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    [–] Door Jammer hello_mikey 2 points ago in ofcoursethatsathing

    Yessss you got the reference.

    [–] Door Jammer hello_mikey 3 points ago in ofcoursethatsathing

    Ryan started the fiiiiyerrr

    [–] This belongs here hello_mikey 8 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    imo that’s sand

    [–] What game is a perfect 10/10 in your book? hello_mikey 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The Last Of Us. I cried when I finished it, and was legit sad that the characters and story I had grown to love were over. I wouldn’t shut up about the game for weeks after lol.

    [–] Karen hates Korean hello_mikey 2 points ago in instantkarma

    How dare you communicate. Sick fucks.

    [–] Hey everyone! Is this a correct example of when to harvest? According to the veil rule of thumb at least. hello_mikey 2 points ago in PsilocybinMushrooms

    Literally just rest a mushie cap on foil for a day and you’ll have a legit print that you can store in a ziplock for whenever you’re ready. Enjoy your journey!

    [–] Sure, Karen hello_mikey 2 points ago in bartenders

    Something sweet but strong~

    [–] Flat tire hello_mikey 1 points ago in instant_regret

    He’ll probably retire after this

    [–] What even is this? hello_mikey 2 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    The body of an egret with the head of a meerkat

    [–] I’m a dumbass hello_mikey 4 points ago in confessions

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re one in a killion.

    [–] FUCK hello_mikey 7 points ago in MySummerCar

    Push it into the water.