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    [–] Random tip** HOMEKIT WORKS THROUGH SIRI THROUGH CARPLAY. gotnate 2 points ago in CarPlay

    Carplay is it's own separate second screen interface, which only exposes a limited big button interface for a VERY select set of audio or map apps. Not only this, but half of Siri itself is locked down because you're supposed to be driving. Given how locked down Siri is, many people in this forum will already be trained to not even bother trying to control homekit.

    [–] And so it begins...Fox + Disney 😶 gotnate 19 points ago in geek

    a lot of skilled writing

    The Snap gets reversed through time travel shenanigans. This creates (another) divergent timeline, but this time with mutants.

    Am I a skilled writer now?

    [–] Tel Aviv Pilots Sidewalk Traffic Lights for Pedestrians Who Can’t Get Their Eyes Off Their Phones gotnate 1 points ago in tech

    in /r/santarosa the ticking sound has different patterns depending on north/south or east/west. in /r/sebastopol, the button yells "WAIT" and then announces the name of the street when you can cross.

    [–] iMac gets a 2x performance boost gotnate 8 points ago in apple

    The thermal sensors are the least of my concerns about any recent vintage iMac. I WILL NOT buy one that requires glue to close after you have opened it for any reason. I WILL NOT buy one that doesn't have a retirement mode as a display/server. My 2010 iMac served me well with magnet powered upgrades, and is still an external display to this day.

    [–] CNN’s “Apollo 11” documentary is as close to a time (and space) machine as possible... gotnate 2 points ago in moviecritic

    This film was incredible. If you are the right kind of nerd who digs space or history, see it. See it on as big of a screen as you can. My only complaint is that they didn't release it in July for the 50th anniversary.

    [–] What Are You Afraid Of? gotnate 2 points ago in webcomics

    And then there is the digestive system for energy generation, and the circulatory system for energy and waste distribution.

    [–] Let's Revamp This Subreddit gotnate 1 points ago in santarosa

    yeah, i was trying to be civil both in public and in mod chat. i'm putting my foot down. you're not going to fit in here.

    [–] Let's Revamp This Subreddit gotnate 5 points ago in santarosa

    I really haven't had much need to step up in the role of "moderator". This community pretty much takes care of itself. I just peaked at the moderation logs and I've pruned some spam from time to time, but that's pretty much it. There has been a lot of activity from our other moderators (both new and old), and nothing that sets off any of my personal red flags.

    Now I seem to have been called out for not filling the role of "community organizer" because my flair says that I don't live in SR anymore. I didn't realize I had signed up for that role. I'm just a cave dweller who only emerges for food, and it just so happens that I live in Sebastopol and have gone through all the same local tragedies and drama that you have.

    I have no idea who /u/SantaRosaThrowaway91 is but, uh... thanks for standing up for me?

    /u/avocadosrgreat it seems that you are now a member of the moderation team. Welcome aboard! Perhaps you and /u/mgts and i (and any other mods who wants to participate) should go get a beer together, so that we can understand our own expectations.... and those of the community for us volunteer moderators. :)

    [–] minecraft with water physics OC gotnate 2 points ago in Minecraft

    Looks more like Repulsion Gel than it does Water.

    ctrl-f proves that i'm not original.

    [–] Do you still think Microsoft loves Open Source after they blocked Skype (Web) on Linux desktops? gotnate 11 points ago in linux

    Early Tivo's were built ontop of linux with binary blobs on top. Each revision became more and more locked down.

    [–] The salmon head has been spotted in Scar's timelapse! gotnate 2 points ago in HermitCraft

    Etho did like 3 episodes in season 5, and quit when his storage system didn't cleanly come together. He hasn't been back since :(

    [–] Impreza 2017+ headunit issues gotnate 1 points ago in subaruimpreza

    yeah, i've had ongoing issues. firmware was just updated a couple days ago, we'll see how it goes. a few days before that, i had a car play glitch where it simply would not see my phone. I had to pull over and look up how to hard reboot the head-unit (hold the power button for like 10 seconds), and that brought back car play. yeesh. it's too soon to declare if the latest firmware clears up this or other issues.

    [–] The sad state of font rendering in linux gotnate 22 points ago in linux

    keming is the fine tuned spacing between letter pairs. It’s something that is easy to get wrong. For example bad kerning between an r and an n looks like an m.

    [–] Relativity? gotnate 1 points ago in TheExpanse

    no FTL travel, but a wormhole into a pocket dimension with 13000 more of these wormholes...

    [–] Oh wait, after all that USB 3.3 branding clusterfrack, it turns out USB 4 is coming out too with double the bandwidth of 3.3 and Thunderbolt compatibility gotnate 1 points ago in gadgets

    Correct. USB supports a hub and spoke model (up to 127 devices per bus in USB 1.1, no idea if this figure ever changed). Fake n-key rollover is literally attaching multiple logical devices to the bus to multiplex keypress events across these logical devices. It's a hack, and if you ever come close to the limit on devices on the bus, you might find yourself confused as to why things stop working when you attach a simple keyboard. But really, who has that many physical USB devices?

    [–] TV viewer with questions about starting the novels... gotnate 1 points ago in TheExpanse

    Can't wait to see how CB is adapted for the screen.

    Hopefully compressed into 4-6 episodes at most.

    [–] TV viewer with questions about starting the novels... gotnate 2 points ago in TheExpanse

    I tried to do this. And then I finished Babylon's Ashes yesterday.... I don't regret pushing ahead.

    [–] Facebook faces backlash over users' safety phone numbers gotnate 1 points ago in tech

    I imagine such a backlash would be about the same as that against at&t.