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    [–] The official spread! grandmagellar 8 points ago in WhiteHouseDinners

    I believe the correct pronunciation is “FILL it’s of FISH is.”

    But for serial, it’s Filet o’Fishes, because it’s a trademark name. Otherwise, it would be filets of fish.

    [–] Is anyone else leery of taking commissions when the person has an incredibly specific idea? grandmagellar 2 points ago in ArtistLounge

    I usually offer up to three and let them know that additional revisions are an additional charge. Some people offer a different number, but that works for me. Most people don’t use them at all, but it keeps the needy ones in check.

    [–] Made a veggie tray for our D&D session this weekend and everyone loved it! grandmagellar 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    Have you tried gas relief pills? They have generics that are cheaper, but it’s basically the same stuff as Beano—not only effective for beans. It does help, though if you eat a lot of a trigger food you will need to take more pills. I find it helpful if you’re going to be in a social setting and you want to participate while avoiding unpleasantness.

    [–] How do you get over the mental block on how much you spent on items while decluttering? grandmagellar 2 points ago in declutter

    I have a hard time with this too. What helps me get over it is to change the way I think about it. I’m not throwing the item away. I’m not giving up on it. I’m not losing anything by donating or discarding the item.

    I’m gaining back my space.

    I’m buying my space with this item.

    [–] Anybody else trying the Declutter 365 this year? grandmagellar 3 points ago in declutter

    It really is! It’s almost like second Christmas at times.

    [–] [HIRING] Oil painting of a still life grandmagellar 1 points ago in HungryArtists

    Great! I would love to help you with this. Sending a pm!

    [–] Me *is hungry so I eat my allotted calories for a meal* / Me *starts working out as I'm feeling well after eating* / Me *is hungry again with no energy or calories left* grandmagellar 1 points ago in 1200isplenty

    For me, an apple after a workout satisfies me. I also usually work out after a meal has settled and an apple is so refreshing and the crunching makes it feel like more food than it is. I saw you’re a peanut butter fan, so maybe try a slightly smaller meal, a workout, then finish with apple slices dipped in peanut butter?

    [–] I could watch that first handshake on repeat. grandmagellar 14 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    It’s crazy. Some people are winding down at 80 and some people have 20 more years and you never know which it’s gonna be.

    [–] Anybody else trying the Declutter 365 this year? grandmagellar 4 points ago in declutter

    It is! She needs to use her methods on her site in the worst way.

    [–] Anybody else trying the Declutter 365 this year? grandmagellar 2 points ago in declutter

    It’s terrible! But if it helps me get back on track I’ll put up with it.

    [–] My parents won't let my husband and I claim our daughter on taxes (CA) grandmagellar 17 points ago in legaladvice

    What percentage of the home does your daughter use? What is the total rent you pay and what is the total rent for the unit your parents pay? Are you on the lease or is this an informal arrangement?

    The person with the legal right to claim tax credit is the one who provides more than 50% of the care and expenses for the child. You may rent a room and pay for food, but if that doesn’t equal out to 50% or more after you consider the resources you’re consuming, then the parents get to claim her.

    Be aware that if you choose to fight this and you aren’t on the lease, you can be evicted and will likely ruin relations with your parents. TBH, it sounds like you don’t have a great relationship anyway. But you will need a housing plan that doesn’t include parental help if you choose to pull the trigger on this.

    [–] He only wants to be her husband and raise a family with her. grandmagellar 1 points ago in niceguys

    What would these guys do if they ever miraculously did find a woman who was willing to be with them and they later find out she can’t have children? I have to think that they would drop her like a hot potato, because everything they want is a complete fantasy and it doesn’t fit the story they want to live in.

    [–] Anybody else trying the Declutter 365 this year? grandmagellar 1 points ago in declutter

    I did have to give my email to get the printable calendar. It does look like the gal who runs it needs to declutter her website.

    There’s a fb group that is free and she posts the links to each day’s activity if you don’t want the printable calendar.

    Edit: the printable is also free (I didn’t mean to imply that it wasn’t) and I got it instantly after the email. But I understand if you don’t feel comfortable handing out your email.

    [–] Is anyone else leery of taking commissions when the person has an incredibly specific idea? grandmagellar 3 points ago in ArtistLounge

    Yup. Clients who are too specific will never be happy because it isn’t their exact vision and we aren’t mind readers.

    The flip side of this is clients who say “oh, do whatever you want” and then wait until you’re done to ask for a “few minor things to add in” that end up being more work than the entire first draft.

    Always include a specific number of revisions. It helps people be more mindful of their requests and also more realistic in their expectations.

    [–] What are your menopause symptoms? grandmagellar 1 points ago in Menopause

    It’s definitely hard to pin down. My results came back and my levels are closer to normal than they have been in the past, so my gyno is hesitant to solidly say it’s menopause. He’s talking about trying to induce a period if it doesn’t come in another two months.

    I’m getting checked by other specialists to see if it’s something else, but so far they’re all pointing the finger back to this.

    I feel absolutely awful most of the time, and then I feel stupid for complaining because literally every woman goes through some version of this discomfort.

    [–] What are your menopause symptoms? grandmagellar 2 points ago in Menopause

    My mom sells those, and at first I thought that was what was making my nails so brittle. I feel bad that I blamed it on the pretty nails, because I haven’t worn any for a month and they’re still just cracking to pieces. It’s grossing me out how short my nails are. I used to have such beautiful long nails.

    [–] What are your menopause symptoms? grandmagellar 3 points ago in Menopause

    My nails are shredding too! I didn’t realize that was part of it.

    [–] Can you imagine their grocery bills? grandmagellar 7 points ago in My600lbLife

    Little Caesars has $5 large pizzas. For the budget-conscious calorie consumer. Don’t forget the milkshakes on the value meals!

    There’s also approximately 2300 calories in a pan of brownies, and you can get brownie mix for $1 when it’s on sale.

    [–] There’s a LOT of tattoos on this show...some questions grandmagellar 9 points ago in My600lbLife

    I know people who have been on public assistance/live in poverty, and most of them love getting tattoos and piercings for birthday gifts. They can tell you who paid for it and what year it was. It’s a thing.

    I can’t bring myself to be envious of people who can’t see past today because they feel so powerless. If it brings them a little joy, who cares?

    [–] [Hiring] Gaudy Fantasy Football Oil Portrait grandmagellar 1 points ago in HungryArtists

    This is hysterical and I want to be a part of it.

    Sending a pm!