly we get underpaid by too much. funbob1 1 points ago in fastfood

    I worked in IT support some 9000 retail store photo labs making twice as much as I did at Taco Bell, and let me tell you, the former is easier 90 percent of the time. Fast Food absolutely deserves a living wage. Even if a fast food place offered me 20 dollars an hour to work full time I'd still stay at the IT place or any other office job I've had.

    [–] Is the "6-8 encounters" design approach the biggest flaw of 5th edition? funbob1 3 points ago in dndnext

    I haven't really had a chance to test it out in DMing, but I think that the best way to tax resources while not going through the 6-8 encounters thing and not deal with the party resting as soon as possible is to invert the way dungeons and stuff are run. Maybe have a small encounter or something, then a "boss," THEN do the smaller encounters. When I play a wizard, there's nothing worse than coming to a boss fight and only having cantrips and a grease spell to my name, so I usually horde spells.

    It's funner and still challenging to nuke the toughest guy early, then making due with my remaining slots to get us out the other end.

    [–] Affordable car insurance for dad who moved from CA to MI? funbob1 2 points ago in Detroit

    I mean, if he never gets in an accident, sure. But the moment he does and files a claim he's gonna get dropped.

    He already moved, so he probably did a Change Of Address with the post office? Is his California address still a place he can have mail sent to, or did he sell the house? Insurance will happily take your money forever, and will even more happily deny you when you try to collect.

    [–] Affordable car insurance for dad who moved from CA to MI? funbob1 3 points ago in Detroit

    For me, Geico went from 125(Ohio) to 900 a month. I dropped them like a bad habit. In my experience, Progressive is your best bet for car insurance in the area, I was at 205 and am now at 196; eSurance was 240 and went to 260 when I found Progressive.

    [–] Final Fantasy IX Switch Is The Same Version As PC And Mobile, Bugs And All funbob1 2 points ago in Games

    That was the original transition from SNES to Playstation, which any playstation ports used. The DS one worked fine, along with anything based on the SNES or DS one.

    -The PC port was sadly just the mobile port which was made for cell phones without much/any fixes originally.

    [–] Episode 50: Nightcap (A Faerie Tale) funbob1 3 points ago in NotAnotherDnDPodcast

    I wish they'd do it TAZ style where they fit it in at a break point in the episode.

    [–] President Trump Declares National Emergency at the Southern Border funbob1 3 points ago in politics

    That's why the conservative party spent 8 years blocking judicial employees until they got power, and are now opening the floodgates on pisspoor conservative judges.

    [–] WWE's Jimmy Uso Arrested, Allegedly Squared Up W/ Cops funbob1 23 points ago in SquaredCircle

    And downtown to boot, lots of weird roads that go One Way when you wouldn't expect.

    [–] In shocking news, Amazon drops NYC HQ2! Should Detroit re-engage? funbob1 1 points ago in Detroit

    They couldn't get 20 years without paying city taxes and the first born of all New York families like Amazon wanted?

    [–] My thoughts are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine, but nonetheless, I do miss me some Case funbob1 3 points ago in minnesotavikings

    We could have paid him 200 million guaranteed and gone 3-13 the next decade and I wouldn't have cared if we made it to and won that superbowl.

    [–] New Japan visa issues continue - EVIL denied entry into the US funbob1 19 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Could still be. We were shut down for a month, every possible step involved in approving visas has a 30 day backlog of shit to do. They can't(or at least shouldn't) just start rubber stamping them through.

    [–] I just got stickied to the front page of /r/The_Donald by posing as a rabidly pro-Israel zionist. AMA funbob1 1 points ago in casualiama

    The most consistent voting group in the USA is old, conservative, Christian white dudes. Which is coincidentally the most common form of politician. I don't even think it's a conscious decision overall. It's just what the evangelicals believe and those groups naturally lean towards allowing that to happen.

    [–] Unpopular Opinion but I miss the amount of content 3.5/4e had cycle wise funbob1 -1 points ago in dndnext

    Is it an actual issue? Or is it just something a vocal minority is clamoring for? They've said from the start they really want to avoid churning out splatbooks just to have them. They're definitely more focused on adventure books as the main things they want to put out.

    At the end of the day, they've been pretty transparent about how they wanted to release content for this edition and have stuck to it.