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    [–] Apple might be making its own cellular chips to compete with Qualcomm gotnate 4 points ago in gadgets

    Given some of Apple's recent decisions, I can't say I'd be completely surprised though.

    And what of the historic decisions where they've already done this 3 times?

    [–] Apple might be making its own cellular chips to compete with Qualcomm gotnate 1 points ago in gadgets

    What about performance? It'll be shit under emulation which will light a fire under the adobe's of the world to get their wares updated. Just like when we went from 68k->ppc and ppc->intel. And classic MacOS -> OS X for that matter.

    [–] Windows 10 & automatic reboots. It's fucking enough. gotnate 9 points ago in sysadmin

    On my gaming desktop. I have linux and macOS when I want to get real work done. And I could probably get just as ranty about both.

    [–] Linus Torvalds: Fragmentation is Why Desktop Linux Failed gotnate 6 points ago in linux

    there is nothing comparable on the video side that provides the same level of integration with the rest of the suite as Premier and After Effects does.

    I used premier and after effects a million years ago. I won't touch them again due to the rent seeking revenue model. It's a good thing we have the Emmy Award™ Winning Davinci Resolve to blow the rent seeking out of the water. The more I use this thing, the more I fall in love with it. (Granted, i'm using it on Windows, but they claim it runs on Linux too)

    [–] The actual, full story about Apple's T2 chip (from the upcoming LinusTechTips Mac Mini review) gotnate 5 points ago in linux

    the raw NAND flash is directly managed by the T2, right down to the bits being encrypted. Every T2 equipped mac (mac mini, iMac pro [i lied, this thing has the NAND on daughter cards, but they're useless without the T2 chip which has the encryption keys], macbook pro, macbook air) has that raw NAND flash soldered (just like the iPhone). You may as well consider the NAND flash and the T2 chip to be the same thing logically.

    [–] The actual, full story about Apple's T2 chip (from the upcoming LinusTechTips Mac Mini review) gotnate 8 points ago in linux

    Incorrect. Mac's that do not hat a Tx chip function identical to stock intel systems. Macs with a Tx chip function like the PS4 where the Tx chip is in control from boot, where it validates it's own firmware, the EFI and the crypto signatures on the operating system. Once everything is validated, it then passes control to the x86 chip. The T2 is extra special in that it is also the storage controller addressing the raw NAND flash (just like an iPhone), including handling all the crypto functions for data-at-rest (just like an iPhone).

    I have not seen it confirmed one way or the other, but speculation is that the T2 chip only actively exposes a block device for a properly signed OS, which is apparently only macOS or Windows. I have also seen speculation that apple only created an appropriate driver for macOS or Windows. If this 2nd speculation pans out, it's only a matter of time before the linux kernel learns how to talk to the T2 storage controller.

    [–] Apple is now "discounting" the iPhone Xs as well gotnate 7 points ago in apple

    they also abused push notifications to push an advert to me. kinda pissed off that apple of all companies is violating the rules on push notification adverts.

    [–] NVIDIA Unveils Flagship Titan RTX Video Card gotnate 2 points ago in gadgets

    The iMac G3 of this era was $1000, the iMac DV was $1300, and the iMac DV SE was $1500. And I was waiting for someone to say "but iMovie isn't Pro". I'm glad you know how to move the goal posts. :)

    you needed a $3000 pc to edit video on

    Technically, you could edit the videos on that $1000 iMac, but without a Firewire port, you'd have a bad time pulling footage from your video camera. Oh, and these were actually released in 1999.

    [–] NVIDIA Unveils Flagship Titan RTX Video Card gotnate 1 points ago in gadgets

    iMac DV was $1300 in the early 2000s. People edited videos on those things, in fact, that's what the DV stood for. It even had a monitor included.

    [–] The 1st Law of Minecraft: gotnate 7 points ago in gaming

    Fourth Law: snow golems with pumpkins must be sheered as soon as you see them.

    [–] MacOS Mojave: disabling the swap gotnate 3 points ago in MacOS

    Also, when you sleep the computer, the entire contents of memory is written to disk so the system may go into a deep sleep / hibernation mode that de-powers the RAM (only to be read back from swap when you re-power the machine)

    [–] Is Mojave's dark mode terribly buggy or smartly featured? gotnate 3 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in MacOS

    Ditto for Electron and QT and all other cross platform frameworks. Not only do they look terrible and inconsistent on macOS, they look terrible and inconsistent on EVERY OS. They all fail to respect host platform UI conventions that bring the end user to a dead stop because "it works this way on all my other programs".

    My current pet peeve: inline speal checking. None of the above come with OS native text controls, so they don't get free spell checking. The above MIGHT provide some other inline speal-checker, but it works nothing like the OS native convention.

    E: So far, UIKit on macOS (News, Home, App Store etc) in Mojave falls into the same trap. These apps are clearly iOS apps right down to finger-tip size buttons and controls. They stand out like a sore thumb (sorry/not sorry) as foreign apps and lazy porting.

    [–] Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Strikes Anchorage, AK gotnate 2 points ago in news

    pretty much matches my recall of the 89 Loma Prieta quake. I was far enough away that damage was quite minor, but it sounded like an approaching semi.

    [–] Dear Microsoft, you're not a mobile app gotnate 0 points ago in sysadmin

    At least we're no longer crying in Win3.11 Control Panel like we have been doing all the way up through the Windows 8 era.

    [–] Today I beat Super Mario Bros 2 without using warps for the first time. All Toad! gotnate 1 points ago in retrogaming

    The original NES version did have a save feature thanks to being on floppy disk. It was only when they westernized/marioized Doki Doki Panic did they also remove the save feature. Then again, you didn't beat Doki Doki until you have completed it with all 4 characters.

    [–] Yeah so I remember thinking to myself “These are the only 3 hermits I’ll ever need to watch” gotnate 2 points ago in HermitCraft

    I've been watching the dude on and off since season 4. I agree, it can be too much at times, but he's always worth revisiting once you've taken a short break from his particular brand of insanity.

    [–] Moment of Silence for Mumbo’s trident gotnate 2 points ago in HermitCraft

    Docm and Xisuma both tossed their tridents into the void during a dragon fight.

    [–] Gigabyte may swing to loss in 4Q18 | A bug occurred in Nvidia's new top-end GPUs is also expected to increase Gigabyte's expenses gotnate 8 points ago in hardware

    You forgot Apple on that list. They dropped geforce from the line, so macOS only has native support out of the box for Kepler and older architectures. Maxwell and Pascal drivers exist, but apparently apple is refusing to sign Mojave compatible "web drivers" (or so claims Nvidia) with or without support for Turing.