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    [–] Andrew McCabe: Jeff Sessions Complained That He Missed When the FBI “Only Hired Irishmen” gaslacktus 18 points ago in politics

    He's named after Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America. And he's the third, meaning his father and grandfather were also named after Jefferson Davis and General Beauregard. Just mentioning his middle name alone undersells it.

    [–] Section 31 has tech from the Future !?!? gaslacktus 3 points ago in StarTrekDiscovery


    [–] What is a reward as a kid but a punishment as an adult? gaslacktus 4 points ago in AskReddit

    And here in Seattle it means that Nature's about to fuck you in the ass because the county has three fucking plows and it never dips too far below freezing so all our hills turn into icy slushy death-traps.

    And then the shitheads with lifted trucks swarm the roads at full speed, who think their higher clearance and bigger tires somehow mean they'll still stop like it's bare roads. ICE AND PHYSICS DON'T WORK THAT WAY CHUCKLEFUCKS

    We've had a rough week here.

    [–] What is a reward as a kid but a punishment as an adult? gaslacktus 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Sounds like your workplace is toxic as hell. Whenever I call in sick, absolutely no one questions it because we all expect each other to be adults and know our limits.

    [–] What is a reward as a kid but a punishment as an adult? gaslacktus 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It's not my driving in the snow I hate. It's everyone else's snow driving around me.

    [–] Rule of acquisition 113 and Ferengi perception of homosexuality. gaslacktus 1 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    In other words, "It's not gay if it's for pay" is likely a Rule of Acquisition.

    [–] What are some of your absolute favourite sounds? gaslacktus 24 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm guessing your cats all made more of a "WHOOSH" sound.

    [–] My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today. gaslacktus 80 points ago in pics

    I was always under the impression from my Filipino friends that the flip flops can absolutely come off, but if they do, you run because otherwise you're getting hit with it.

    [–] Jett Reno's future gaslacktus 9 points ago in StarTrekDiscovery

    Imagine Janet Reno acting in a TV show.

    Better: Will Ferrell's Janet Reno.

    [–] Jett Reno's future gaslacktus 36 points ago in StarTrekDiscovery

    While I agree with you in principle, you're underselling my boy Miles Edward O'Brien pretty hard here. Sure he's not Scotty level, but he's a shitload more fun than Geordi or Torres.

    [–] Wtf was that sneezing gag in S2E1? gaslacktus 1 points ago in StarTrekDiscovery

    Perhaps they're all just silent but deadly.

    In space, no one can hear you beef.

    [–] The farmers market on university wy is still open today. gaslacktus 16 points ago in Seattle

    They know they’re about to make an absolute killing in bananas and broccoli.

    [–] Fandom sacrilege gaslacktus 1 points ago in risa

    "I'm not Picard!"

    [–] Episode discussion: 204 "An Obol for Charon" gaslacktus 29 points ago in StarTrekDiscovery

    You’re just trying to get rid of a shipment of it.

    [–] Looking for a sauce for sausage, peppers and onions that ISN'T Marinara. Any Suggestions out there? gaslacktus 2 points ago in AskCulinary

    I'm legit interested in the non-wine option though. I often cook for a recovering alcoholic and cooking wine is a trigger for them, even though the actual alcohol gets cooked out, the flavor remains. Vinegar is fine for them though.