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    [–] Future Landlord Called and Said Current Tenants No Longer Want to Leave The Apartment I Leased - Georgia USA heycassbutt 1077 points ago in legaladvice

    This is going to be my approach. I imagine they were calling to see if I would agree to it outright so they wouldn't have to go through the hassle. I'm going to suggest they move the people in the unit to the unit they offered me, since they are the ones who changed their plans.

    [–] Future Landlord Called and Said Current Tenants No Longer Want to Leave The Apartment I Leased - Georgia USA heycassbutt 184 points ago in legaladvice

    "The lease is legally effective on the date it is signed, regardless of whether it was signed before or after the Resident moves into the apartment. There is no conditional three day right to rescind or void the contract once it is signed, and the Resident is legally bound to pay all rent, fees, and other charges

    that come due, regardless of whether the Resident continues to occupy the apartment. The Lease Date is the day on which the lease was signed and became effective as a contract.

    The lease is a legally binding contract that creates the relationship of landlord and tenant for the full duration of the lease term at the rental rate stated above. Any addenda signed by the Owner and Resident are also part of this Apartment Rental Contract.

    The Owner provides the apartment to the Resident in exchange for payment of monthly rent. The Resident’s obligation to pay rent is independent of any other obligation of Landlord in the lease."

    Here is all I've seen regarding anything close to that. I haven't seen any wording related to delivering the unit on time.

    [–] El Mejor Del Mejor heycassbutt 1 points ago in hotsauce


    [–] El Mejor Del Mejor heycassbutt 2 points ago in hotsauce

    Hey were you able to figure out where they got it?? I was also just at a Mexican place in NC and took a picture to look up later but I cant find it either!

    [–] /r/ATLBeer Random Daily Discussion - March 07, 2020 heycassbutt 10 points ago in atlbeer

    Made it to Fire Maker today! Cool space and interesting beer. Worth a try.

    [–] /r/ATLBeer Random Daily Discussion - February 04, 2020 heycassbutt 5 points ago in atlbeer

    Monday Night’s new low cal IPA, Lay Low, is SO GOOD. Would definitely recommend to anyone, especially non-IPA drinkers like me.

    [–] [Beer] Bold Monk Brewing, a Westside brewpub, opens its doors. Fire Maker and Round Trip seek early 2020 for grand opening. heycassbutt 1 points ago in atlbeer

    I went last week! It was a really cool space. The food was awesome. We had the wings and the 1836 pizza. The Bold Monk IPA was pretty good. Definitely worth going.

    [–] welcome to burritoworld heycassbutt 3 points ago in burritoworld

    Does the type of filling one has determine the level of burrito you are?