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    [–] /r/Roblox Weekly Question Thread (for July 27, 2020) halospecial 1 points ago in roblox

    My son is playing roblox on xbox one, I just installed it on my pc and I sent him a friend request, but nothing ever came up on his end. When we join the same game, I see him in the players list on my pc, but when he pulls up the list on the xbox, he doesn't see my name. So I can send him a request from the list, but he never gets it and he can't send me one.

    [–] What's the craziest thing that your animal has done? halospecial 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I'll start. I woke up this morning to a sharp pain in my arm. I opened my eyes and saw my bloody arm that my cat plunged it's claws into and was sitting there waiting for me to wake up because he was hungry.

    [–] So close halospecial 3 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Waiting for the purple shell or the star.

    [–] One benefit from having a pet is that you don't worry about random noises in your house as much. halospecial 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Unless they're in a crate. There's been times where I forget to lock the crate and I'll go to use the bathroom or get some water in the middle of the night and BAM! Dog comes out of nowhere. And now we have a cat so he'll knock over random shit in the night.

    [–] HMF while I bitch slap my bro with this mop halospecial 18 points ago in holdmyfries

    Could've been something stuck on the floor. Happened a ton of times while mopping the kitchen.

    [–] Insane indeed halospecial 2 points ago in lostredditors

    It's a glitch in the matrix.

    [–] HMF while I swing from this tree halospecial 1 points ago in holdmyfries

    I was just imagining bugs bunny cutting the branch before hand.