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    [–] Detective Pikachu Tops Overseas Box Office gblue33 7 points ago in nintendo

    Expecting a Mewtwo plot twist. Thanks for the spoiler you numpty.

    [–] Daily RMT/X vs Y/Advice/Quick Questions Thread - April 12, 2019 gblue33 1 points ago in FantasyPL

    Had Salah all season. Is it time to swap to Mane? (On a wildcard)

    [–] Daily RMT/X vs Y/Advice/Quick Questions Thread - February 26, 2019 gblue33 2 points ago in FantasyPL

    Congratulations on your new job.

    Have you missed all the GW31 & GW33 chat? Looking at your team seems like you need to formulate a strategy to deal with these weeks.

    [–] Just got the best reason ever to quit smoking gblue33 11 points ago in leaves

    Delete this. You are a moron if you cannot see more than these two possibilities you outline.

    [–] Just got the best reason ever to quit smoking gblue33 5 points ago in leaves

    Congratulations. I believe in you and the love you have for your baby will help you overcome any challenge. You can do this!

    [–] Would I be able to voice record a co-worker without consent at work? gblue33 16 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in uklaw

    Legality aside, why would you do this? Why would you want to induce your colleagues into a conversation you think might get heated? You don't want this recording for protection, you want it so you can shame your work colleagues. If you were that worried you would not bring up the topic.

    [–] How do you deal with sexism in the work place? gblue33 1 points ago in Feminism

    In the nicest way, try to consider that maybe it isn't sexism, maybe you just need to present as a better candidate. It is not healthy to blame the world before blaming yourself.

    [–] Which SIPP provider to use? gblue33 8 points ago in FIREUK

    What do you do for a job if you don't mind me asking?

    [–] Daily RMT/X vs Y/Advice/Quick Questions Thread - December 20, 2018 gblue33 1 points ago in FantasyPL

    A real 50/50 call. I would think it would be worth it but it is high risk .

    [–] A quote from Nietzsche's 'On the Genealogy of Morals' and a connection to identity politics gblue33 2 points ago in JordanPeterson

    Very grateful for this. I am not there yet with regards to reading Nietzsche, so it is great to have you lay out your interpretation of it. Thank you for your effort.

    [–] Giving away 2 Zeraora Codes gblue33 1 points ago in nintendo

    Thank you for your altruism.

    [–] Does anyone have a family law week subscription? gblue33 1 points ago in uklaw

    I am keen to get my hands on these podcasts but my firm don't and won't pay for a subscription. I travel a lot due to my long distance relationship and as such spend lots of time listening to podcasts.

    Appreciate this is a long shot but would be very grateful.

    [–] Solicitor never claimed HTB ISA bonus and house buy has completed. Do I have a claim? gblue33 3 points ago in UKPersonalFinance

    I work for a large law firm. Dont be shy about making a complaint, firms shit themselves when a potential complaint is made and would much rather pay you some money than go through the SRA and have to defend themselves.

    If they haven't issued their bill yet, they will likely deduct this amount from it.