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    [–] My wife’s ER bill came in today.. h4llo4 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Oh fuck that big time. I just get angry looking at this.

    [–] cursed_goulash h4llo4 1 points ago in cursedimages

    The original recipe from 200 B. C.

    [–] How do we save if this becomes popular? h4llo4 1 points ago in thefridgelight

    Uh huh. Good to see my post back ...? Xd

    [–] f h4llo4 1 points ago in u_nesquik_nessly_420

    Why the f tho

    [–] I AM FREAKING OUT SHE SAID YES OMG h4llo4 -2 points ago in teenagers

    You know she really wants you when she hit you with that double yes, capped