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    [–] How confident are you in your backup QB, should he have to play? homerjsimpson4 1 points ago in CFB

    Yeah, unless he has a lot of development this off-season I think a healthy Lewerke is leagues ahead of Lombardi

    [–] 25 years ago today, Nas released his debut album Illmatic. homerjsimpson4 2 points ago in Music

    I was gonna mention J.Cole, even though it's kind of a meme at this point Forest Hills Drive is a masterpiece and the live version on Spotify is one of the best music experiences I've had. Wish I could've been there in person.

    [–] Crowder will be #82 homerjsimpson4 2 points ago in nyjets

    Crowder gonna be my sneaky pick for PPR, dudes gonna have at least 80 catches

    [–] Report: Jets were interested in Frank Clark, could circle back during the draft homerjsimpson4 1 points ago in nyjets

    I think it's likely at this point we're running mostly a 3-4, can Clark play 3-4 OLB? Or would Williams just have to come up with schemes to use him?

    [–] Jets 2019 Schedule homerjsimpson4 2 points ago in nyjets

    Very fair point, I think it would be reasonable to swap the W to a game like Cinci it or Washington and mark the Browns as a loss.

    [–] Jets 2019 Schedule homerjsimpson4 1 points ago in nyjets

    I do to but I'm hoping the team makes the most of their primetime slot and plays up to the competition, I tried to maintain a realistic approach but I'll admit that game is a bit of a "hope we win" prediction

    [–] Jets 2019 Schedule homerjsimpson4 1 points ago in nyjets

    Those I definitely felt like marking as wins, but they're road games and they are talented rosters. Like I said I took a pessimistic approach, if the team is playing to their potential those are winnable games for sure.

    [–] Jets 2019 Schedule homerjsimpson4 5 points ago in nyjets

    I'm gonna preface this with the fact I'm trying to remain realistic/pessimistic for a "keep expectations in check" approach.

    WK1: Home against Buffalo I think this should be a win for us, fresh roster with fresh unis we come out and perform in front of the home crowd. W (1-0)

    WK2: Home Monday night primetime, I think this is a very tough one. Browns are very talented, and have Baker who showed a lot of promise last year. Due to it being home I'll give us the edge, but I can see easily see it going the other way. W (2-0)

    WK3: At the pats, I won't start saying they're done until the demonic duo are gone. L (2-1)

    WK4: bye

    WK5: At the eagles is a very hard game to win, even if Wentz doesn't return to his 2018 regular season form this is still a very talented roster which I think will edge us out. L (2-2)

    WK6: Cowboys are another team that has crazy talent across the board enough so I think they'll beat us at home. Another game where if our new additions are rolling at this point maybe it can be a win, but for now I'm calling it a loss. L (2-3)

    WK7: At home against New England, this is hopefully the game that will make our season. I think we win this with home field advantage. Contrary to what I said in the other NE game their roster has about as much talent as we do overall, it's coaching which makes everyone step up. And if Gase and Co can get the most out of our guys I think we can win this one. W (3-3)

    WK8: Now the Jags, I don't really know what to make of this team. Seems like their mental is all over the place. However, very talented with a capable QB at the helm now. So I think this one could be a loss, but maybe with momentum of beating the Pats the week prior we can win. L (3-4)

    WK9: Ah the dolphins, pending a grand slam draft I think they're one of the worst teams in the league talent wise with little positive things to point out. This is a game the Jets SHOULD win, we'll see though. W (4-4)

    WK10: "Home" against the Giants. If Eli is the starter I think match up well to what they are capable of accomplishing. I also think trading away OBJ and Vernon may alienate some of the players so I'm expecting issues. We should/can win this. W (5-4)

    WK11: Redskins I think are talented and well coached, their offense if healthy should be capable. I think this is a game the Jets are very capable of winning. But if the Redskins are at full strength they're a very good team in the trenches. So I'll call it a loss on paper. (5-5)

    WK12: Raiders are actually low key pretty talented I think, and this may end up being a trap game that I think at this point is a coin toss and will probably be decided by momentum of the teams. But being at home I'll give us the edge for now. W (6-5)

    WK13: Bengals are again a team with a lot of talented players that either got injured or for whatever reason didn't perform under the old coaching. I think winning on the road against them will be a true test game for us. For now I'll call it a loss because of their individual talent on offense. L (6-6)

    WK14: Home against the dolphins, see above must win/should win game, I think Jets reasonably should sweep them this year, maybe lose in Miami but they HAVE to beat them in NY. W (7-6)

    WK15: Ravens are one of the best coached teams in the league and always draft pretty well. If we're 7-6 this could be a very crucial prove it game for our team. Unfortunately, unless Lamar Jackson is really bad, I don't see us winning this on the road. It would be CJ Moseley revenge game though, so I think it's winnable in concept. L (7-7)

    WK16: Steelers lost two of their best players this off-season (nut), but they're still crazy talented and have great leaders. Like the Ravens game virtually winnable, and season defining game. But again I think experience in big games matters and the Steelers will win this if we don't play our best. L (7-8)

    WK17: Bills in Buffalo, I think Josh Allen is not a good Quarterback. But I'm beginning to think that that might not matter TOO much. I think he's capable of being a good leader and becoming something of an Eli Manning type willing his team to victories despite not playing at a pro bowl level. So I think playing in Buffalo from here on out will be difficult. Their draft will determine how much they improve on last year. I think they beat us in this one. L (7-9)

    So that means we finish 7-9 a pretty mediocre year in the grand scheme but an improvement nonetheless. As I said I wanted to remain realistic if not pessimistic to provide a realistic prediction. But also you'll notice for a lot of games I say things like (Jets could win this one). And that's true, this is a very easy schedule on paper as of now. The Jets have a possibility to be 10+ wins this year if they play up to their potential. Time will tell and coaching will have to play a large role. Excited for this season!

    [–] Jets 2019 Schedule homerjsimpson4 3 points ago in nyjets

    I hate the week 4 bye so useless

    [–] [Schefter] Alabama DT Quinnen Williams visiting the Jets today. homerjsimpson4 12 points ago in nyjets

    I'd love Allen still, but yeah possiblity of multiple firsts and seconds? Would be able to inject a lot of talent into the team.

    [–] [Skin Concept] Shrek'Sai homerjsimpson4 39 points ago in leagueoflegends

    What curse have you brought upon us

    [–] [Darryl Slater] Ranking Mike Maccagnan's NFL Draft Picks homerjsimpson4 1 points ago in nyjets

    That's a fair point! Bowles also left a lot to be desired, that's why I think this year is very crucial for Macc, I think anything less than 6/7 wins he'll probably get the axe.

    [–] [Darryl Slater] Ranking Mike Maccagnan's NFL Draft Picks homerjsimpson4 3 points ago in nyjets

    Ya know what, I don't think he's very good. /s

    Honestly though his talent evaluation is pretty damn bad. I know it's not realistic to have 100% retention from every draft class. But like it feels like when the guy misses her misses hard. I mean Lach is great but to have a punter at your 6th best draft pick it's a bit worrying. Leo has regressed slightly, we need to see more from Sam. Pres is great, but safety isn't a super influential position. His leadership is definitely worth it, plus he's a pro bowler. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is Macc hasn't really done anything to inspire confidence in me. I don't think anything good he has done was something someone else couldn't do, you know? This draft is really crucial in determining the direction of our franchise from here on out. We NEED players who can start/play at an average level. We need depth. We have some good pieces, but after that first level it's really bare. If he doesn't nail this draft I think we might just be stuck in purgatory, not being great not being horrid. Hopefully he does well though.

    [–] For fans outside of NY. What state are you from and why are you a fan of the Jets? homerjsimpson4 3 points ago in nyjets

    Michigan, Lions were always letting me down. Jets were really hot in 08-10 so I chose them

    The fool that I am. I'm also a Spartan alum, love me some green and white!

    [–] 🥜🥜🥜 homerjsimpson4 5 points ago in nyjets


    I thought you just did the meme one and were done, you madman