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    [–] All-around nice guy Ted Bundy griftylifts 1 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Bless you for leaving it!!!😂🙏

    [–] All-around nice guy Ted Bundy griftylifts 37 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    I know it’s just a typo but calling him “Bunny” makes it sound like you have a pet name for Ted Bundy 😅

    [–] When I was 10, my mom told me to stop saying I loved her in public, “because it’s embarrassing” griftylifts 2 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    I have, thank you for saying so - and you as well 💕

    I have good and loving friends as a support system and “family of choice”, my husband, and our 2 year old who is the sweetest and most affectionate little boy I’ve ever known.

    [–] I love Twitter griftylifts 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    That’s awesome of your mom! I hope you get a house soon if that’s what you want :)

    To be honest I grew up in really unstable situations, housing included, and so a “house of my own” had always been a pipe dream to me. I am so so grateful for the life and security that I have now, thanks to him and what we have built together.

    [–] I love Twitter griftylifts 5 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    It was honestly appalling to me, as someone who grew up in total poverty I’m just...flabbergasted when people talk casually about dinners that are “$250 a plate” or whatever, it’s just so outside my reality as to seem totally absurd and laughable.

    That friend (who I cut off when she went fucking insane on me, long story), would rather live in her new husband’s parents’ house, where his mom is a literal hoarder and they have a shitload of animals ex-friend is allergic to, and no doors (???) except the bathroom - a total nightmare IMO.

    But let her show you that gaudy ring of hers and your head would spin, as if the cognitive dissonance is so real it hurts to look at.

    [–] I love Twitter griftylifts 9 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    This brainwashed nonsense nauseates me so much.

    I told my husband I wanted a house and not a lavish ring or wedding. He’s a veteran and therefore we didn’t have to pay a down payment, so we became homeowners at 30.

    Meanwhile, I had friends who went deeply into debt and still live with their parents because they spent ~$100,000 on a wedding they could in no way afford. Idiotic.

    [–] My SO insists on anal griftylifts 51 points ago in JustNoSO

    Exactly, I just commented again below that it sounds like he is into “painal” (ugh I hate using the term but it’s what they call it in porn).

    [–] My SO insists on anal griftylifts 118 points ago in JustNoSO

    If I may, I’d like to share another personal anecdote; when we were first dating and experimenting in bed, my guy wanted to use a riding crop on me. I allowed it, hesitantly. He hit me too hard one time and I started to cry in the middle of sex, and you know what he did? Stopped, pulled out, told me how sorry he was, comforted me, and waited the ~20 minutes until I was ready to get back to sex (without the crop).

    He comforted me because he loves me, and my pain was more important than his erection.

    You deserve that. You deserve someone who will stop and care for you if you get hurt during sex, and it is becoming alarmingly clear the more I read, that your husband is enjoying more than just the anal. He likes you resisting and crying and being in pain. I would wager he looks at “painal” porn.

    [–] My SO insists on anal griftylifts 67 points ago in JustNoSO

    He’s all around abusive. This is a genuinely dangerous situation and I’m afraid for you when you leave him; please take care to hide the fact that you’re planning to leave, as that is the most dangerous part of an abusive situation for many.

    I think you’re very wise and you are in the right frame of mind right now - hold strong to that. Nothing can change your resolve once you’ve decided to go. You’ll be free sooner than you think.

    [–] I drew a perfect bracket. griftylifts -1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in oddlysatisfying

    You’ve peaked at whatever age you are now. It’s all downhill from here. I’m envious that’s my favorite kind of bracket 😩 {🖤}

    Edit: I forgot to add the /s, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that seriously. This is why I shouldn’t do mean spirited humor online.

    [–] My SO insists on anal griftylifts 202 points ago in JustNoSO

    Also I don’t want to force someone to do something that makes them feel violated!

    Right. That’s how a normal human being feels. It honestly sounds like he’s getting off on violating you.

    [–] My SO insists on anal griftylifts 51 points ago in JustNoSO

    I’ve really come to the realization that he does not care about me.

    You are in your moment of clarity; stay in this frame of mind. Do not soften your resolve to leave, please.

    [–] My SO insists on anal griftylifts 49 points ago in JustNoSO

    Thank you for saying this.

    My hormones got all fucked up after birth from PPA and my sex drive is still a mess, 2 years later. My husband and I had a very active sex life before this; now if anything happens once every few months, it’s a miracle.

    His sex drive and attraction to me are unchanged, but he has never, not ONCE, tried to guilt or coerce or “gently persuade”, pout or rage or act cold towards me after I say “no”.

    He shows me affection in other ways every day and is letting me heal at my own pace. He takes care of his needs with porn and masturbation on his own time and doesn’t ever make me feel bad about it.

    OP deserves someone to treat her as a whole person, and value her for more than sexual release.