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    [–] Pay attention to your body! Story inside. hate_mail 6 points ago in keto

    Rhonda Patrick who is a proponent of Keto has this as well. She and Joe Rogan spoke about this and I wondered how common it is. Here is the episode

    [–] [2018-05-21] - [My Meal Monday] - What are YOU eating? hate_mail 1 points ago in keto


    After I finish cooking it I drain it and put it in my food processor until it's similar in texture to bacon bits. I put it in an airtight container and drizzle some of the fat back into it and refrigerate. I scrape some out into my eggs, burgers or anything I want. My wife and I can make it last about 2 weeks, and it saves me from having to make bacon every day

    [–] Why no milk? hate_mail 4 points ago in keto

    Because carbs bad.

    [–] Weekend cheats have me feeling super low hate_mail 2 points ago in keto

    Or coconut oil, since it does contain MCT.

    [–] [2018-05-21] - [My Meal Monday] - What are YOU eating? hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    funny you mention bacon ends. My local KingSoopers sell ends and pieces in a 3 pound package for that price, it's perfect! I just throw it all in my food processor anyway

    [–] Floating with sharks hate_mail 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    "Nobody is in the cage."

    [–] Gold standard 100% whey protein hate_mail 3 points ago in keto

    Yes, and the double rich chocolate is actually 3g, it's pretty tasty. I just replenished my supply

    [–] need some clarification hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    It took me about 5 days before the keto flu hit me hard. I wasn't taking any supplemental electrolytes. I felt great those first 5 days, then when it hit me, it hit hard. Headaches, lethargy and just a general malaise. I dragged myself to the store and bought the stuff to make ketoade. I make it mandatory now to drink it at least twice a day...about 60 oz. worth. Now, 6 weeks later I feel like I'm fat adapted and don't feel any different than before, other than more energy, not swollen, easily satiated no shakes...etc. I don't worry so much about being in ketosis as long as I stick to below 20g, which now mixed with my IF it's hard to crack 15g of carbs a day.

    [–] Explain "water weight" hate_mail 2 points ago in keto

    "That Sugar film" documentary on Netflix pretty much proves a calorie is not a calorie as Damon actually eats fewer calories when he is on his sugar diet and gains weight.