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    [–] Are the alolan trades nature locked? Cause i just soft reset and the diglett is mild again guitargladiator 1 points ago in PokemonLetsGo

    you can save before trading and the nature will change each time. so i got like 10 and then saved and continued trading and restarting until i got the nature i wanted.

    [–] Charlie Intel spent $100 on reserves w/ 67% of them having dupes guitargladiator 3 points ago in Blackops4

    not if duplicates have a certain percentage chance of happening regardless of how many crates have been opened. i've gotten duplicates with only having ever opened just a few crates out of the hundreds of items possible

    [–] Zombie health blackout guitargladiator 3 points ago in Blackops4

    yeah i fought one in one of the last circles and it took way longer than normal

    [–] Blackout and Menu Texture Glitching Xbox One X guitargladiator 1 points ago in Blackops4

    Anyone else seen this? i tried to join another game of blackout and I was seeing purple walls of glitches and then the game crashed before deployment.

    [–] Teamkilling has ruined blackout quads for me guitargladiator 11 points ago in Blackops4

    Had 4 kills to start the match, 2 of which were directly related to reviving a random teammate only to then get shot by him in the back after reviving. Then he messages me saying he is a gangsta... Why is this in the game Treyarch?

    [–] EA cannot possibly be this dumb guitargladiator 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    " As Andrew discussed, the desire to make changes to Battlefield V led us to move its launch into a more difficult window and prioritizing the single-player campaign over battle royale also hurt sales. "

    straight from the earnings call transcript. don't be surprised if future games don't include a campaign. not that any of the recent battlefield campaigns have been good anyway.

    [–] After 17 years... guitargladiator 2 points ago in AnthemTheGame

    haha i thought of bionicles as well during the demo but because of the interceptor

    [–] Goodbye :( guitargladiator 15 points ago in warhawk

    ... and it's gone. it was a good 11+ year run. here's hoping one day it gets remastered for ps4/5

    [–] RIP Warhawk guitargladiator 4 points ago in warhawk

    still up as of 12:28 pst

    [–] I was Super Hyped for Metro Exodus, Until Deep Silver pulled this stunt, Sorry But i will not support Epics storefront. guitargladiator 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in gaming

    until recently steam charged 30%, while epic only charges 12%. they are honoring all prior steam purchases, but why would any business continue to sell on steam in the future and lose 18%? ALSO they are passing on some of the savings to consumers by only charging $50 on epic. it's win-win...

    some people are too ocd about having every game they own launch from the same app

    [–] Does health increase with rank? guitargladiator 7 points ago in warhawk

    i think you are imagining it. I put in hundreds of hours and never saw anything like that