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    [–] There's a weird "see-trough" bloon in sandbox mode that can only be popped by Obyn's Tree Wall ability. hiddenmanna 1 points ago in btd6

    You sure? I had a pretty full setup with a ton of towers and several spikes at the end. All of a sudden I'm playing and I lose. With full spikes still at the end and I had no clue what happened.

    [–] Monkey money uses? hiddenmanna 1 points ago in btd6

    is there at least pro versions of them so there's a reason to sink money in the others? I didn't see anything that implied that. I wouldn't buy anything but farmers either.

    [–] What discontinued product do wish would make a comeback? hiddenmanna 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Orville Redenbacher's sweet and buttery popcorn. Oh I loved that stuff. Was so good!

    [–] What is the most ‘ground swallow me up’ embarrassing moment that’s ever happened to you? hiddenmanna 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My best friend and I worked at a restaurant together. We used to play all sorts of pranks on each other. One of our favorite thing to do was play creamer tag. If you squeeze one of those little liquid coffee creamer containers hard, it comes shooting out wherever you point it.
    He had just gotten me good while I was washing dishes. I looked through my mini door and saw him coming back so I got a couple creamers ready to shoot as soon as the door opened. When it opened, I let fly. Only to find the owner of the restaurant. Yeah . Got yelled at real bad for that. I played it off as an accident.

    [–] Heavenly strike build hiddenmanna 1 points ago in TapTitans2

    Wish I could help you with it. I had problems with the Google doc and so a clan mate helped me optimize.

    [–] Score a year of Audible an Amazon Kindle for $130 ($230 value) hiddenmanna 1 points ago in audible

    just curious, how did you claim your Kindle? I don't see anything in the email about it in the receipt sent.

    [–] Heavenly strike build hiddenmanna 2 points ago in TapTitans2

    I'd say that the only time that they might shine is the first run of a tourney. It'll give you a quick boost to a high level where you could switch back to a CS and then do multiple prestige before others get that high up. Even then it would be diamond intensive.

    [–] I could watch lava all day hiddenmanna 1 points ago in gifs

    Everyone wants someone to Lava

    [–] Ascend Online Book 3 hiddenmanna 4 points ago in audible

    Book 2 or hell to pay is just backstory about Lazarus. I skipped right over it and began reading book 3. I'm reading book 2 right now after reading 1 and 3. So, no you don't need to read 2 before 3.

    [–] hmmm hiddenmanna 1 points ago in hmmmgifs

    Wonder if they're singing "we will rock you" while doing it. I sure was while watching.

    [–] Can we move collect panel up by few pixels so you can see amount of mana you have before hitting collect? hiddenmanna 3 points ago in TapTitans2

    I think it depends on the phone. My phone doesn't have this but I do have a note 8. So there is more landscape than most phones.

    [–] Which build is better rn? hiddenmanna 2 points ago in TapTitans2

    Seems like CS and HS got some good buffs. SC is hurting in comparison.