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    [–] 3 Michigan men wired $88M overseas to Yemen. They swear it was for family hotelhotel99 3 points ago in news

    Hi I'd like to wire 88 million to Yemen.

    Sure no problem sir. Just let me call Homeland Security.

    [–] Toronto condo owners asked for their dog’s DNA to solve poop problem hotelhotel99 9 points ago in toronto

    Our condo is bad for that. I honestly don't know why some people get pets. Maybe it's for social media? Some pet owners are just horrible. There is one guy in my building who throws his dog a ball in the hallway to exercise him because he's too lazy to take him outside and another who walks her dog ie: leaves it on her balcony until it barks and barks to be let in. ( not to mention all the poop and pee on her balcony ) WTF.

    [–] I'm only 15 but I'm already having so many problems hotelhotel99 13 points ago in Dentistry

    Your parents said you can't go to the dentist because you've been skipping school? I would mention this to a school counsellor. This is child abuse. You're parents are neglectful and horrible parents. They also sound like narc parents ( check out /r/raisedbynarcissists )

    [–] Narcissistic mother announces to dinner guests that I now have pubes hotelhotel99 1 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    oh I can top that one. My mom announced to everyone at the dinner table that I had started masturbating when I was 13. N parents are so weird.

    [–] A family member has been reading my account and sending posts to my Nmom hotelhotel99 6 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I had this happen to me. Now I deliberately post misinformation about my life knowing full well that someone will forward it to my Nmom.

    [–] Snow and ice removal in Toronto hotelhotel99 2 points ago in toronto

    exactly. I find it hilarious that we as Canadians who should be used to winter panic in a city like Toronto when there is more than 5 cm of snow. When I lived in Ottawa people would go to work when there was 20 cm of snow in the forecast.

    [–] Beijing backs ‘patriotic actions’ of students who reported Uygur activist in Canada hotelhotel99 4 points ago in canada

    You're so brainwashed by your government you don't even know which way is up. Xi Jinping is a corrupt dictator and you can't even see that. China killed it's own citizens in Tiananmen Square in the summer of 1989 and you can't even admit that. Neither can your horrible Communist Party excuse for a leadership so corrupt that it accepts bribes, imprisons it's own citizens without a trial and can't accept any criticism much like a 13 year old child. BTW Taiwan isn't part of China.

    [–] Beijing backs ‘patriotic actions’ of students who reported Uygur activist in Canada hotelhotel99 4 points ago in canada

    So if a country like China is imprisoning Uyghurs, limiting freedom of speech, religious freedom, political freedom, freedom of movement, lack of workers rights, freedom of the press, freedom of the internet, mistreatment of rural workers it is up to someone to say something. It's not a matter of poking it's nose it's a matter of standing up for what is right and just in the world. You sound like you work for the Communist Chinese Party or are a sympathizer. ( or worse brainwashed by your own government.

    [–] Snow and ice removal in Toronto hotelhotel99 -2 points ago in toronto

    Toronto is a joke when it comes to snow removal. Lazy and they don't want to spend money. Ottawa and Montreal have Toronto beat not to mention all the wimpy people in this city who won't go in to work when there's more than 5 cm of snow in the forecast.