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    [–] Does one have to put a serial # on a gun if they have homemade it? gator426428 4 points ago in guns

    You know what sounds good right now? A negihama maki. Shit's a delicacy

    [–] Tinker Tuesday 6/25/2019 gator426428 2 points ago in guns

    I will be bequeathing gold upon the winners in each of the 6 categories

    [–] I think CoD 4 may have influenced my Colt M4 build gator426428 1 points ago in guns

    Sweet did you have enough room in mom's basement when you were building it?

    [–] How to get rid of homework the real way gator426428 21 points ago in Archery

    On this edition of stupid shit in stupid places

    [–] A man and a horse show the harmony moment. gator426428 30 points ago in gifs

    You can tell it's a horse by the way it is

    [–] Moronic Monday 24 June 2019 gator426428 2 points ago in guns

    I always tell people to hit up the thrift stores. Sometimes you don't know what you need till you see it. Every now and then I go with my gf to the craft stores, ton of cool shit there. Maybe like a pool que rack or an old bat rack. You know the round ones. I get a kick out projects like that.

    [–] Not your typical road rage. gator426428 2 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    Fuck this tired ass gif

    [–] Would you prefer a sword or a bow? gator426428 3 points ago in Archery

    Wtf does this have to do with anything

    [–] Mag dump monday again! gator426428 7 points ago in guns

    Who pissed your cheerios

    [–] Tron legacy gator426428 23 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in movies

    It gets better every time I watch it

    [–] Most Tense Movie Scenes That You Can Think of? gator426428 1 points ago in movies

    More specifically the scene where she goes to get on the game show and whole lead up to that.