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    [–] Why as a Black Voter, I am hesitant to support Kamala holyfruits 2 points ago in Kamala

    The YouTuber is criticizing Kamala for something she didn't actually say. When Kamala says she listens to Snoop and Tupac, that is responding to the first question, not Charlamagne tha God's cross-question of what she listened to when she got high.

    [–] Sarah Koenig holyfruits 19 points ago in serialpodcast

    What else is there left for her to say? She's a journalist, not an activist.

    [–] I like New Jersey more than I like this girl... holyfruits 13 points ago in nyc

    The Daily Show films at 52 and 11th which places it in the realm of possibility.

    [–] I like New Jersey more than I like this girl... holyfruits 15 points ago in nyc

    Actually, The Halal Guys has an incredible reputation for being delicious and always has huge lines. His claim might check out.

    [–] Victoria Beckham gets ticked off at Jon Stewart holyfruits 45 points ago in cringe

    You can see her visibly start to get mad at about 3:21.

    [–] 'Reality Bites' Captured Gen X With Perfect Irony holyfruits 1 points ago in movies

    Disagree, Netflix barely has a library of films more than 20 years old. I thought it was interesting to hear the screenwriter was never considered ever again after this film, perhaps a reflection on the film industry?