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    [–] Masterful Troll At It Again! [xpost /r/CreepyPMs] funkymoose123 1 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    Im a creepy asshole.

    Okay, you're a creepy asshole.

    HAHAHA trolled!!!!

    [–] TIL Two guys used their dead friends ashes as fishing bait and caught the worlds biggest Carp funkymoose123 1 points ago in todayilearned

    This sounds like it could make a "based on a true story" horror movie about some crazy dude that uses murder victims as fishing bait to catch prize winning fish.

    [–] Trump praises health care of Nambia, a nonexistent African country funkymoose123 5 points ago in politics

    I went to a pretty good university and I make mistakes, so did my professors. Obama was a professor at a damn good university and he made a lot of mistakes too. I had a friend who graduated from Harvard and one of the things he said about it was that every time he misspoke or misspelled something people would often say "didn't you go to Harvard"? The thing is, it's pointed out every single time trump does it even if there is little significance to it.

    [–] Trump praises health care of Nambia, a nonexistent African country funkymoose123 -2 points ago in politics

    I think if anything this shows how desperate anti-trump people are getting. It's absurd.

    [–] MRW being president makes me thirsty funkymoose123 5 points ago in shittyreactiongifs

    I didn't get the title at first, then I lol'd.

    [–] She's doing her part to fight racism and destroy the white race... One black cock at a time. funkymoose123 5 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    This reminds me of that it's always sunny episode where Dee rates men poorly on some dating site after sleeping with them and she views it as empowering, until some guy comes to her and says hey aren't you the girl that trades bad reviews for sex? I'll take a bad review please.

    [–] "If you insist" funkymoose123 79 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    Eh, probably couldn't afford the original amount anyways. What's the difference between a 10k and 10 billion bail if you can't afford either.

    [–] Fat Tire! funkymoose123 1 points ago in cringepics

    I'm not sure what I'm suppose to be cringing at.

    [–] 95% of America funkymoose123 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    If you think that's 95% of Americans, than that's why you lost.

    [–] I thought it was a joke until i tried it myself funkymoose123 -4 points ago in BannedFromThe_Donald

    TD openly denounces Nazi... they also claim reddits algorithms was created against them. Unless you're saying somehow reddits search algorithm reveals their secret Nazi beliefs? If anything this proves their point?

    [–] How DARE you?! funkymoose123 1 points ago in madlads

    Nah five guys is lame

    [–] GDLAOYRSY funkymoose123 1 points ago in dontdeadopeninside

    If I saw this in the wild I would just assume it was in a different language or a random set or letters and move on.

    [–] GDLAOYRSY funkymoose123 3 points ago in dontdeadopeninside

    Sometimes I feel like posts in this sub are puzzles or riddles that need to be solved. I really enjoyed this one

    [–] Under construction dam in Laos burts funkymoose123 6 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    A car is worth more than some of those workers make in their entire lives in that country.

    Edit: not saying they shouldn't have, just saying maybe that's why they were being dumb and not running when they should have.

    [–] Insult to injury funkymoose123 9 points ago in comics

    That's the messed up part? Not the spending eternity in hell fire? I think that's the joke in the comic.

    [–] Be careful of his antics! funkymoose123 1 points ago in madlads

    "Careful of his antics" makes this seem fake

    [–] What tank is the best in your opinion? funkymoose123 1 points ago in WorldOfTanksBlitz

    I played the German heavy lines in the beginning and it was horrible. For beginners go the is7 route insanely good tanks all around for the most part, the t110e5 route also has some very very good tanks most of the whole line.