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    [–] Iskall85 Base :D gotnate 6 points ago in HermitCraft

    Bravo! looks amazing

    [–] Audible is now available on the Watch! gotnate 4 points ago in AppleWatch

    So I updated the audible app, but it doesn't show in the watch app, let alone on the watch. :(

    [–] SAFARI: An error occurred while installing the extension “Reddit Enhancement Suite”. gotnate 1 points ago in Enhancement

    I don't know why, but against all expectations, RES is still working for me in safari 12. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] PSA: Raise To Speak To Siri Only Works On Series 3 Or Newer gotnate 1 points ago in AppleWatch

    Make sure that Listen for "Hey Siri" is on.

    And that explains why it isn't working for me on my S3. Good.

    [–] Probably my favorite feature of OS5. The now playing badge pops up on the top of the screen automatically when playing Spotify. gotnate 9 points ago in AppleWatch

    An even bigger deal is that Overcast's watch applet also gets summoned by this dynamic Complication (it is on the watch face afterall, may as well call a spade a spade) and HAS VOLUME CONTROL! I no longer need to switch between two completely different now playing applets to change my volume. I'm in heaven - I can now dump the generic Now Playing applet from my dock/quick switcher list. I just don't have an applet to replace it yet - It'll probably be walkie-talkie if I ever have someone to talkie-walkie with.

    [–] Siri shortcuts app is by far the biggest step forward in iOS 12 gotnate 2 points ago in ios

    My jaw hit the floor when I saw this and I've been at half mast for the rest of the night. I already made a dumb joke.

    [–] Minecraft HermitCraft S6 | Ep 25: New Monument gotnate 1 points ago in HermitCraft

    There are some tree farms that can run spruce, birch, oak and jungle. I haven't done the science but I imagine Impy's farm just isn't tall enough to support spruce and jungle. Or they might just work.

    [–] Hermitcraft Stream Day Announcement - Saturday, September 22 gotnate 2 points ago in HermitCraft

    It is built-into Mixer, called Co-Stream, but the viewers revolted the one time Tango and Impulse used it right when Mixer introduced it (It may have been called Beam at the time!). Co-Stream got better, but I've never seen tango use it since.

    I've never used MultiTwitch, but and can mix streaming networks. t:[streamer] for twitch, b:[streamer] for mixer (the b stands for Beam, mixer's old name before Microsoft bought them).

    [–] This new iOS 12 is masterpiece gotnate 27 points ago in iphone

    Not only this, but it's also rebuilding all the machine-learned tags and faces on your photo collection too.

    [–] Apple says small percentage of iPhone 8 models are defective gotnate 1 points ago in gadgets

    My 6 month old 8 plus had an event. The whole phone was hot to the touch, so my initial thought was that the battery was going, but there was no thermal runaway. After it cooled down, it never powered on again. I was suffering some major withdrawal symptoms until I got a no-appointment Genius Bar visit. They tried to run diagnostics but it wouldn’t turn on so they gave me a new phone and sent me on my way. I was salty over missing the previous days watch activity in my cloud backup. This broke all my streaks.

    [–] Nvidia Turing Architecture and Unboxing Megathread gotnate 1 points ago in hardware

    Frankly I DO dismiss EVERY marketing claim until it is proven to be true or otherwise. Sure, it COULD be 35-45% faster as marketing claims. It could also be 10% faster in reality. There's really no way to known until that reality happens.

    The one thing we can be sure of is that marketing will cherry pick the absolutly best numbers they can dig up. If nvidia is touting a 35-45% improvement, that's a relatively small jump (especially for the dollars) compared to their own proven track record.

    Touring is for early adopters who want ray tracing, and they're pricing it as such. Benchmarks are pretty much irrelevant to the early adopters who must have the latest and greatest at any price, and nvidia is serving up in great big helpings this generation.

    [–] Nvidia Turing Architecture and Unboxing Megathread gotnate -1 points ago in hardware

    Because all signs so far

    All signs being 0 benchmarks. It's all speculation until these things actually ship.

    [–] Intel is Serving Major Xeon Discounts to Combat AMD EPYC gotnate -3 points ago in hardware

    Not if it's a commodity rather than something that requires stars to align. Besides, it's not like DDR4 doesn't already cost more than DDR3. I'm sure DDR5 will cost more than DDR4 regardless of /u/flying_panini_press's hypothetical required ECC overhead.

    [–] Apple Watch Series 4 more than 98% accurate at detecting AFib, finds study gotnate 16 points ago in tech

    Clearly I still haven't learned that I need to ALWAYS end my snark with /s - especially before coffee. I'm well aware of how many non-emergancy issues show up in the ER/ED/UC, and the kind of non-diagnosis that the apple watch gives falls right into that category.

    [–] Apple Watch Series 4 more than 98% accurate at detecting AFib, finds study gotnate 119 points ago in tech

    nah, 0.005% will wind up in the ER, 0.5% will visit their GP, and 0.495% will simply ignore the abnormal readings.

    [–] I'm an Emergency Physician and wanted to talk about Apple Watch's new ECG gotnate 1 points ago in apple

    I don't recall any mention of fall detection being restricted by region, or even delayed post ship date. It seemed like a global feature to me!

    [–] I'm an Emergency Physician and wanted to talk about Apple Watch's new ECG gotnate 1 points ago in apple

    They only enable the feature by default for those who are 65+, probably because you're low risk for a fall and thus high risk for a false positive until you reach this age.

    [–] I'm an Emergency Physician and wanted to talk about Apple Watch's new ECG gotnate 15 points ago in apple

    The keynote implied that you'll have the hardware, but it'll be disabled until such time that the local regulators approve it. They certainly said that it won't ship enabled in USA.

    [–] Hermitcraft VI: #17 - Trident Barrage! gotnate 3 points ago in HermitCraft

    He can also simply use F3 to look for age ≥ 25

    [–] As an iPhone X user, today was a relief gotnate 1 points ago in apple

    As a 6s plus user who upgraded to a 8 plus last year for the camera, i'm disappointed in the new iPhone lineup. Since I got on the upgrade program a year ago in anticipation of phones in my price bracket, I'm going to take that upgrade. To another 8 plus - and save $10/month.

    [–] How Apple has silently raised the price of their smartphones gotnate 1 points ago in apple

    So my 1 year is up on the iPhone Upgrade Program for my 8 plus. I'm gonna cruise into the apple store this weekend to another 8 plus and save $10/month. Maybe they'll have a new iPhone I actually want to buy next year.

    [–] Hermitcraft 6 - Ep. 36: My Own Squid Farm gotnate 2 points ago in HermitCraft

    Hey Wels, I just built this same squid farm design around the same time that False had built hers. Welcome to the club!

    I think your minecart collection system is a bit overkill though. Each minecart is an entity which contributes to the lag situation while the chunks were loaded, so I try to run as few carts as possible. Before I put in the sugarcane layer, I did some science on how long it took a minecart to do a complete sweep from the unloader and back. Since entities take 5 minutes to despawn, that is a lot of time for a minecart to travel. I think you only need one minecart for a farm of the size you built, but if not, 2 is pretty lag friendly as well. Some farms may need more minecarts simply by having more than 4 stacks of items in a complete minecart sweep, but squid farms are nowhere near that productive.

    In addition to minimizing lag, I have had some issues with my minecarts stopping on the track. Resetting the right minecart with your configuration could be tricky. An on/off switch for the unloader can help here, but you'll have to remember to use it to prevent stopped carts. Someday, I'll remember to use mine!

    Keep up the good work, and i can't wait to see this farm finished! :)