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    [–] Meet your new governor, same as your old governor globehater 3 points ago in boston

    And he's once more promising improvements in education and transportation.

    [–] TIL the mantis shrimp, a little finger-sized crustacean, can use their appendages to strike with enough force to dismember a crab shell or break aquarium glass globehater 3 points ago in todayilearned

    Mantis shrimps’ raptorial appendages contain massive muscles that can extend them to their full length in hundredths of a second, producing strike forces that in some species can smash through the glass wall of an aquarium or instantly dismember a crab. These smashing attacks are so forceful they produce tiny bubbles in the water. When these cavitation bubbles collapse in a flash of light, they release additional energy onto the target. Boat propellers and turbine blades are often ruined by cavitation forces; mantis shrimps use them to crack the hard shells of their victims.

    [–] Debate between candidates for Secretary of State, Bill Galvin and Josh Zakim globehater 6 points ago in boston

    OK, it's an obscure position, but if you care about easing voter registration and improving access to the papers state bureaucrats want to keep from the public, this is important.

    [–] TIL Thomas Jefferson, a successful inventor, planter and politician, failed at winemaking globehater 3 points ago in todayilearned

    Thomas Jefferson attempted to establish a winery and plant Vitis viniferavineyards in Virginia in the late 1700s and early 1800s. He was, like the others, unsuccessful due to attacks of black rot and phylloxera.

    [–] Sprint Wireless customers? (or suggestions) globehater 1 points ago in boston

    I have to admit I've had them for two years now and it seems no better or worse than Verizon, my previous carrier. But then again, work is paying for it so maybe I'm less picky. But I even have pretty good service on the Red Line, except near Porter where it goes deep into the bedrock.

    [–] Does Monsanto's Roundup cause cancer? Trial highlights the difficulty of 'proving' anything causes cancer globehater 3 points ago in TrueReddit

    ### Submission statement

    Does the pesticide glycophospate cause cancer? It seems like this would be an easy question for science to answer. This article is a great, clear explanation by an epidemiologist at the University of Connecticut as to why it isn't, an issue the author has studied for his whole career. Even something as clear-cut as smoking cigarettes - with what seems like obvious and dramatic harm - is really only 'proved' by a consensus about the meaning of observational studies. It's like circumstantial evidence in court, not like Perry Mason.