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    [–] Alternatives to Paris Mall gurg2k1 2 points ago in PokemonGoSpoofing

    Meaning if you stand in one spot you're are able to spin 7-12 pokestops?

    [–] Kid takes dad's car for a spin. Only knows about the gas pedal. gurg2k1 1 points ago in WTF

    Aren't you guys saying the exact same thing? In any c case both Ford and Toyota work this way in my experience. Can't push-button start without the brake on.

    [–] Dayum bro! gurg2k1 8 points ago in Unexpected

    He's currently at 2 upvotes.

    [–] Giant 200 ft driftwood washed on the beach in Washington gurg2k1 3 points ago in interestingasfuck

    FYI never climb on these logs. We get sneaker waves (unexpectedly large waves) here in the PNW and they tend to toss logs around like candy, including whomever is on top of/nearby them.

    [–] Cleveland cop urinated on 12-year-old girl waiting for school bus while recording on cellphone, prosecutors say gurg2k1 16 points ago in news

    Its probably more along the lines of "I'm untouchable so I'm going to do this thing and then take a video to show my cop buddies for a laugh."

    [–] 18-year-old Demi Moore, 1981 gurg2k1 3 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Is it the kind Australians always talk about going into?

    [–] Juul: Our Commitment To The PMTA Process (Does anyone still think Juul isn't the enemy?) gurg2k1 4 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    I really wonder if these new regulations were orchestrated by big tobacco. They can easily afford to pay the government millions for testing with the knowledge that most of the competition doesn't. A few million dollars to wipe out 99% of the competition, with the government's backing, doesn't sound too bad at all from their perspective. Considering companies like Boeing can put out dangerous designs and self-certify that they are safe, resulting in the deaths of dozens (hundreds?) of people, I find it odd that these companies need to pay so much for testing their products.

    [–] Juul: Our Commitment To The PMTA Process (Does anyone still think Juul isn't the enemy?) gurg2k1 3 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Those food handler certifications are almost meaningless. You can take them online sometimes, which means anyone can take it for you or you can google the questions to find the correct answer.

    [–] Mother Breaks Down As Teen Son is Arrested for Making School Shooting Threats on a Video Game gurg2k1 -1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    You're projecting a lot onto this woman based on a short video clip. She just found out that her son could be spending years in prison for some stupid comment he made on a video game. She has every right to be upset.

    I have no problem with police investigating comments like this, but charging them with a felony for what might amount to little more than some dark humor is pretty extreme.

    [–] Complete emby noob. Need advice and tips please gurg2k1 2 points ago in emby

    People selling access to their accounts. You pay $5-10 a month and watch files from someone elses server. I'm very comfortable out there on the high seas, but I think services like this are kind of scummy.

    [–] Texas Might Have Accidentally Decriminalized Marijuana gurg2k1 8 points ago in news

    Last I read, there are very convenient loopholes involved with adhearing to this amendment. They didn't specify when the clock starts or what days "count" and which don't. Or the prosecution can just ignore the law all together.

    [–] Texas Might Have Accidentally Decriminalized Marijuana gurg2k1 1 points ago in news

    In the article some official stated that they plan on testing everything siezed as far back as two years prior to them acquiring the proper testing equipment and charging the individuals involved. So if they get the testing setup in 2020 they will test everything going back to 2018 and bring charges.

    [–] To compress or not to compress? That is the question gurg2k1 1 points ago in PleX

    Do some calculations to see how much storage you would need for X amount of 30GB 1080p (or 70GB 4k) videos and decide if it's worth it at that cost. I'm pretty satisfied with 12-18GB 1080p files on a 65" budget 4k TV. If you've spent a lot on a fancy TV with all the bells and whistles you might consider Remuxed copies. At the very least, you can strip out extras, multi audio tracks, and whatever else comes on a BluRay that isn't necessary to watching the movie.

    [–] Nobody crosses him and lives gurg2k1 3 points ago in funny

    Not if you think of him as an old man who's probably been hit in the head a few too many times in his life.

    [–] Nobody crosses him and lives gurg2k1 3 points ago in funny

    No it was like 2 years ago that he fought Bruce Lee as a Texas Ranger.

    [–] Majority of Oregonians support statewide universal health care gurg2k1 7 points ago in Portland

    But they didn't and then we spent $300 million on a website that didn't even work.