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    [–] I (24f) haven’t had such great luck with relationships, and I want to hoe out a little bit. hardworkingmamajamma 5 points ago in sex

    Go for it! Live a little. I always had great luck at a simple bar. Not a club. Make sure you go out with yourself feeling like your the shit! Smile. The other thing that works really well is that you go out by yourself and that way you don't have to worry about your friend being a third wheel or you being a third wheel . But if you do go alone and if anybody asks you're waiting to meet somebody. If you find somebody that you're attracted to feel free to offer to buy them a drink . But ...Don't overly drink. Nobody likes a sloppy drunk and you want to be able to stay in control of every situation. The fun part about all this is that you can create a personality unlike your own. Say you live out of town or that your there on business. However you decide to do this don't feel guilty and enjoy the moment. There's nothing wrong with casual sex.....except stds.....CONDOMS CONDOMS CONDOMS.

    P.S. leave a note somewhere where it would be found of where you're going and what time and date that way if anything happens people that love you know where to find you. I hope all this helps

    [–] What do you like about the home you live in? hardworkingmamajamma 4 points ago in AskReddit

    That its the one place that no one can tell me shit..i can put things where i want them. I can watch my favorite movies all day and not be bothered. My home always wants me no matter what and my dog and kids are comfy and happy.

    [–] I have a black eye hardworkingmamajamma 3 points ago in seduction

    I think women love when a man saves an animal. If i was told you got a black eye from a deer that kicked you in the face while you were untangling it from a fence or something like that i would be asking to buy you a drink! Now that I said that you can also use it to push ones away you dont want...just tell them something like "My grandma swung on me after i stole her bingo money so i could go out tonight..but guess whos still in the hospital?"

    [–] I need to know that I'm doing the right thing. hardworkingmamajamma 2 points ago in breakingmom

    Im so sorry you and your babies had to go through that, but they are lucky to have you❤ thank you for lending your shoulder

    [–] Trouble roasting broccoli and cauliflower hardworkingmamajamma 2 points ago in AskCulinary

    I cook mine for about 15 minutes maybe depending on how dark I like them

    [–] Trouble roasting broccoli and cauliflower hardworkingmamajamma 3 points ago in AskCulinary

    Ill let mine marinade in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Let them get room temp before cooking them. Heat oven at 425 but leave your roasting pan( cookie sheet) in the oven while it heats up with maybe an additional 5 minutes. Make sure the trunks aren't too big either otherwise it'll be really hard for them to cook all the way through. Some nice slender long pieces should be perfect

    [–] Question about serving someone in California hardworkingmamajamma 1 points ago in legaladvice

    No she did definately did not. The packet in the email actually has the paper for serving with nothing written on it.

    [–] I kind of suck hardworkingmamajamma 1 points ago in breakingmom

    I just sent my lady friend who I LOVE and still wanna punch in her teeth a video of hot girls farting! She wanted to talk politics and i dont do that past 12

    [–] I kind of suck hardworkingmamajamma 1 points ago in breakingmom

    You dont suck. At all. Just start making it a time to get creative and in exchange start sending her links to charitable causes or pics of things like the polar ice caps melting, trees being cut down, natural disaster facts over the last 5 years, or anything else more relevant than the shit shes bought

    [–] Perigo hardworkingmamajamma 2 points ago in creepy

    I did not know that...thank you

    [–] Perigo hardworkingmamajamma 6 points ago in creepy

    I did not know that...thank you

    [–] Perigo hardworkingmamajamma 11 points ago in creepy

    I love this picture!!

    [–] Said hi to girl [20F] 3 times so far, but no actual conversation besides classes. Do I [21M] go fuck it and ask for her number next time? hardworkingmamajamma 1 points ago in relationships

    GO FOR IT!! Less is better i think when asking for her number. She was there also during your first meeting so no need to re explain how you two became acquaintances.

    "Would you like to go out sometime? I love ( put whatever you like doing for fun) and would really like you to join me."

    If she says no, keep your head up. Theres nothing that makes you any less and your balls will be that much bigger for going ahead with it. (IMO)