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    [–] Invest 96L now up to 50%/90% giantspeck 3 points ago in TropicalWeather

    Wait, they don't run them along a track over the ocean?!

    [–] Severe storm in dubai giantspeck 1 points ago in weather

    A haboob is an intense dust storm that is typically caused by either a strong front or a collapsing thunderstorm.

    When a thunderstorm's updraft can no longer support the weight of the moisture within the storm cell, the thunderstorm collapses, causing all of its moisture to rush to the surface in an intense downdraft (also called a 'downburst'). When this downburst reaches the surface, it fans out in all directions, creating strong wind gusts which pick up sand and dust and propel them forward and upward, creating a massive dust storm.

    [–] Bouchra (04S - Southeastern Indian) giantspeck 1 points ago in TropicalWeather

    Either way, it appears to have not crossed that threshold, anyway, as Meteo France is still issuing advisories.

    [–] Bouchra (04S - Southeastern Indian) giantspeck 1 points ago in TropicalWeather

    I didn't even have the correct TCWC office in Australia, anyway. If it were just Australia's responsibility, the office would be Perth, not Darwin.

    [–] Invest 96L now up to 50%/90% giantspeck 14 points ago in TropicalWeather

    If you're wondering why I'm allowing these threads to stay up, it's because this graphic contains far more information than if someone snipped the outlook graphic from the National Hurricane Center and spammed it here.

    [–] Hobbs Takes 150-Vote Lead in AZSOS Race; Glassman Trailing By 10K in Corp Com Race; Sinema Now Leading by 32,000 Votes giantspeck 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in Tucson

    I don't understand how the races for Governor, Senate, and Secretary of State can be so far off from one another. Is it a case of undervoting or is there a weird subsection of the electorate that voted for both Sinema and Ducey?

    [–] Beauty giantspeck 23 points ago in AppleWatch

    I want a digital clock face where the time is vertically and horizontally centered on the watch face.

    [–] Severe storm in dubai giantspeck 4 points ago in weather

    It's more likely a haboob.

    [–] Severe storm hits Dubai now giantspeck 11 points ago in TropicalWeather

    When a strong thunderstorm collapses, all of the moisture rushes downward toward the surface in a powerful downburst. When the downburst reaches the ground, the only direction it can go is outward in all directions. This kicks up an enormous amount of dust and sand and propels it forward, creating a haboob.

    [–] A little gadget to clean the exterior window. giantspeck 3 points ago in gifs

    Still better than go on that ledge.

    I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend.

    [–] Kuwait hurricane last night giantspeck 1 points ago in weather

    Having been there, it was likely a duststorm generated by a powerful downburst of a very strong thunderstorm. November is sort of a transitional time from the dry and windy Shamal season to a wetter and more active winter.

    [–] Gaja (07B - Bay of Bengal) giantspeck 1 points ago in TropicalWeather

    Should be working now. Accidentally entered 07P instead of 07B.

    [–] You fkin thought giantspeck 1 points ago in AirForce

    I've been in for nearly twelve years and I have yet to get into MOPP for anything other than CBRN training.

    [–] It’s that awesome time of year... giantspeck 28 points ago in Tucson

    I can't even remember the last time my air conditioner kicked on. :D

    [–] Bouchra (04S - Southeastern Indian) giantspeck 1 points ago in TropicalWeather

    Satellite imagery should be working now. Because the storm is straddling the border between the areas of responsibility of RSMC La Réunion (Meteo France) and RSMC Darwin (Australia Bureau of Meteorology), some of the URLs have become a bit wonky. Once the cyclone starts picking up speed, it should be fully within the RSMC Darwin area of responsibility and all of the links above should start working fully again.

    [–] Everyday, we stray further away from god giantspeck 6 points ago in crappyoffbrands

    If it's plain yogurt, it probably just tastes similar to sour cream.

    [–] Square pizza Friday in the cafeteria. giantspeck 14 points ago in nostalgia

    Was the pizza ever not served with corn?

    [–] Cocktail served in a glass sphere giantspeck 11 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    "May I go ahead and chisel your Aromasphere?"

    [–] Micro Center Stores Offering $200 Off New Macbook Air Starting Today giantspeck 1 points ago in apple

    It's the same way with Fry's. I'm glad I live two hours from one and can only go occasionally.

    [–] [Spoilers] No one else got a dark comedy feel from season 6? giantspeck 5 points ago in HouseOfCards

    That's exactly what I thought. I figured they deliberately made Season 6 shorter and didn't resolve major plotlines so that people would get upset, giving them a pass to announce a seventh season out of the blue.

    [–] How I'd Write an Outline season 6 Using Season 1 and 2's story format. giantspeck 3 points ago in HouseOfCards

    You forgot a space after the period in 7 and before the period in 8, so it screwed up the formatting and restarted the numbering.