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    [–] Trump being persecuted like Jesus gone_his_own_way 1 points ago in politics

    That Fat fuck ain no Jesus. What are you smoking over there Kentucky?

    [–] Elizabeth Warren Calls for Impeachment gone_his_own_way 1 points ago in politics

    You are right.

    This impeachment will die in the Senate.

    [–] Lesbian gets MeToo gone_his_own_way 4 points ago in MGTOW

    I'm not arguing with you on that account, though a man has to catch a nut somehow and it's better to be accused of soliciting a pro than be accused of rape.

    Lesser of two evils

    [–] Lesbian gets MeToo gone_his_own_way 1 points ago in MGTOW

    CYA by paying the bitch the compensatory 50 dollars and call it a day.