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    [–] I bought underwear with the days of the week written on them just because it was cheap, and now my OCD won't let me wear the underwear with the wrong name on the wrong day -.- griftylifts 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Oh my god, this post gave me literal flashbacks.

    When I was a kid and moved to a new neighborhood with no kids my own age, I used to tag along after the "Cool Older Kids", who must've been in their early teens. I was like 8-10, and probably super fucking annoying.

    They started telling this joke around me, saying to my face, "It's Tuesday today", with a really snide little smirk while saying it. I had no clue what they were on about.

    Finally after this went on for a few weeks, one of the kinder girls took me aside and told me that when I sat down, everyone could see my "days of the week underwear", and I was never wearing the "right" pair on the corresponding day, which led to many jokes and much speculation at my expense ("Holy shit it's Friday and those say Monday, did she wear them all week?????? Eeewwww~~!!!!", etc).

    I think I gave up trying to win them over after that, I realized I was way out of my depth socially and better off on my own.

    [–] 34/f, no makeup; just curious about a true rating griftylifts 1 points ago in truerateme

    May I ask a question?

    Why do people downvote replies and argue in here?

    Is it because they disagree with the numerical rating the person is giving or because they think they scale is being applied incorrectly?

    I’m 100% fine with everything that’s been said, and plan to give detailed replies to everyone when my toddler naps, so I’m anxious that folks will think I’m the one who is downvoting their ratings 😅 (I’m new, can you tell??)

    [–] is quaking right now reading this griftylifts 3 points ago in BrandNewSentence

    I did my due diligence required to check for its posting within the sub, top posts, googled the phrase + subreddit name, etc.

    I did not get a team of the worlds top cyber analysts to search every keystroke combination that has ever been pressed.

    You got me there.

    (I’m just playing with claws out, not trying to genuinely piss you off)

    [–] is quaking right now reading this griftylifts 1 points ago in BrandNewSentence

    They’re so brand new here that they won’t even arrive for another few years

    [–] is quaking right now reading this griftylifts 12 points ago in BrandNewSentence

    That’s fucked up.

    I’ve always openly admired your foreskin collection whenever you walked me through your museum. You know how much they’d mean to me.

    [–] Press f to pay respects griftylifts 7 points ago in memes

    Some say he’s still in the toilet to this very day, sweating, waiting for everyone in the drawing room to die of old age before he and safely emerge

    [–] ᐌᐛ⠨ᐛᐛ⦿? griftylifts 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    No and frankly I’m offended you’d ask. I know this is supposed to be “No Stupid Questions” but my god have some decency.

    [–] I don't feel so good griftylifts 1 points ago in memes

    See you in Top

    [–] Kiss Nails griftylifts 7 points ago in ATBGE

    That’s cool, I didn’t need to sleep anyway now that I’ve imagined being fingerblasted by these nightmares

    [–] What does it mean if someone text you “eeek?” griftylifts 5 points ago in AskReddit

    They want to recommend the 90s cartoon “Eek! The Cat”, which was a delightful gem.

    [–] Which TV show or movie series has the most fulfilling final season/episode/movie? Why? griftylifts 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Six Feet Under.

    Without spoiling it, it wraps everything up in a neat little package and delivers it in such a way that will make even the strongest person weep like a lost child. It’s beautiful and poignant and changes how you look at the world and life.

    [–] A true genius griftylifts 2 points ago in memes


    [–] 34/f, no makeup; just curious about a true rating griftylifts 0 points ago in truerateme

    I’m not interested in criticisms without a rating or any advice, but thanks for your time.