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    [–] Anyone tried IF and stopped? hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    Honestly, it wasn't anything I "tried." IF and OMAD comes naturally to me, but if I'm really hungry I listen to my body and I will eat. To me it isn't a strict regimented thing I do, sometimes I do 20:4, 16:8, OMAD and if I've planned on 20:4 and I end up doing a 12:12 it isn't Earth shattering. I'm eating less than I ever did before, and that's a good thing.

    [–] Anyone else stop tracking after hitting goal weight? hate_mail 3 points ago in keto

    I'm still tracking long after I surpassed my goal....and I keep losing. I've been tracking for 7 months now and it is so habitual that I don't even think about it much anymore I just do it.

    [–] struggling with the logic hate_mail 2 points ago in keto

    I eat the same amount of meat -except I eat more fish- now then I did before I started eating this way. No copious amounts of meat being eaten over here.

    [–] LPT: Toast pecans hate_mail 14 points ago in keto

    If you want to make them even more delectable, lower the temp to 300, and drizzle enough butter to coat the pecans. Take out after 8 minutes, toss/stir and put them back for another 8 minutes. I'm a sucker for brown butter, and that's what these end up tasting like!

    [–] Your experience with Erythritol. hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    I love it! Though if I eat something (like a chocolate cake) with a lot of erythritol in it the back of my throat burns, very strange. And yes, it makes me gassy as well. But if it's not a huge part of the recipe it tastes like it's been sweetened with normal table sugar.

    [–] Puppy does magic hate_mail 1 points ago in Animalsthatlovemagic

    Removed. Recent repost.

    [–] Enquiring mind hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    Since I don't have this massive layer of subcutaneous fat I am now always cold! My wife used to call me her heater while snuggling but that is a thing of the past. I've always been a side sleeper and that hasn't changed in my circumstance, and as for your stomach growling I guess mine gets loud toward the end of my 20ish hour fast.

    [–] Breath in... hate_mail 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Earth on drugs.

    [–] Monsters among Us hate_mail 2 points ago in ArtBell

    Will definitely look into these podcasts, thanks for the suggestion!

    [–] Official Q&A for Sunday, November 11, 2018 hate_mail 1 points ago in running

    I actually had toe pain because my shoes were too big, went down a half size and my toe pain went away.

    [–] Keto supplement for sodium/potassium/magnesium? hate_mail 1 points ago in keto

    I found this to be the cheapest, most effective way to get your electrolytes in the beginning.

    [–] Achievements for Saturday, November 10, 2018 hate_mail 8 points ago in running

    I finally broke into the sub 30 5k!!!!

    I've been sick the past few days and felt like absolute dog shit. I barely completed my long run a couple days ago and even my cool down 4 miler was difficult yesterday. I wasn't going to run today, but my new Glycerin's came by Fedex today and the weather was so beautiful I couldn't stay inside...against my better judgement. Well, I PR'd my 5k and breaking into sub 30 and also PR'd my 10k shaving nearly 5 minutes off my previous best @ 1:00:18! I'm so thrilled!