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    [–] EA cannot possibly be this dumb guitargladiator 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    " As Andrew discussed, the desire to make changes to Battlefield V led us to move its launch into a more difficult window and prioritizing the single-player campaign over battle royale also hurt sales. "

    straight from the earnings call transcript. don't be surprised if future games don't include a campaign. not that any of the recent battlefield campaigns have been good anyway.

    [–] After 17 years... guitargladiator 2 points ago in AnthemTheGame

    haha i thought of bionicles as well during the demo but because of the interceptor

    [–] Goodbye :( guitargladiator 14 points ago in warhawk

    ... and it's gone. it was a good 11+ year run. here's hoping one day it gets remastered for ps4/5

    [–] RIP Warhawk guitargladiator 3 points ago in warhawk

    still up as of 12:28 pst

    [–] I was Super Hyped for Metro Exodus, Until Deep Silver pulled this stunt, Sorry But i will not support Epics storefront. guitargladiator 1 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in gaming

    until recently steam charged 30%, while epic only charges 12%. they are honoring all prior steam purchases, but why would any business continue to sell on steam in the future and lose 18%? ALSO they are passing on some of the savings to consumers by only charging $50 on epic. it's win-win...

    some people are too ocd about having every game they own launch from the same app

    [–] Does health increase with rank? guitargladiator 7 points ago in warhawk

    i think you are imagining it. I put in hundreds of hours and never saw anything like that

    [–] 41% of all players are Rank 50, but CC are still bugged guitargladiator 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in BattlefieldV

    the amount of players at max rank is not even close to 41%.

    While there's no easy way to see the real %, just look at some of the xbox one achievements. 40.06% of players have less than 30 kills in multiplayer.

    Additionally, my character is only rank 18 and I have approx. 260,000 score. Compare that to the achievement for 500,000 score which I assume would be achieved by max rank (if not way before) and there are only 12.21% of players with that much score.

    [–] Jesus would you look at the time guitargladiator 1 points ago in funny

    it looks like the minute hand is between 2 and 3 while the back of the second hand is at 11.

    [–] It's so true, those items were already made before release...Why weren't they there? Review score. guitargladiator 1 points ago in Blackops4

    more than review scores, they didn't want a situation like battlefront 2 where the whole conversation leading up to launch was micro transactions and that definitely hurt first week sales which are the majority of sales.

    [–] The hype has died... guitargladiator 1 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    ok... but if you go look at the list of most played xbox one games though cod bo4 is at #2 and pubg is at #8. although the list hasn't updated yet for red dead redemption 2.

    [–] PTS Feedback Megathread guitargladiator 1 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    I'm on the test server (xb1x) and I hopped in a van on miramar and it wont move at all.

    [–] How much time has to pass before the Random Crate BP cost drops back down to 700? guitargladiator 2 points ago in PUBGXboxOne

    would still be a terrible system if every crate was 700BP. the odds of getting anything but low tier garbage are ridiculous low the biker crate for example: 70% of drops will be 1 of only 7 items. the rarest stuff drops less than once per 15000 crates.