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    [–] Kali boot error. Asking for friend. g33xter 2 points ago in Kalilinux

    After changing the repos, kali started spitting out this error. Even after clean install, it's giving the same error.

    These are configuration of his laptop i7-7th gen 256 gb ssd 1 tb HDD 16 GB ram Geforce GTX 1050ti

    [–] Any good InfoSec / Hacking podcasts worth listening to? g33xter 1 points ago in hacking

    Hackable podcast is pretty amazing. Recently started.

    [–] This disclaimer on github. g33xter 3 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    It's macOS keylogger.

    [–] Mr.Robot's Evil Corp in real. g33xter 2 points ago in hacking

    It's already aired last night.

    [–] He has a point. g33xter 9 points ago in hacking

    Phishing page.