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    [–] Is IBL worth it? harmonicdynasties 5 points ago in Monash

    You can get a job fine without IBL, you can't get exchange back though (source: a person who did neither and got a grad job)

    [–] Panic attack pizza. harmonicdynasties 1 points ago in BrandNewSentence

    Unproductive muesli bar

    [–] [WEEKLY THREAD] WTF Wednesday - Tell us what really grinds your gears! harmonicdynasties 14 points ago in xxfitness

    but they have sugars dude you're instantly developing diabetes by eating them!!11!11

    [–] Rant Wednesday harmonicdynasties 3 points ago in Fitness

    Oof @ 1300 calories - I'm a female and weigh 25lbs less than you and that number is miserable and unsustainable for me to cut on...

    [–] To those that exercise in the evening... harmonicdynasties 2 points ago in xxfitness

    When I exercise on weekdays, I usually get home from work at about 5:30 and have dinner some time between 6 and 6:30. Then I'll either laze around or do some housework and go to the gym around 7:30, coming back by 8:30, then sleep around 11.

    [–] If you're alone on Thanksgiving or Christmas, remember that movie theaters are open! Go escape into a good story and a crowd of people who won't abuse you. harmonicdynasties 1 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    So should families who go to the movies on Thanksgiving also stay at home instead to spare people from having to work on family holidays? I doubt your problem is going to go away purely by us ACoNs staying at home

    [–] All kinds of chill on the tram harmonicdynasties -1 points ago in melbourne

    Pretty sure I've seen this guy in an op shop in Chapel St, buying some kitsch jewellery...

    [–] [WEEKLY THREAD] Interpersonal Tips Tuesday - Advice and commiserating on fitness and interpersonal encounters harmonicdynasties 1 points ago in xxfitness

    Good on you for standing up. I had to take 3 20kg plates off /each/ side of the leg press before I could use it (so 120kg/260lb in total...) just two days ago. Annoying and not very fun for me when I'm not very strong yet.

    [–] [WEEKLY THREAD] Feats of Thorsday - How did you kick butt this week? harmonicdynasties 2 points ago in xxfitness

    Been lurking around the sub for the past few weeks and decided to make a comment *waves*

    I've dabbled in the gym a few times over the past couple of years but after about 2.5 months of consistently lifting 3 times a week, I feel like I'm really in a groove now and that fitness is becoming a real thing that's here to stay for me ^_^ there's been so many positives out of this but wanted to highlight one cool moment from the other day.

    I was looking at some body pics I've taken over the past year or two and realised that I look just as lean now as I did when I was 2.5kg lighter last year before I started lifting. I already knew that my body has been changing, and estimated I've lost around 2% body fat in the past couple of months based on my measurements (while maintaining the same weight), but man it was cool to see that evidence. The body recomp is real!