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    [–] Rampant Chinese cheating exposed at the Boston Marathon fuzzb0y 13 points ago * (lasted edited 18 hours ago) in news

    I just want to say, this is only recent Mainland Chinese culture that tolerates cheating. It does not reflect the values of other peoples or nations of chinese descent (eg Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, other Overseas Chinese). It was the communist regime and cultural revolutions that eroded and destroyed the civility and morality of Chinese culture, such as Confucianism and Taoism and a host of other Chinese philosophies.

    [–] Caught a live one. fuzzb0y 2 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    I’m just surprised a trump fanatic not only acknowledges the holcaust happened but also thinks it was a bad thing.

    [–] No, Billie Eilish isn’t an ‘industry plant.’ And you’re just parroting other people when you say so. Let me explain... fuzzb0y 1 points ago in Music

    Agreed on all counts. While Reddit is a wonderful site with wonderful subs, it can be a cesspool of an echo chamber of ignorantly biased opinions reflecting its largest demographic (white American, male, 20s-30s).

    [–] Harden makes Rubio stumble fuzzb0y 1 points ago in nba

    Rubio being sly here. He knows harden likes his contested shots

    [–] Speeding not giving a fuck wcgw fuzzb0y 3 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Get outta here with your logical explanation I want more drama

    [–] 2019 Selke Finalists: Bergeron (BOS), O’Reilly (STL) & Stone (LV) fuzzb0y 25 points ago in hockey

    Not even an Ottawa fan but FUCK MELNYK. “Too old for a long term contract”. What a fucker.

    [–] Alberta election results fuzzb0y -3 points ago in vancouver

    Honestly, as bad as this sub thinks Christy Clark is, she is really not a nutjob. The BC Liberals give lots of conservative and centrist minded people a party to vote for that aren't infested with fucking bigots and racists.

    [–] That's some next level player skills fuzzb0y 2 points ago in funny

    4 game sweep of historically great team by bottom seed clutch

    [–] [Wyshynski] Hedman and Stralman officially ruled out for Game 4 fuzzb0y 3 points ago in hockey

    Not a Tampa fan but Hedman is huge on their defense and offense.

    [–] [Wyshynski] Hedman and Stralman officially ruled out for Game 4 fuzzb0y 17 points ago in hockey

    I’m sure players at this point know how to game the system a little bit.

    [–] Yushiroh Hirano becomes the first Japanese player to register a point in the AHL fuzzb0y 6 points ago in hockey

    I was thinking he’d be a smaller skilled forward but no, at 6’2 212 lb he’s a big boi

    [–] Thornton hits Nosek in the head fuzzb0y 11 points ago in hockey

    He's definitely got a dirty streak. He just does it more subtly, usually. He also doesn't do it thaat much, but enough.

    [–] How popular is hockey in your city? fuzzb0y 1 points ago in hockey

    To be fair, it would be a different story if you guys had an NHL team.