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    [โ€“] The way this trashy owner lets the poor dog out... gottlieber 1 points ago in trashy

    This made me audibly gasp and I'm so close to crying right now. That dog could die to easily. What a cunt

    [โ€“] V-dog forever ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ My dogs love it, so do my rats (my rats don't get their primary nutrients from it tho, too much protein for them lol) gottlieber 2 points ago in veganpets

    Sorry I meant to answer this later because it would take a while to type out then and forgot about it.

    I make my own food sometimes, though Iusually feed them Oxbow which i thought was vegan until I saw it contained fish meal :(. Surprisingly, making my own food is more expensive, so I have been leaning towards the non vegan Oxbow. There used to be a vegan rat food brand that was nutritionally sufficient, but they don't make it anymore. Since a lot of small pet foods marketed towards rats aren't actually good for them, many even containing alfalfa which can kill them, I'm very cautious when it comes to what I put into them. Oxbow is the most science-based brand available to me and is made specifically for rats and has a nutritional break down, it's my best option rn :/. V-dog is wayyy too high in protein for them to be their regular food, unfortunately. However, it has a lot of vitamins and supplements like taurine which are great. So their diet is 70% Oxbow, 10% V-dog, 20% fresh fruits, veggies, and greens.

    [โ€“] Thoughts on raising animals for food. gottlieber 1 points ago in SatanicTemple_Reddit

    Eating meat is unnecessary and no matter how they are raised, the animals all end up in the same place. The slaughterhouse. Nothing humane happens there. You can smell the blood, shit, and fear. It's unethical unless you are in a survival situation in which you do not have access to the proper plants. There's a myth that being vegan is expensive, that's untrue in my experience. The cheapest stuff at the store are beans, lentils, rice, wheat, veggies...

    [โ€“] Thoughts on raising animals for food. gottlieber 0 points ago in SatanicTemple_Reddit

    Why eat animals at all? You don't need to, why cause unnecessary suffering for your pleasure?

    [โ€“] Those who don't believe in an afterlife, how are you not paralyzed with fear to do anything? gottlieber 1 points ago in atheism

    I am scared, but if I only have one life, why should I waste it hiding inside? Then there's no life at all, I might as well be dead. Plus, I'm not safe inside, either. Nuclear war could happen, my house could collapse, a tornado could run through.

    [โ€“] Christian with a question. gottlieber 1 points ago in atheism

    If a god or gods showed up in the sky and told everyone "hey dudes we're here" then sure, I'd believe. Still wouldn't worship tho. I don't worship or obsess over the people I love the most, why would I do that for a god I've never met?

    [โ€“] Cursed lesbian gottlieber 3 points ago in cursedcomments

    this is what r/truelesbians thinks all trans ppl are lmao

    [โ€“] What in school cancellation gottlieber 8 points ago in whatintarnation

    I honestly had no idea there was a special season for deer hunting. It's crazy how depending on where you live in the US, your experience is so wildly different

    [โ€“] No shit you silly little child. gottlieber 0 points ago in ConservativeKiwi

    So instead of reading cited articles and evidence you say "uhhh durrrr the sky still blue durr"

    [โ€“] Baby Dogs ^^ gottlieber 0 points ago in gifs

    Wow I hate this comment section. Y'all know nothing about how these dogs were trained, you're just making assumptions.

    [โ€“] 3.5 week old precious babe! gottlieber 2 points ago in RATS

    omg is pwecious and tiny. I would die for babie,,,,,,

    [โ€“] polite rat pops in to say hello gottlieber 4 points ago in RATS

    stop I'm gonna cry and adopt like 6 more rats