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    [–] Never thought I'd see something like this from Google giantspeck 2 points ago in softwaregore

    Last year, Google changed its policy for embedding its maps into websites, requiring website owners to use an API key. If you're seeing this error message, it's because the website owner hasn't updated their website to use the API key.

    [–] There's always that special someone giantspeck 2 points ago in AirForce

    We had an issue last summer where we'd issue a lightning watch (i.e. the potential exists for lightning within five nautical miles) and AdHoc would announce on your computer using an automated voice that lightning was actually occurring.

    We'd issue the lightning watch, AdHoc would do its thing, and then we'd get several phone calls from confused people thinking that lightning was actually occurring without any prior warning.

    When we tried to get to the bottom of the issue, we were told that the issue was being ignored because AdHoc was going to be replaced with a new system in a couple months. Funny how that didn't seem to happen...

    [–] Halo around the moon in Florida 2/15 giantspeck 1 points ago in weather

    Halos typically appear when the sky is covered with cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. These clouds are comprised of tiny ice crystals which refract the moonlight, creating a circular halo around the moon.

    [–] President Trump makes appearance in Tucson, sort of giantspeck 2 points ago in Tucson

    Someone's been applying stickers that look like Trump's head on pedestrian crossing signs.

    [–] 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S17E06 (Joe Wilkinson, Harriet Kemsley, James Veitch) giantspeck 2 points ago in panelshow

    Well, he is far more attractive than I can ever hope to be, but no seriously, it's more of a nostalgia for when he used to be Joe's "cousin" during his assistant skits in earlier series.

    [–] Speaking Spanish is a felony in Montana giantspeck 6 points ago in facepalm

    Confusingly, in Spanish itself the word tilde is used more generally for diacritics, including the stress-marking acute accent. The diacritic ~ is more commonly called la virgulilla or la tilde de la eñe, and is not considered an accent mark in Spanish, but rather simply a part of the letter ñ (much like the dot over the i).

    [–] 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S17E06 (Joe Wilkinson, Harriet Kemsley, James Veitch) giantspeck 15 points ago in panelshow

    The first letter of the first letters round is picked at 19:30, which is even later than last week's episode.

    Also, I'm sad that we've been hearing less and less from Rachel and Susie lately. They don't really get to talk much anymore.

    [–] My concept for a new volume UI for iOS giantspeck 7 points ago in iphone

    "Are you enjoying changing your volume? Would you like to leave us a 5-star review in the App Store?"

    [ Yes ] [ Yes ]

    [–] 2 camels spotted on the loose south of Tucson giantspeck 2 points ago in Tucson

    Yes. Horses also originated similarly.

    Equids and camelids originated in North America. Both groups migrated over Beringia into Asia and spread into the Old World at around the same time humans were migrating in the opposite direction. While equids completely vanished from North America, camelids split into three different species groups, one which settled in North Africa (dromedaries), one which settled in Central Asia (Bactrian camel), and one which settled in South America (llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas).

    [–] 2 camels spotted on the loose south of Tucson giantspeck 4 points ago in Tucson

    Witnesses in the neighborhood overheard the camels muttering "Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! What day is it, Mike?" before walking off laughing.

    [–] Why OLED is king giantspeck 3 points ago in iphone

    it will be dethroned by nano LED in 7-10 years

    Just in time for the iPhone to finally get a Micro LED screen.

    [–] Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Ferrero Rocher giantspeck 2 points ago in videos

    I was half-expecting Claire to just use Nutella instead of trying to make her own.

    [–] Do you prefer 8OoTC or 8OoTC Does Countdown? giantspeck 8 points ago in panelshow

    I don't dislike the original, but I prefer Catsdown because I can play along to the letters and numbers rounds. However, over the past few years, I've noticed that the introductions and mascots bit at the beginning of the show has grown so long now that the rest of the show seems rushed. The actual quantity of rounds has decreased and we seem to spend less time in between, which is where the bulk of the humor used to take place.

    [–] Do you prefer 8OoTC or 8OoTC Does Countdown? giantspeck 3 points ago in panelshow

    The interviews and mascots bit has grown more than twice as long since 2013 and because of that, there are fewer actual rounds played.

    [–] Do you prefer 8OoTC or 8OoTC Does Countdown? giantspeck 8 points ago in panelshow

    So, I went back and pulled up an episode from an early series (from 2013) and the very first letters round started at 8:10. During the episode, they were able to complete four letters rounds and four numbers rounds, and that includes all the side bits with Jon Wilkinson as Rachel's "assistant".

    The most recent episode, which aired last week, didn't start the letters round until 19:01. The show only featured three regular letters round, one "tension round", and just two numbers rounds.

    [–] Hurricane Michael report now due in April. giantspeck 2 points ago in TropicalWeather

    Adding a category 6, in that context, makes no sense given 5 categories are what is accepted and category 5 is supposed to mean unsurvivable total destruction.

    It also doesn't make sense to add a sixth category because, statistically speaking, Category 5 hurricanes are rare and landfalls from such storms are rarer still.

    [–] Welp. It turns out I can't find a location in my city that serves salads... giantspeck 2 points ago in starbucks

    Thank you! I tried it this morning and it counts as a salad. I think the mobile order sticker even called it a salad.