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    [–] Roast my 330 worse than its misfiring cylinders already have (more in comments) goci_gang 3 points ago in RoastMyCar

    You that friend who hates for someone for buying a low milage great condition car becouse it's not fast or exciting

    [–] Hardest choices.... goci_gang 2 points ago in dankmemes

    Do both it's that simple

    [–] Leaf has power goci_gang 3 points ago in dankmemes

    Was with a brit girl ones, and put my peepee in boiling water, didn't end how I wanted it

    [–] Roast my benz goci_gang 1 points ago in RoastMyCar

    Add a horse shoe and you got the dream gypsy car

    [–] Bet you guys can't roast my Stage 1 Tuned 370HP BMW M235i goci_gang 1 points ago in RoastMyCar

    I don't care about the roasts, just want to show of my rich cousins car