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    [–] The Stock Market Is Not the Economy gurbaj 2 points ago in StockMarket

    Institutions can move marketings in the short term. When a big pension fund decides to sell a certain stock it may cause a domino effect and temporary drive down the price but it shouldn’t affect retail investors over the long run

    [–] The Stock Market Is Not the Economy gurbaj 5 points ago in StockMarket

    Most institutions do a ‘discounted cashflow analysis’ when choosing what stocks to buy. In simple terms this means calculating the current value of all future cashflows divided by the shares outstanding

    [–] The Stock Market Is Not the Economy gurbaj 180 points ago * (lasted edited 19 hours ago) in StockMarket

    This is partly true, the stock market is a reflection of expected future cashflows, not of current cashflows

    Edit: this is very basic beginner stuff please do your research before posting

    [–] My business is going well so far but my confidence has completely been shot down. I feel so stupid. How do I keep going as the founder? gurbaj 2 points ago in Entrepreneur

    When I first started I dropped out of school at 20 years old. My parents kinda supported me but my grandparents told me it’s a terrible idea. Fast forward two years later and I’ve made more money than I can spend and I’ve learned and grown so much as a person. Just keep going in the end everything will be ok

    [–] New to fatFIRE and need guidance/advice gurbaj 4 points ago in fatFIRE

    Very interesting to read, thanks for sharing

    [–] Started a new commission only sales Job.. is this normal or am I wasting my time? gurbaj 1 points ago in sales

    I run my own callcenter and have managed other commission only callcenters. But this honestly sounds like a big joke to me, especially since they don’t take their time to try and support or help you. I would try and find a new job

    [–] Year to Date asset performance gurbaj 19 points ago in CryptoMarkets

    You’re cherrypicking the information and timeframe that suit you the best. Not really a fair comparison

    [–] Nexo en fire gurbaj 3 points ago in DutchFIRE

    Juist als je je goed hebt ingelezen weet je dat de meeste tokens/coins geen onderliggende waarde hebben. De tokens hebben geen directe correlatie met het (financiele) succes van het project, terwijl de onderliggende waarde van bijv. aandelen kan worden bepaald door de toekomstige kasstromen van een bedrijf. Dat gezegd te hebben ben ik er zeker mee eens dat je een klein deel van je portfolio in crypto kan stoppen om een gokje te wagen. Dit komt van iemand die sinds 2014 bezig is met crypto.

    Edit: spelfout

    [–] Just realized my 2005 submariner date has an XX0001 serial number. Does this add value since it’s such a low serial number? gurbaj 6 points ago in rolex

    Depends, a friend of mine had an air-king with a very cool serial number. (something like ‘77777’) And he managed to sell it for 2.5k over retail to a collector

    [–] My dad spent 80 hours working on this painting :) gurbaj 1 points ago in pics

    Thanks for the kinds words! Yes those on the wall are also his. You can check out more of his art on instagram @bojangurbaj :)

    [–] My dad spent 80 hours working on this painting :) gurbaj 2 points ago in pics

    Je kan mijn vader contacteren via zijn website of instagram en vragen om de prijs of om een print :)