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    [–] GIVEAWAY - Mordhau (EU ONLY) - comment the best album I've never heard holly7412369 -1 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming

    “Under Pressure” by Logic is by far the best rap album I’ve ever paid full attention to and spent the time listening to all the music in it.

    [–] It's Beautiful!!!! holly7412369 -12 points ago in PuzzleAndDragons

    But she has no other uses apart from that.

    [–] It's Beautiful!!!! holly7412369 -13 points ago in PuzzleAndDragons

    yet completely useless

    [–] Amnesty International: Unlawful use of force by Hong Kong Police holly7412369 2 points ago in worldnews

    jokes on them, they are responsible for abusive use of force and should face legal consequences.

    [–] Harry Potter Wizards Unite is LIVE NOW holly7412369 8 points ago in iosgaming

    how's the game? Is it as boring as others said?

    [–] This is for anyone who's not familiar with Hong Kong holly7412369 1 points ago in videos

    In this video, Louis Ng clearly states the current problem regarding the extradition law and the history of the city that resulted in the peaceful civil movement. Definitely worth a watch

    [–] Official Key Begging Thread holly7412369 1 points ago in underlords

    May I have a spare key please? Been checking this game since the mod came out and played the mobile version non-stop. Would love to try the official version by Valve, thank you!

    [–] Might be the next artifact. holly7412369 -7 points ago in underlords

    possible, TFT could be the next hit while this one dims

    [–] Protesters sieged by police in Hong Kong's Anti Extradition Movement, 12 June holly7412369 10 points ago in PoliticalVideo

    The government claimed the protest a 'riot' as they broke the glasses for letting people in to hide from the tear gas released by furious police officers.