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    [–] What are your best unassuming wealthy stories? guy_from_canada 84 points ago in financialindependence

    I wouldn't assume an even distribution of millionaires though; there's likely places with tons of them and places with none around for miles.

    [–] Laser Bong🔥🔥 guy_from_canada 6 points ago in INEEEEDIT

    Where can one obtain this?

    [–] Is this better? guy_from_canada 45 points ago in madlads

    = IE + IT + IA + SE + ST + SA + ME + MT + MA

    [–] Steve Bannon stepping down from Breitbart guy_from_canada 1593 points ago in politics

    In the statement, Mr. Bannon added that he was “proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform.”

    Okay bud.

    [–] The Golden Gate Bridge to get a suicide net guy_from_canada 10 points ago in news

    There could be alternatives. For example, maybe the fine could be waived if you attended suicide counselling and were mandated by a court to see a therapist.

    [–] Whenever I lie on a really comfortable bed guy_from_canada 3 points ago in seinfeld

    The character Rebecca DeMornay shows up twice, when 1) George tries to donate his Brentano's bathroom book to goodwill, and 2) when Elaine tries to dump the muffin stumps to a homeless shelter

    [–] [PSA] HQ Trivia for Android automatically turns up media volume without user interaction guy_from_canada 3 points ago in Android

    Pretty simple strategy. There's regularly 600k+ people viewing the game at the start, and they haven't even saturated their Android userbase out yet. Advertisers would love to have that kind of guarantee that half a million plus people will all see their ad.

    [–] Senator Lindsey Graham Just Confirmed The Steele Dossier Was Used For 2016 FISA Warrant… guy_from_canada 8 points ago in conspiracy

    It may not matter to you but it certainly matters as legal issue. I (as a non-American) can't donate to a political campaign but a foreign government can hack and leak classified documents about a presidential candidate?

    [–] Why is snapchat SUCH TRASH? guy_from_canada 3 points ago in GooglePixel

    Wifi voice ≠ picture sharing

    [–] Why is snapchat SUCH TRASH? guy_from_canada 23 points ago in GooglePixel

    I hate this argument. Maybe OP has friends that use it and likes to use it?

    [–] Sessions Says to Courts: Go Ahead, Jail People Because They’re Poor guy_from_canada 2 points ago in politics

    It just so happens that those citizens who could be bothered to vote, primarily vote Republican.

    Hillary won the popular vote, so your claim is objectively not true.

    Do you really think the Clintons are going to have a tough time finding medical coverage?

    Do you think Trump has a tough time finding medical coverage either? I don't understand your argument. We vote for them to represent us. When they disobey that trust by lowering their own taxes and killing off regulations at their friends' request, we vote for someone else. That's how democracy works; no matter how powerful you are, you get one vote, just like everybody else.

    [–] Sessions Says to Courts: Go Ahead, Jail People Because They’re Poor guy_from_canada 2 points ago in politics

    Gerrymandering is an easy target. The only problem is that no administration wants to change the voting districts that elected them unless it favours them even more.

    [–] Sharing vs. Theft guy_from_canada 1 points ago in Conservative

    I think the problem is that the free market isn't giving people a chance to keep up. What's the incentive (financial or otherwise) for a company to hire 10 people to do a job instead of a fraction of that to program a computer to do the same task?

    [–] Sessions Says to Courts: Go Ahead, Jail People Because They’re Poor guy_from_canada 7 points ago in politics

    Your last 2 paragraphs are flawed because you can make the case for either candidate by assuming that everyone who didn't vote would rather have the other person. Let's flip the names and numbers to see what I mean:

    265,000,000 people were faced with a choice between Trump or Clinton to be their next President. Only 62,984,825 (24.3% of eligible voters) voted for Trump, the rest thought Clinton would be better or couldn't care less.

    75% wanted Clinton as shown by their vote or their blatant apathy. Apathy is in fact the crux of the issue. By about 123 million lazy ass, can't bother to care eligible voters.

    [–] Sharing vs. Theft guy_from_canada 2 points ago in Conservative

    If the solution is to print money for every American that can be done relatively quickly as a response.

    Very true. I would love to see how consumer spending habits would differ if the gov't was able to take the standard deduction and replace that with a basic income. eg: instead of giving a $12,000 pass before taxes kick in, give out a tax-free $12,000 UBI. Would be an interesting experiment to see if families would view that money any differently.

    [–] Sharing vs. Theft guy_from_canada 2 points ago in Conservative

    We're already seeing the effects of AI and robots replacing human jobs, albeit small for now. What happens if we aren't "beyond money" by the time it has a noticeable effect? Crypto is far too volatile for now to be used as a legitimate currency for spending.

    Sidenote: In A Nutshell did a great video on automation and its effects on the economy. Worth the watch.

    [–] Carl Bernstein: FBI isn't tainted, Trump's presidency is guy_from_canada 91 points ago in politics

    FOX NEWS BREAKING: Michelle Obama Knowingly Hid Russian Plant In Whitehouse

    [–] Thoughts on Pixel 2 XL from an iPhone X user guy_from_canada 1 points ago in Android

    Notification channels are mandatory if your app is targeting Oreo. If you don't support channels then notifications posted by an app are silently discarded. The app devs need to support channels for apps targeting Oreo, period.