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    [–] Spotted in Helsinki! gfrnk86 38 points ago in breakingbad

    is that an OG ps1 on that arcade game?

    [–] California law enforcement has learned that Mexican drug traffickers are using a dangerous pesticide banned in the United States to grow marijuana in remote areas of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, and are going after their operations. gfrnk86 1 points ago in California

    Why is there a black market still?...just grow a plant or two along with the tomatoes and cucumbers.

    What if you live in a small apartment?

    What if you're renting a room out from a home owner who is not cool with you growing weed anywhere on their property?

    There's a bunch of instances where Californians don't have the option to grow weed, but they still like to smoke it.

    [–] non british people of reddit, what do you find odd about britain? gfrnk86 2 points ago in AskReddit

    But no liquor in gas stations or grocery stores.

    Wait a min, they don't sell liquor at grocery stores in Texas?

    [–] Texas Gov. Greg Abbott convenes experts, community leaders to prevent another El Paso gun massacre gfrnk86 7 points ago in politics

    This asshole signed a bill about a year ago, allowing Texans to conceal carry pistols on public property, like public schools, and what not.

    Before last year, Texans couldn't conceal carry pistols on public property, but now that can, thanks to this asshole.

    [–] (Serious) Scientists of Reddit, what is something you desperately want to experiment with, but will make you look like a mad scientist? gfrnk86 25 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm pretty sure a lot of the top Olympic winners today are on some sort of PEDs.

    Also, there are a bunch of fitness competitions(bodybuilding, strongman, etc) where they don't test for steroids, so you can get an idea from watching those events.

    [–] What was a time you became the thing you swore to destroy? gfrnk86 6 points ago in AskReddit

    The mental side effects can be bad. Cigarettes help relieve stress, so when you first quit cold turkey, you're really irritated and stressed out over every little thing. You basically have to relearn how to live without them, and even then you still get small urges here and there. I still get small urges when I smell someone smoking, the smoke smells so good still.

    [–] What was a time you became the thing you swore to destroy? gfrnk86 4 points ago in AskReddit

    When you're hooked on cigarettes, smoking comes first, paying bills comes second.

    What do you do when your rent is due in a week and you're stressed out of your mind because you're broke?

    Light a cigarette up.

    [–] Had to do a double take on this graffiti gfrnk86 1 points ago in pics

    I was staring at the small black graffiti, thinking to myself "what's so crazy about it?"

    Then I read the comments.

    [–] Trump Accidentally Fat Shames One Of His Own Supporters At Rally gfrnk86 2 points ago in politics

    "Everything is good, I love the guy", after being insulted.

    Trump literally insulted this dude to his face, and he still loves trump.

    [–] What's a useless talent that you are proud of? gfrnk86 6 points ago in AskReddit

    and you have to chug 24 oz (3 water bottles).

    Be careful on chugging too much water. If you chug too much water in one sitting, you can die.

    [–] Texas Is Bracing for a Blue Wave in 2020. Yes, Texas. gfrnk86 2 points ago in politics

    They don't need to run a scam to profit from trumps funeral. Just charge $50 on PPV, and every trailer park across the nation will be watching it to pay respects to their messiah.

    [–] ​How do I [24F] regain passion for my boyfriend [24M]? gfrnk86 5 points ago in relationship_advice

    If you don't want him to know about your CW, then just leave him now, and don't mention the CW. Tell your bf you feel out of love with him.

    Otherwise if you want to stay with him, then you must tell him about your CW. You can't have your cake, and eat it too.

    [–] I (30F) am not attracted to my boyfriend (28M) and I don't really know what to do. gfrnk86 6 points ago in relationship_advice

    healthy pizza & pasta. i dont think healthy versions exist.

    I don't know about "healthier", but you can make low calorie substitutes.

    You can use ingredients that have fewer calories than the real deal. For example, on a pizza, you can use low fat cheese, some lite(low calorie) marinara sauce, and maybe use a little bit of oil, instead of a bunch. It obviously won't taste the same as a regular pizza, but it cuts down on the calories a lot, and that helps lose weight.

    [–] "Why don't we just throw all our garbage into volcanoes?" gfrnk86 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    There is an actual youtube video about why we don't throw our trash into a volcano. It's pretty interesting.

    [–] Is this cheating? gfrnk86 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    I have a gut feeling that she's using that god awful excuse as a scapegoat for a more serious underlying excuse.

    If she was really that prude where she didn't want you watching porn, how is sending out nudes a rational response to that?

    [–] I slept with my roommate within an hour of meeting him - [update] gfrnk86 5 points ago in relationship_advice

    Wait til the new guy finds out that she put out after an hour of meeting the room mate, and that it took him(new guy) 3 dates to close the deal.

    [–] Yesterday, my(33m) wife's (34f) best friend (female) contacted me and told me that her husband and my wife were having an affair and my 3yo daughter is actually his daughter. gfrnk86 6 points ago in relationship_advice

    I agree with you, this should be 100% illegal. It's illegal to steal money from people, so how is this any different?

    You deceived and lied to someone to get them to give you money knowing dam well, everything you're saying is a flat out lie.