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    [–] How hard is the workday certification process? grantchart 1 points ago in workday

    Be aware that there are two types of certifications. There's the kind that implementers get, which is used for things like allowing system-level access. And there's the "Workday Pro" certifications that aren't really worth anything.

    I don't have the former, so I can't say how difficult it is. The Workday Pro certification is really kind of a joke. The classes aren't all that informative, and there's very little knowledge you can get from them that you couldn't get from a deep read of the documentation, some research on Community, and trial&error. They won't help you find a job. Workday partners don't give a crap about them, and most Workday clients don't even know they exist. Even Workday doesn't think very highly about them- all they do is send you a crappy PDF when you pass the test. It looks awful. I've seen Pee Wee Soccer participation certificates that are more impressive. I wanted to put mine on the wall outside my office, but it looks like my 7yo drew it in crayon and then smeared her PB&J on the platten when she tried to scan it on her own.

    But to answer the mail, the Workday Pro certificates aren't hard at all. Your biggest challenge is going to be staying awake during the classes. The exams are a joke. You get 2-3 hours (iirc) to answer a number of questions, most of which you can either lookup on Community or test in your sandbox/development tenant. It's more a certificate of patience than proficiency.

    [–] A chat platform for everyone in the workday ecosystem grantchart 2 points ago in workday

    Thanks! I'm not a Slack person, so I probably won't join. But it's cool that you have something outside the ecosystem. You can't vent on Community because it's simple for anyone in your organization to track you down.

    [–] Some Key Questions to Ask When Considering moving to Workday grantchart 1 points ago in workday

    I don't hate Workday. If it weren't for Workday, I wouldn't have anything to ridicule on a daily basis. Workday fulfills the basic human need to feel superior. I can wake up in the morning, look at my makeup-free face in the mirror, pat uselessly at the bags under my eyes, attempt (unsuccessfully) to ignore the cellulite on my thighs, and think "well, at least I'm not one of the people who developed Workday." And then I don't feel so bad (the last is usually sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things").

    As for ERPs, there are none better or worse. By their very nature, they are are ridiculous and cumbersome. Workday's biggest flaw is believing they could be better than their competitors, where in fact the most could achieve is a state of equal awfulness.

    But hey, it's job security, right?

    [–] In a crowd of people holding umbrellas, the shortest person stays driest grantchart 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    In which case, they're all equally wet (even if they're not wet at all) and so that person is STILL the driest- it's just that they're in a tie with everyone else for that status.

    [–] Female panties are not designed by females I swear. grantchart 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but they can't make panties fit properly for tiny butts either. Scale down all the complaints in this thread and add the fact that when you have no hips your panties feel no obligation to keep their waistline anywhere near yours.

    [–] Thank you Internet! This is why Ron Swanson hates you grantchart 3 points ago in funny

    A smooth and silky evening to you all. On nights like this when the cold winds blow and the air is awash in the swirling eddies of our dreams. Come with me and find safe haven in a warm bathtub full of my jazz.

    [–] When was a time where "ooops, you saw boobs" happened? grantchart 10 points ago in AskReddit

    It was me. My boobs. I was on a cruise ship that had one of those surf zone things where it jets water super fast up a slope. Theoretically this allows you to surf on it. In practice, it's just a way of separating people from their swimsuits.

    I had on shorts and my favorite bikini top (RIP, favorite top). I got on, held up by the nice man attendending the ride because he probably won the ship's crew's lottery that day. He let me go. I stayed up for all of .5sec, and then splatted face first and was spun around like a top.

    My bikini top shot off to parts unknown. Like never to be seen again. It's somewhere in the Caribbean now, sipping mai tais with celebrities. My chest (not that I have much of one) was exposed to all and sundry as I was tossed and turned by the jetting water. Eventually, the ride forcibly ejected me at the top, and a polite young man handed me a towel. However, I had no idea at the time that I was topless. Having a seven thousand liters of water firehosed into your face tends to reduce your self-awareness.

    So instead of using the towel to cover myself, I just used it to dry off my hair and face, all the while facing chest-first at what I hope was an appreciative audience. Given the age demographic of the passengers, I'm surprised I didn't give anyone a coronary. The fact that I'm solid a-cup and have no hips, it's possible that they thought it was just some random teenage boy with a vaguely androgynous pixie cut. One can hope, I suppose.

    Anyway, to the crew and passengers of that liner: You're welcome.

    [–] When your human is finally home grantchart 1 points ago in aww

    Whenever I took my golden to the vet, he (the dog, not the vet) would jump off the exam table into my arms.

    I asked the vet "when is he going to stop doing that?"

    The vet said "when you stop catching him."

    (It actually happened when he knocked my ass over. I'm no match for 65lbs of fluffy enthusiasm)

    [–] Asking for a tampon at work is apparently considered "inappropriate" grantchart 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I was once "counseled" by HR for asking a female co-worker for a tampon because it was against policy for "discussing sexual matters in the workplace."

    My boss repeatedly looking down my blouse whenever he came by to ask me for stuff was apparently A-OK, though. So it's good that they were able to tell me where the boundaries lay.

    (Needless to say, my span at that delightful establishment was short)

    [–] The same people who complain about noise 11 pm Friday night are the same people who mow their lawns at 6 am on Saturday morning grantchart 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I don't mind constant noise. When I lived in an apartment complex in San Antonio, 11pm Friday night was when people just started drifting into the parking lot to drink beer and listen to Mexican music all night.

    And if it had been just that, it would have been totally cool. I could fall asleep to people singing in Spanish. But no. They had to start laying down rubber in the lot, bleaching tires, and tossing entire cases of glass bottles in the dumpster at irregular intervals. You'd be just about to fall asleep, and then "CRASH!" of "Vrmmm vrmmm SQUEEeeEEeeEEEEeeeLLLL!!!" and you're like "shit, they hit my car!"

    On the other hand, if it's 3AM on a Saturday morning and you can't sleep, you have a shitload of really cool neighbors hanging out in the parking lot, and they give you free beer. So that's something.

    [–] Unlicensed “health coach” claims health advice is free speech—court disagrees grantchart 1 points ago in nottheonion

    Just sayin that if the health coach was THAT invested in whatever bullship she was spouting, she could have gone the full-certification route and picked up where she left off.

    At least until her credentials were revoked. But from what I've read, as long as dieticians have some scientific basis for whatever BS they spout, they're pretty much OK. If she was dedicated enough to get her license, I'm sure the health coach could have found a few studies to back up her claims.

    Weirder shit has happened. If they let chiropractors tell you they can cure your liver problems by realigning your spine, they hardly have any moral high ground for telling you that you can't cure your liver problems with a healthy diet of activated charcoal and lamp oil, can they?

    [–] Why subtitles are no longer just for the hard of hearing grantchart 1 points ago in television

    My husband: because my wife won't shut the fuck up when the TV is on.

    And... guilty as charged. He's such an active guy, with work and outside stuff, and sports, and everything else. The odd half hours he sits down to watch TV are the only ones where he's in one place long enough for me to get his attention. Shit, I'd love it if I didn't have to talk over his GoT or whatever, but houses don't run themselves, kids don't get their problems resolved by one parent, parents on two different continents don't have their old-age shit taken care of by people who don't even speak their language all that well.

    The other choice I have is trying to talk to him during sex, and frankly I don't want to be thinking about kids, old people, or houses while trying to get busy. Somehow, screaming "yes! yes! sign Junior's field trip permission form for me, baby!" just isn't in my top-ten erotic fantasies.

    [–] Unlicensed “health coach” claims health advice is free speech—court disagrees grantchart 1 points ago in nottheonion

    What prevents me from going out and completing all the prerequisites to provide health advice and then giving the same shitty advice I would have given without that training?

    (I think the answer is "nothing" if I go by some of the shitty advice I've been given by men with ", M.D." on their business cards).

    [–] TIL A man once sued a dry cleaner’s for $67M over a late return of a pair of pants. He reduced it to $45 million in court. The case was thrown out multiple times, the man lost his job as he was a judge himself, and the dry cleaners was forced to close their shop due to court costs. grantchart 1 points ago in todayilearned

    Not to pick nits, but not all testimony is documentary. If there were believable (hopefully but not necessarily impartial) witnesses who testified in court that the verbal contract was executed, then yeah it could conceivably be enforced.

    An easier case would be if both parties admitted to the elements of the contract. Person A says under oath "yes, Person B offered to sell me that automobile for $1,000 and I handed him the cash." Person B says "yes, Person A offered me $1,000 for that car, and I handed him the keys." That's a contract. Legal. Binding. And executed.

    Typically the end-game for that would be the two parties going to the DMV and signing a bill of sale and transfer of title. But that's just formalizing something that already happened. The state might not have known that the contract for the sale of the vehicle had occurred, but that doesn't mean it wasn't already a done deal.

    Now, you're right in that proving/enforcing a verbal-only contract is difficult and probably expensive. But it happens all the time. In fact, you've probably heard of a couple, like when a big-name star drops out of a movie that they had verbally (only) agreed to appear in. But if the money's big enough, people WILL sue to enforce a verbal contract.

    [–] My neighbor asked me to stop jogging because her son was watching grantchart 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I've had the same thing happen to me, and I barely have a chest at all. A woman once told me I should wear two sports bras when I ran because "one doesn't hide anything."

    I'm pretty sure that technically, I'm legally allowed to go running fully topless. I mean, if one sports bra doesn't hide anything, why should I bother wearing it, right? I bet that would "bother people" a lot more than just seeing me smuggling raisins.

    [–] An immigrant’s observation grantchart 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    That's my husband! He's Danish by birth but has almost zero accent. When people like that find out he only became a full US citizen when he was 26, they don't quite know what to think.

    Oddly enough, knowing that he's an immigrant never stops them from complaining about those other immigrants. You know, the brown ones.

    [–] What is your favorite "...and that's why we had to put this sign up" story? grantchart 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Sauna at my womens-only gym has a sign that reads "Do not allow your children to urinate on the sauna rocks."

    Kids aren't allowed in the sauna either, but apparently someone let theirs in and he (I assume) had to go RIGHT NOW.

    [–] Do you think that women should be free to walk around topless in public places, just as men can? Why?/why not? grantchart 1 points ago in AskReddit

    When I was in my early 20s I decided "fuck bras" (I'm pretty small chested). There was a short period where being stared at bothered me. Well, more like made me a little self conscious. After a while, it wasn't a big deal. If people want to look, let 'em. I'm not going to give up my comfort just because "omg! nipples!"

    Also, it made me very aware of the fact that men have nipples too, and often their wardrobe choice makes that entirely obvious. Walk around any office in the world, and you're gonna see more than a few dudes walking around with man-pokies. If I can ignore those things, everyone else can ignore mine.

    [–] Dynamic Text Translations in BIRT grantchart 1 points ago in workday

    Some fields have translated versions. I don't remember name components having them, though. One thing you could do is use the preferred name fields, which the workers enter themselves.

    [–] Have you ever got scammed? What happened? grantchart 2 points ago in AskReddit

    No, all the Best Buys are basically the same.