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    [–] Enchroma says I'm a strong Deutan while other tests show weak or no signs of colorblind while I know I\m more than that. hooligan333 16 points ago in ColorBlind

    There is a significant amount of variation you can get in online test results due to the differences in how specific monitors/screen models display colors, combined with the differing techniques that colorblindness tests can employ. The only way to conclusively determine what type and degree of colorblindness you have is to go to an optometrist and ask for an anomaloscope test.

    [–] Confused by iPhones’s colorblind accessibility features hooligan333 2 points ago in ColorBlind

    Clever, but I would strongly advise you to invest in a cooking thermometer. It has made me much more confident in my cooking life :)

    [–] Pocketcast beta updated to version 7 with redesign hooligan333 266 points ago in Android

    You can search episodes now? Thank Christ, finally!