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    [–] My big brother and his kids just 2 days before he took his life. I’ll never understand why he did it, but I know he’s at peace now. herbivorous-cyborg 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in lastimages

    Male suicide accounts for 1 in 79 deaths in the US. At a rate of over 3 times that of female suicide, this makes suicide the #9 cause of death in the US. It's a very unfortunate fact, but I think awareness is important. I tried to post this statistic on /r/todayilearned with a citation from the Center for Disease Control, but they shadow-banned me and silently hid my post, for some reason. Please read page 41 of this document for more precise numbers:

    [–] The cutest angry face... herbivorous-cyborg 1 points ago in aww

    Taking advantage of the negative emotions of sentient beings for internet points is /r/trashy

    [–] Forbidden chocolates (kidneys) herbivorous-cyborg 2 points ago in forbiddensnacks

    Literally nothing about this picture reminds of any chocolates I have seen. Kidney beans maybe, but that's obviously why they are called kidney beans.

    [–] Skyrim support in OpenMW and the possibility of a TES5MP herbivorous-cyborg 1 points ago in skyrimmods

    It's also worth noting that OpenMW has a multiplayer branch called TES3MP that lets you play through all of Morrowind's content and the vast majority of its mods in multiplayer

    Has proper support been added for custom spells and potions yet? That was the major thing that caused my friends and I to stop playing before.

    [–] My Alpine Desktop - Setting Up a Software Development Environment on Alpine Linux herbivorous-cyborg 2 points ago in linux

    Why would alpine be any less suitable for games than anything else?

    Because it uses musl instead of glibc.

    [–] Which character got mindfucked the worst? herbivorous-cyborg 1 points ago in startrek

    Seven of Nine. Hands down. Nearly her entire life was one big traumatic event.

    [–] Does anyone have this pic without the banana? herbivorous-cyborg 2 points ago in wallpapers

    Literally just reverse image search this on Google and you will find what you are looking for.

    [–] Vegan Company Beyond Meat's Plans to Lower Price Could Be Disastrous for Meat Industry herbivorous-cyborg 5 points ago in ZeroWaste

    This is because of subsidies on animal products, primarily

    Not really. Crops are subsidized also. Besides, even at normal store prices, you can make your own soy milk and seitan for considerably less compared to name brand versions.

    [–] Mysterium Network - VPN Node Program: receive ETH bounties for sharing internet bandwidth to help provide a secure connection to those in need. herbivorous-cyborg 1 points ago in ethereum

    Most centralized VPNs are closed source in their code. You have to hope nothing shady is going on and blindly trust the software you are installing and using.

    That's a moot point, because you cannot ensure that the node operators are using the same code that you released. This is the core of the problem that smart contracts solve.

    Not only do we have a no logs policy, it is not possible for us to keep logs even if we tried as the nodes are not being hosted by us.

    Yes, I understand that. But the individual node operators can keep logs without your awareness, since as you stated, they aren't being hosted by you. This isn't being implemented via a smart contract and therefor there isn't even any reliable way to be certain that the node operators are executing the same software which you are distributing.

    Most VPNs do not accept cryptocurrency for payment

    But many of them do, including a lot of the more popular ones.

    [–] Mysterium Network - VPN Node Program: receive ETH bounties for sharing internet bandwidth to help provide a secure connection to those in need. herbivorous-cyborg 0 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in ethereum

    What we really need is something that operates with 2 different types of nodes. The end user communicates with node-type-A, which communicates with node-type-b, which actually fetches the data requested by the end user. End-to-end encryption is setup between the end user and node-type-b. However, node-type-b does not know the ip address of the end user. node-type-a serves as a middle-man, but cannot decrypt the communications. Additionally, all communications should ideally go through multiple of node-type-a, in a fashion in which node-type-a does not know if they are passing data along to an end-user or another node.

    With Mysterium, I see nothing stopping a malicious party from snooping on the end-user. It seems no better than any other VPN to me. Not only that, but this project doesn't seem to take advantage of the existing infrastructure that we have to run trustless applications on the blockchain. This isn't a smart contract based system, meaning that node operators can secretly modify the program on their end.

    This is just a glorified VPN taking advantage of the hype around cryptocurrency.

    [–] What “common sense” is actually wrong? herbivorous-cyborg 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Veganism is not a food allergy, and so cross contamination from shared equipment is not a vegan issue.

    [–] And people wonder why so many men take their own lives... herbivorous-cyborg 2 points ago in trashy

    Suicide is the #9 cause of death in the US, accounting for approximately 1 in 61 deaths. Of the people who commit suicide, over 77% are male. Just so we are clear, approximately 1 in 79 deaths in the US are male suicides.


    [–] What “common sense” is actually wrong? herbivorous-cyborg 2 points ago in AskReddit

    The definition of veganism doesn't change based on what each individual wants it to be. Some people might call themselves vegan when they aren't, but the word was coined by Donald Watson who went on to found The Vegan Society. The definition of veganism they give is as follows:

    "Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."

    While there are some vegans who treat it like a food allergy, they aren't really doing anything to further the cause of veganism by behaving that way, and in many cases, they even hurt the vegan cause by creating misconceptions about veganism and making it more difficult for others to accomodate them (ie. by asking cooks use separate cookware for preparing vegan food).

    [–] Why I bought Audica but am still holding out on Beat Saber herbivorous-cyborg 0 points ago in VRGaming

    I never purchased Audioshield, but I did play my friend's copy when it came out. I was using all wired hardware at the time and never had reason to check the settings. What I do remember was that I didn't find most of the music to suit my tastes. I also got the feeling that the patterns were auto-generated rather than hand-crafted. I know some people like it, but it just wasn't particularly amazing imo. Also, based on reports from others, it has problems running on my platform, which gives me even further reason not to bother:

    Of course, this is all moot, because nothing about Audioshield justifies the lack of a latency slider in Beat Saber.