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    [–] The old guard and the new celebrating an ALCS championship hglman 6 points ago in Astros

    When Joe Morgan is the 3rd best 2nd baseman in your team history you have something special.

    [–] Russia Or West Virgina hglman 2 points ago in RussiaOrWestVirginia

    Also if it was in russia, that would have been vodka.

    [–] Is squatting alone really enough to train legs? hglman 6 points ago in Fitness

    Work out consistently for 2 years, then start worrying about how effective your routines are.

    [–] 538: The Supreme Court is Allergic To Math hglman 4 points ago in math

    Prime example being the actual legal text of laws themselves. They are quite inaccessible to the average person, by the assertion that math is too hard for the general public, they should reject legal documents as well.

    [–] 538: The Supreme Court is Allergic To Math hglman 2 points ago in math

    The the system is flawed and we should change it.

    [–] Guys, this is why I refrain from using the Brave browser... hglman 1 points ago in linux

    Op sounds like they are mad someone is pushing ad blocking or that client side its trivial to replace ads with something else. Its my machine, I will run what I want to run.