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    [–] Dashcams are for even after you wait to go at an intersection but should have waited even longer houstondad 14 points ago in dashcams

    Yep, Hollister and 290. Assholes always run lights and force their way into the onramp after cutting everyone.

    I'm not salty LOL

    [–] Advice on fishing the areas surrounding Galveston to avoid the Memorial Day Madness houstondad 1 points ago in galveston

    You can head off 8 mile into the bay, there's also some Bayside roads on bolivar that you can hit up

    [–] Blistering Report Details Serious Safety Lapses at St. Luke’s in Houston houstondad -2 points ago in houston

    Shittttttt. I just had surgery a couple of weeks ago at St. Luke's in the Woodlands.

    [–] Milkyish fluid in oil, just got oil changed. Is this a blown head gasket? houstondad 9 points ago in MechanicAdvice

    Could you possibly be thinking of oil filling up the oil filter instead of burning off? This typically causes half a quart of oil to 'disappear' from the dip stick as it fills up the oil filter.

    [–] Things to do this Weekend 2/28 - 3/03 houstondad 1 points ago in houston

    The celebration runs Saturday and Sunday, and opens at 10am. It's Pet friendly and free!

    Texas Independence Day Celebration at Washington on the Brazos

    [–] MMC - I took my duties as OpFor a bit too seriously and started a war with another company in boot camp houstondad 23 points ago in MilitaryStories

    Went through Basic at Fort Benning in the fall of 2001. We had BDUs and absolutely had CS grenades during our FTX.

    Bad ass story OP. Loved the read

    [–] Houston from 2,000 feet. houstondad 2 points ago in houston

    Bumpy, we flew around 1400 and it was still choppy. Once we hit 3k it was pretty smooth, and beautiful.

    I wasn't much on the instructor however, he seemed a bit out of touch with what I was looking for. He seemed to be more of a tour guide than an instructor, and didn't even use the checklist once we got in. Granted, he seemed to have it memorized, but it sit well with me. I was thinking about hitting up Ellington and see how their schools are.

    Going a bit stalkerish, I went through some of your posts, and saw some really nice planes!

    Fly much? :P

    [–] Houston from 2,000 feet. houstondad 1 points ago in houston

    Oh hey, I did my intro out of CXO this past weekend!

    [–] If you were an obscure god, what would you be the god of? houstondad 21 points ago in AskReddit

    The God of putting the toilet paper on the roll the proper way