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    [–] Joe Russo on the ending of Infinity War and Avengers 4 - from a NYT article back in April, the week before IW came out hyperviolator 20 points ago in marvelstudios

    Tony will have to choose letting Thanos win and keep a prosperous future Earth and his daughter Morgan/Katherine Langford OR going back to beat him and sacrifice that future. Pepper is already pregnant in Infinity War with her. Tony remembers it - the dream is a memory of another timeline.

    Tony is in a Doctor Strange loop, but lacking the stone or magic he doesn’t realize it.

    Thanos will slaughter the Avengers in the beginning, in the future, when they challenge him. Those are the fancy suits. 2025, 2040.

    Tony dies last. Zzzzzzzzrmmmm...

    ...and he’s back with Pepper in the park.

    [–] Christopher Rufo ends campaign for city council after harassment, threats hyperviolator 6 points ago in SeattleWA

    I'm legit curious who these ghost conservative local movers and shakers are.

    And by local I mean living IN Seattle. What people in like Bellevue think is not relevant.

    [–] Washington state GOP lawmakers propose bills to address housing affordability and homelessness: The proposals by GOP state senators include bills that would streamline land-use laws to spur development, make it easier to build tiny houses and give a property-tax break to some seniors and veterans. hyperviolator 2 points ago in SeattleWA

    Especially near cities where you have older people living in houses they bought when they needed to be close to work but now are retired.

    I know a senior that needs to go to UW Medical every month for some very particular work or they will go blind.

    They had to move out of Seattle due to costs, and now lives down in the bottom butt end of the deep south of King County since that's where they could afford. They worked for 50+ years in Seattle, and retired on a very modest fixed income.

    They still need to go UW Medical but now the trip is a hell of a lot longer, and they can't trivially take the bus like they used to, because they cannot drive on account of their eyesight.

    Actively working is not the only valid reason for seniors to keep in close to a city's core.

    [–] Proposal: Sticky a direct link to mynorthwest so that maybe u/gjhgjh will stop this madness hyperviolator 1 points ago in SeattleWA

    Report something, gives a block option that goes to mobile too - its tied to your account. RES is that browser only.

    [–] McConnell rejects Mueller protection bill hyperviolator 2 points ago in politics

    This is not a law in any way. 51 Senators can tell Mitch and Pence to pound shit and all they can say is "please stop" as they do it more.

    [–] McConnell rejects Mueller protection bill hyperviolator 14 points ago in politics

    Not a single thing you wrote is a "legal" power. It's all delegated up. McConnell has no power but what his chamber gives him.

    [–] McConnell rejects Mueller protection bill hyperviolator 32 points ago in politics

    McConnell literally only has this 'power' because Senate Republicans are unwilling to oppose him. The Senate Majority leader, McConnell, Reid, Schumer, whomever - they have no power at all legally. It's all deferred and delegated upward from their party members in the chamber.

    The Republicans today could tell Mitch to fuck off and punt him down to the rank of a random Senator, and his only power is to cry.

    But, he controls the purse strings of a LOT of campaign cash, so...

    [–] Women stockpile birth control as Trump administration finalizes religious exemptions hyperviolator 28 points ago in politics

    You notice how Republicans have shut up about Obamacare? The minute it was successful in all the blue states who didn't fight it tooth and nail and did it right, everyone wanted in... because unless you're a political idealogue it's a good idea.

    Same with Social Security, and Medicare, and Medicaid.

    Just do it already.

    [–] Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi cancels interview amid Mueller probe hyperviolator 36 points ago in politics

    I truly don't get why any of these people in the cross hairs of the FBI keep going on TV and talking to newspapers, tweeting, writing blogs, and who knows what else. Trump's fight -- for now -- is political against impeachment.

    It's NOT for any of these guys. They ain't getting pardons. They're not auditioning for anything.

    You couldn't get me to say more than "Good morning" if that outside of my house if I were in their shoes.

    Why won't they shut up? Ego? They're actual idealogues?

    [–] Even if we did hack the DNC, they can't sue us: Russia hyperviolator 6 points ago in politics

    Their economy is smaller than Italy's and we don't do much trade with Russia compared to other states. It would not be so bad.

    [–] Even if we did hack the DNC, they can't sue us: Russia hyperviolator 2 points ago in politics

    Won't work. You want to break Russia, you cut off the lines for connection into the country itself. Cut all the fiber, bar SWIFT banking access, make them an island.

    [–] Mueller investigation news: Jerome Corsi says he’ll be indicted for perjury hyperviolator 23 points ago in politics

    Don't tell lies under oath.

    What these people call perjury trap isn't even a perjury trap. It's straight up plain vanilla perjury -- lying under oath or to Federal agents.

    [–] Mueller reportedly plans to issue new indictments in the Russia investigation as soon as Tuesday hyperviolator 2 points ago in politics

    His site's a major agitprop weapon for the right. Could we be so lucky as to see Stone and his harem indicted, along with media people like Hannity, Drudge, Carlson, and then some Assange for dessert?