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    [–] Who were the stars of USENET you remember? haberstachery 2 points ago in OVER30REDDIT

    There was a gal in the U2 USENET forum that was a prolific poster named Colleen O'Riordon or something along those lines.

    [–] Any area hotels with indoor atriums? haberstachery 4 points ago in cincinnati

    There is actually a sparrow or a bird that looks like a sparrow that lives in the Embassy Suites blue ash. Been there many years since before the renovation. People feed it crumbs from breakfast.

    [–] What conspiracy theory do you believe in? haberstachery 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Life Cereal - Mikey's stomach exploded from the combination of the fatal candy and soda mix and he died

    [–] Parents: Please listen to your gut and protect your kids haberstachery 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago) in Parenting

    What is the current custody status? Where's dad? Have charges been filed? Does child still see dad and have parenting time with him? Is the child reporting this to a doctor or psychologist? Or to you? Why is CPS a joke?

    Edit - I appreciate your story and am just wanting to make sure it is not a "mom's beware of father's in divorce situations". We've worked hard to get 50/50 shared parenting and in my case it has made for wonderful children considering the circumstances. Looks like you've gotten great responses here for support of your child which is number 1. The system is flawed. What would be helpful is to hear the about the timeline of how you got from point A to point B. Where things failed - what you did to overcome the hurdles. Are charges filed? Is there a court hearing? Trusting our guts is important. But understanding the process is also important so parents know how to respond if they suspect this is happening to them.

    [–] [D] Misconceptions of Catch and Release haberstachery 3 points ago in bassfishing

    Good write up thanks for the information.

    [–] When did society jump the shark? haberstachery 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm gay friendly but thought the whole transgender bathroom thing was a stretch.

    [–] What is this truck hauling? haberstachery 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago) in whatisthisthing

    Appears to be pre-manufactured roof truss. But nope - see engimanerd's better answer!

    [–] Midwest drywall olympics [2013] haberstachery 14 points ago in theocho

    Why are they using corded drivers vs battery powered? Is this an old video?

    [–] Honestly guys, it doesn't get much better than this. [Kid Picture] haberstachery 0 points ago in daddit

    OK with a post here and on bassfishing you are definitely fishing for karma man!

    [–] Helping my mom through divorce haberstachery 1 points ago in Divorce

    I wouldn't focus on the details of abuse. The future alimony all comes down to simple calculations. Make sure mom is not talking with STBX. Don't want her to spill strategy.

    [–] She wants to keep the checking account we shared for a decade haberstachery 1 points ago in Divorce

    You need access to it for historical documentation. Or at least gather all the historical data from it you can before leaving the account.

    [–] Wife had an affair a year ago and left me. We reconciled and got back together. Now she is cheating again. Someone please tell me I'm not wrong for leaving. haberstachery 1 points ago in Divorce

    You aren't going to lose your kids. Don't fall for any of those custody shenanigans. Say bye to the cheater and get on the train to healing and moving on so you can live a great life for your kids. Hello new life!

    [–] All I wanted was a donut haberstachery 1 points ago in Divorce

    Lock it all down in the court/docs and then go work on your feelings.

    [–] Kicking my wife out tonight (rant-ish) haberstachery 1 points ago in Divorce

    If I recall correctly - lawyers always say, don't leave the marital residence.

    [–] Went egg hunting in town, was too crowded with egg-vulture-kids so took some pictures at the golf court :) haberstachery 1 points ago in daddit

    That is NOT ok what those other kids did. Poor little dude he is super cute.

    One of my first memories is of a easter egg hunt in the hospital after having gotten my tonsils out. I was maybe 5 yrs at the time. So all of us little hospital kids are looking for eggs and well I found a couple eggs and then noticed another boy was crying as he hadn't found any. So little 5 yr old me went up and gave him an egg. My mom said she was proud of me and I remember that was a nice memory.

    I bet your little guy would share and give someone else one of his eggs if they didn't have any : )

    [–] Went egg hunting in town, was too crowded with egg-vulture-kids so took some pictures at the golf court :) haberstachery 2 points ago in daddit

    So what you are saying is you were too good for the grubby peasant children in town and instead retreated to your golf course...

    (I did that with my young kids too.)