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    [–] Manhattan Bridge under construction on Washington St in Brooklyn Year 1908 holyfruits 7 points ago in Brooklyn

    Honestly, it's just this particular street in DUMBO that they flock to i.e. "selfie corner"

    [–] Quietish bar? holyfruits 3 points ago in Brooklyn

    There's a pretty cool bookstore/bar called Molasses Books in Bushwick that's great for chillin'

    [–] Quietish bar? holyfruits 3 points ago in Brooklyn

    Fine Time

    Plus they have shuffle board!!

    [–] Let's talk Abbi's book I Might Regret This holyfruits 18 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in BroadCity

    My reaction to the book was similar to my reaction to Abbi's MOMA podcast. I think Abbi has a very cerebral personality and makes a lot of dry observations, which is what made her role as the straight man on Broad City so good, because Ilana's wacky cloudcuckoolander character complemented her perfectly. I was sort of missing Ilana's yin to her yang.