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    [–] POST VSOP. hita915 2 points ago in Bombing

    Dope photo

    [–] Mod appreciation post. hita915 2 points ago in oaklandraiders

    Protect the RaiderNation at all cost.

    [–] Sacrificing my mental stability to go 6-0. hita915 1 points ago in MaddenUltimateTeam

    Just stay out of my way lol. Jk good luck.

    [–] This what top 100 ppl do? Lol asking for wins! For the record, he runs Pats Sails every single play smh hita915 -1 points ago in MaddenUltimateTeam

    Those are the kids that buy their teams. Absolute trash. Trust me fam I show no mercy because no one will show me mercy and I like that. It makes me better. I have a 93 overall team. Been beating 99 god teams with pure skill. Making em rage quit. So satisfying lmao.