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    [–] Football Post Game: Arkansas 55 - Colorado State 34 hotgrandma 11 points ago in razorbacks

    Right, but Morris seemed to have the play cards with him, and it looked like they were looking his way for adjustments. The offense also seemed to huddle around him during stoppages and time outs.

    [–] [Game Thread] Colorado State @ Arkansas (4:00PM ET) hotgrandma 2 points ago in CFB

    Well, the stadium is like 40% full so I'm not sure you've seen it yet.

    edit: The side they don't show on TV

    [–] Football Game Thread: Arkansas [1-1, 0-1 SEC] vs Colorado State [1-1, 0-0 SEC] hotgrandma 2 points ago in razorbacks

    I went to a ton of games in the sun as a student and I've never seen the stands that empty in a close 4th quarter game.

    [–] Brittany Runs A Marathon - thoughts on the movie?! hotgrandma 1 points ago in running

    Apparently she didn't decide to run the marathon until after the script had been written, so the script was motivation for her.

    [–] The ship is sinking in the Bottom Ten-nessee hotgrandma 1 points ago in CFB

    Uh, they called us Are-Kansas in the waiting list. We're ass my dudes.

    [–] Football Game Thread: Arkansas [1-0, 0-0 SEC] at Ole Miss [0-1, 0-0 SEC] hotgrandma 14 points ago in razorbacks

    Starkel definitely looks better, but the offensive line seems to be blocking better as well. Do they not like Hicks or something?

    [–] Google Maps Is Still Directing Women Seeking Abortions to Pro-Life Clinics — and a Memorial for the ‘Unborn’ hotgrandma 37 points ago in technology

    Google doesn't actually give a shit about verifications. I had a medical client in AdWords want to advertise for Botox keywords. They claimed I needed a high level online pharmacy certification. I filled out the form and simply put 'my client is a medical doctor and not an online pharmacy' and never submitted a certification and they approved it in an hour.

    [–] Football Game Thread: Arkansas [0-0, 0-0 SEC] vs Portland State [0-0, 0-0 Big Sky] hotgrandma 2 points ago in razorbacks

    Oh I'm sure, I just think it's funny people have been so down on Hicks and calling for Starkel and then that happened.

    [–] [Game Thread] Florida State vs. Boise State (7:00PM ET) hotgrandma 2 points ago in CFB

    Did you know he is the highest rated QB recruit to go to Boise St?