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    [–] Concerns about Keto hate_mail 2 points ago in keto

    Fat is a soft limit, you don't need to reach it.

    as for your second question, add coconut oil/olive oil/grass fed butter to your veggies. If you eat a little under your calories it won't kill you but if you are only consuming, say 500 calories that's not good either.

    As for your drinking question, I will imbibe every now and then not like I used to and I'm steadily losing about 2 pounds a week.

    [–] Opinions on Apple Watch 3? hate_mail 1 points ago in trailrunning

    I use Strava for my Apple Watch 3. I have the Nike edition, non cellular version. I wasn't sure I could trust the GPS on it so I used my phone and my watch to log my runs simultaneously for about a week and they were both dead even. I personally love it, for longer hikes (think 10 hours) I turn off the heart rate monitor to maximize battery life. People hate on apple, and we all have our own opinions but I've really enjoyed my watch.

    [–] Cholesterol/General blood results hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    Where do you find this information? I'm going in for blood work in a couple of months and would like to check my own numbers.

    [–] Cholesterol/General blood results hate_mail 2 points ago in keto

    Aren't your triglycerides a more important number to focus on when addressing heart health? Triglycerides and your waist circumference? (around your belly button)

    [–] Day One is a go! hate_mail 4 points ago in keto

    You sound like your head is in the right place, good luck!

    [–] Huge weight loss weeks 1-4, complete stall and even a little gain week 5...? hate_mail 7 points ago in keto

    Keto is not a starvation diet, 700 calories is very low and could cause you problems down the road like illness and burnout. I'm not saying to force yourself to eat but try and work in more calories when you do eat.

    As for your sweet cravings it could be due to "carb creep," or you are still adapting. Lock down your carbs to make sure there isn't anything sneaking into your diet you don't want there

    My wife gained a few pounds her 4th week on keto, but is now down 30lbs, be patient and keep up the good work!

    [–] The next step after Keto hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    I run 4 days a week, and weight train once. I used to be jacked dude, now I want to be cardio dude. :) Most of the time I'm fasted while working out

    [–] Could this be a stall? hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    I think you are being a bit paranoid, but that's ok. You've lost 10lbs. it's time to recalculate your macros, I do it after every 10lbs lost. The reason I wouldn't call it a stall is because your weight fluctuates so much, gaining and losing up to 5lbs a day isn't unheard of. Recalculate your macros, and stay off the scale for 2 weeks. You will see the scale drop if you are sticking to it!

    [–] [Serious] Opinions on "The Helmet Rule" through two weeks hate_mail 1 points ago in nfl

    The penalties piled up last night, they were ridiculous. Killed momentum and stifled some of the fun we were having while watching. Hope they do something about this shitty rule.

    [–] Very rocky start... hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    A change in diet and your gut bacteria can have a dramatic affect on your bowls. My wife -who is a teacher- went through this as well. It will subside eventually, have patience and KCKO!

    [–] So I'm 9 days into a plateau... hate_mail 2 points ago in keto

    If you are worried about a stall, throw in some intermittent fasting. It's not required for keto, but is a natural progression.

    [–] The Thing nobody talks about hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    Throw in intermittent fasting, among other health benefits this has kept my skin tight and glowing.

    [–] High School weight?! hate_mail 4 points ago in keto

    I chose 180 because it's where I was at my lowest the first time I attempted to lose weight. Ultimately I failed because I never understood the mechanism of why I was gaining weight. Now that I'm within spitting distance of my goal, I'm shooting for my high school weigh of 165.

    My kids don't yet understand carb counts and things like this, so we have been eliminating carbs for them and we will be explaining to them what sugar does to the body and how we really never used to eat sugar like we do today.

    Congrats on your progress!

    [–] Low-carb diets associated with lower life expectancy, study suggests hate_mail 6 points ago in keto

    No. I think the key paragraph is:

    The authors attempted to control many variables that could affect the results, but acknowledge the limitations of the study, including the fact that it was not a randomized trial. The results show an association between both low- and high-carb diets and increased risk of death, but can't conclude cause and effect.

    [–] Quick question on leg cramps. hate_mail 2 points ago in keto

    I get mine at kroger, it is in a liquid laxative form in the pharmacy section (Laxatives) Here is what it looks like

    [–] to get 4700mg??? hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    Red meat contains high levels of potassium.

    [–] Quick question on leg cramps. hate_mail 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in keto

    Make some ketorade!

    1 tsp. Magnesium Citrate

    1/4 tsp. litesalt (50/50 sodium/potassium)

    20-32oz of water

    Splash of lemon juice/squirt of mio.

    Once I started drinking this the cramps went away that night. Also, maybe supplement with a good broth to get some extra sodium. Cramps guaranteed to go away.

    Edit* If the cramping is really bad, double up on the ingredients in 20-32oz. water

    [–] Keto almost killed me hate_mail 449 points ago in keto

    #6 will blow you away!