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    [–] Melo thought he lost Giannis with a spin move fuzzb0y -5 points ago in nba

    In short spurts. With no defense. He’s probably still a serviceable backup but he’s too much of a diva

    [–] *Sent at 02:37am* fuzzb0y 1 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    Fair, so first of all we would need to establish what the actual trend is backed by actual studies

    [–] *Sent at 02:37am* fuzzb0y 10 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    It's almost as if different dogs have different needs, even if they're the same breed. My husky/german shepherd was pretty damn lazy, but we would still walk her at least 1km a day and let her frolic in the backyard the entire day. She lived to a ripe old age of 14.

    [–] Was there ever a year where the 1OA pick wasn’t the consensus best prospect in hockey fuzzb0y 5 points ago in hockey

    It’s probably fair to say that means they’re basically both equally important to obtain. You can’t go wrong with getting a stud prospect in either one.

    [–] Baby seeing mom's twin. fuzzb0y 2 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    Hot damn. I’m a guy but those are two fine looking men right there.

    [–] French waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich', say witnesses fuzzb0y 1 points ago in news

    People in here are talking about being shot over a sandwich, but I think the murderer obviously had something going on and that sandwich was just a trigger (no pun intended) or an excuse for a murder.

    [–] This one was satisfying fuzzb0y 162 points ago in instantkarma

    Think about it. Would you put a tank on a tank?


    Case closed.

    [–] Non drinkers of Reddit, what do you tell people when they ask "why don't you drink"? fuzzb0y 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This totally reminded me of when I was in Bali once and a hawker asked me if I wanted to buy her cheap shitty little scarves (it was 35C and humid as fuck) and I said no.

    Then she said “but whyyyy”.

    [–] Which under the radar prospect do you hope will make your team's opening night roster? fuzzb0y 1 points ago in hockey

    As always, he plays well in training camp and preseason, he deserves a little dip in the big leagues. He does well in his 9 games? He stays. He does OKAY or below average in his 9 games? He back to baby leagues.

    [–] Ridiculous Gretzky Stat of the Day fuzzb0y 12 points ago in hockey

    At that point I’d just ban Gretzky from the pool.

    [–] ”That was a very patriotic thing he did." Gregg Popovich praised @Kaepernick7 for bringing light to social justice and racial inequality in the country. fuzzb0y 14 points ago in nba

    He’s also one of the greatest coaches in the history of basketball and for a team that has achieved the longest (tied) NBA playoff streak ever during his tenure as head coach. I’ll definitely be interested to hear whatever he has to say.

    [–] Is it annoying when someone posts an opinion disguised as a yes-no question? fuzzb0y 11 points ago in nba

    It’s fucking annoying. Why do so many people have inferiority complexes to always complain and post about a team/player?

    [–] Woman yelling at Starbucks customers for speaking Korean fuzzb0y 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Yeah, the employees, as representatives of the property owner or tenant, can officially tell her to leave the property and back that up by calling the police. But the patrons are the ones that can express properly express the outrage and verbally roast this lady.

    [–] Woman yelling at Starbucks customers for speaking Korean fuzzb0y 2 points ago in PublicFreakout

    I feel like if I lived anywhere with a large hispanic population, I would definitely learn Spanish. It seems so useful.