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    [–] Is this a thing now??!! goodvibezone 4 points ago in recruitinghell

    Not that I remember. But most of the companies I applied to were <500 people. It's probably some HR person who thought it would make them look "inclusive" by tracking it.

    [–] Tires goodvibezone 1 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Do you still have the OEMs?

    [–] Is this a thing now??!! goodvibezone 5 points ago in recruitinghell

    Observationally, I have seen int in about 5% of the 200 jobs I've applied for in the last 2 months.

    [–] Tech recruiters have no idea what they are doing. goodvibezone 13 points ago in recruitinghell

    I had that asking how many years of MS Word I had. For a VP level role.

    [–] Is this a thing now??!! goodvibezone 3 points ago in recruitinghell

    Isn't this on an ATS and as part of application data for reporting and diversity reasons?

    [–] [CO] Canadian hire insisting a US SSN isn't needed legally work bc NAFTA - whaaa?what? goodvibezone 1 points ago in humanresources

    You can absolutely be hired without an SSN. When I relocated from Europe I didn't have one for a few months. Most payroll systems allow an "applied for" or similar field.

    Gets troublesome with benefits etc.

    So long as they have their correct work authorization. They should also go to local SS office and apply for them and their family, if applicable. I believe they still need an appointment.

    [–] No fancy meals for worker bees goodvibezone 9 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in humanresources

    I know that sounds like a LinkedIn story....

    He's still there and tolerates it as he's paid well.

    It's amazing how much shit people put up with when they are overpaid.

    [–] 2021.12.25.7 phantom braking was really bad today goodvibezone 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    I had a baaaad one on same build. Did an auto lane change and there was a truck to the left (not my lane). It brakes like a mofo

    [–] What else can you do with a degree in Human Resource Management? goodvibezone 2 points ago in humanresources

    My HR degree was 2 years business studies and the rest more HR concentration.

    [–] No fancy meals for worker bees goodvibezone 33 points ago in humanresources

    Oh oh I can beat that.

    My old CEO though it was hilarious to order ribs and watermelon for a birthday lunch for the only African American guy we employed.

    [–] HR Policies &amp; Procedures goodvibezone 2 points ago in humanresources

    Teach your leaders to fish, and they'll eat forever.

    [–] Final Check Question-CA goodvibezone 1 points ago in humanresources

    Assume he was still working. You would have increased his rate to match minimum wage so payout at that rate.

    Maybe quite the fines for final pay issues to your boss

    I saw one a while ago where having the company not completely accurate on a wage slip cost a company 100k.

    [–] BREAKING: Blizzard president J. Allen Brack is leaving the company goodvibezone 107 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in wow

    Paying off an executive with a large severance and stock acceleration.

    [–] I screwed it up...I left my stable job to a crappy one, but happy news I found another stable job which is requesting something unexpected goodvibezone 5 points ago in recruitinghell

    Well you have two options. I would take the first.

    1. Confess and say you recently left and have been seeking a better job. Say you took something temporary while looking for a good long term employer like this one. Tell them you were hoodwinked with high fake ratings on Glassdoor. The HR at the new company may get it. They may sympathize if you say you're really embarrassed about the whole thing. Be sincere.

    2. Fabricate a letter. Not preferred. You'll probably get caught out at some point in the future and it'll create anxiety.

    [–] No shit, Sherlock! goodvibezone 9 points ago in recruitinghell

    This covers like 99% of reasons. Ugh, LinkedIn's posts and polls are getting ridiculous.

    [–] Wrong Person goodvibezone 1 points ago in recruitinghell

    It's very unlikely all those companies had 'barred' the name. Companies can do a screen in their ATS where it looks at the name, dob, SSN but that usually occurs later in the process

    [–] Advice? goodvibezone 2 points ago in recruitinghell

    In today's market, I would consider accepting both and playing the game. Or at least verbally accept the other.

    It's unlikely anything is picked up on background so don't let that concern you if you don't have any convictions or anything. Are they doing reference checks or just criminal?

    [–] Are all Teslas now vegan? goodvibezone 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    My Tesla only eats veggies, so yes is vegan

    [–] Upper control arms- pre warranty expiration replacement? goodvibezone 2 points ago in TeslaModel3

    Not a chance sorry. Unless there was 1) a recall or 2) a genuine issue you're having with it

    [–] Rant: don't ask for my SSN in the job app, you dumb idiots goodvibezone 31 points ago in recruitinghell

    My last idiot of a founder kept a formstack for employment app which includes name, address, SSN, dob. The form then was emailed to her and one other person as a plain text pdf.

    I tried. I really tried.