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    [–] Megathread: Speaker Pelosi tells President Trump the House won't authorize State of the Union address in the chamber 'until government has opened' hyperviolator 1 points ago in politics

    Let's say I own a deli in DC or Palm Beach or wherever.

    Trump decides he wants to come in. I tell him no, go away. I stand in the doorway blocking him. He starts walking toward me with intent to keep moving.

    Which of these is true?

    1. The Secret Service shoots me
    2. The agents move me out of the way
    3. The agents intervene to stop any contact but may not remove me from my private property or forcibly move Trump across my threshold in violation of trespassing laws

    Hint: it's #3.

    In the Congressional House it's even more cut and dried; by law and Constitution, Pelosi is in command of it, 100%. The end. Full stop. Trump has exactly 0.000000% authority here on this matter in any legal sense. The Supreme Court would straight up refuse certiorari if he appealed and even probably Kavanaugh would be like "Dude no" in his head.


    1. May not have the SOTU on the House floor without her consent
    2. A joint session requires a joint resolution which the House will not pass
    3. A joint resolution started in the Senate will be filibustered by every Democrat but Manchin and thus fail

    So if Trump shows up at the door to the chamber, go back to #3 of my deli example. Same principle. Same outcome. If he forces his way in he can and will be arrested by the Sergeant At Arms. The Secret Service cannot and may not stop this happening; not one Treasury Agent is is getting arrested and ending their career for him. It's literally not their job. Their only job is keeping him alive. They'll just shadow him every step of the way to make sure no one physically hurts him, all the way to his mugshot, fingerprinting, booking and bail hearing.

    [–] China 'launches an app that tells you if you are within 500 yards of someone in debt - and encourages you to report them if they seem capable of paying up' hyperviolator 1 points ago in technology

    You give the CCP credit for taking people out of poverty, even though they kept their populace in poverty for 50 years longer than they should've been.

    I'm no fan of the past or present CCP but this is like giving modern Democrats in the USA the blame for slavery, the KKK and the Civil War, and giving modern Republicans credit by association to Abraham Lincoln.

    [–] Cummings and Schiff Statement on Intimidation of Michael Cohen hyperviolator 1 points ago in politics

    Wouldn't that be funny if this was all a catfishing of Trump by Mueller and Cohen?

    [–] Trump tells Pelosi he will deliver State of the Union before Congress next week, despite her request for a delay during shutdown hyperviolator 1 points ago in politics

    Yes, that man, there, John J. Smith, SSN 001-02-0004, the one physically in THAT chair there, yes you, John J. Smith, did in fact shoot Peter B. Jones in the face right in front of my five times, four after he was on the ground. Peter pled for mercy. The first shot killed him, then the next four were in his face on the ground. I saw you do it John."

    Lawyer: Was that murder you saw?

    I dunno I can't say because John's lawyers are terrifying.

    [–] Trump tells Pelosi he plans to deliver State of the Union in House hyperviolator 1 points ago in politics

    Unfortunately I think this is exactly what Trump wants, a standoff between the SAA and the secret service on live TV.

    The SAA and Secret Service will absolutely not fight. There won't be a shootout. No one will even think about drawing guns.

    Trump will try to get in. The SAA and team will say no. If he tries to get in anyway with physical force it's a crime and they can arrest him.

    The Secret Service has literally one job: don't let anyone "hurt" the President physically. That's it. They don't even have the authority legally to stop a police office from issuing him a ticket or arresting him.

    If Trump waddled out onto 5th Ave from his small tower and actually shot someone and immediately dropped the gun, in front of say the twenty NYPD that are always out there, you know what'll happen after everyone recovers from their WTF moment?

    They'll put him in handcuffs with the blessing of the Secret Service. Some NYPD and Secret Service ride with him in the Beast limo (he's still handcuffed here) to the nearest station. They'll fingerprint, mug shot him, collect a DNA sample, and refer him to the NYC DA or state AG or the Federal DOJ as appropriate, and he'll go up before a local judge for bail. The whole time the Secret Service will literally just ensure he isn't physically hurt or killed.

    They won't interfere otherwise. They have no legal authority to.

    [–] Seattle Reddit Community Open Chat, Wednesday, January 23, 2019 hyperviolator 10 points ago in SeattleWA

    Tie to voter registration by law. Anyone signing for the selective service should automatically get a lifetime voter enrollment, as it's only citizens.

    [–] Pelosi's office says Trump hasn't responded to State of the Union letter hyperviolator 1 points ago in politics

    The Democrats will pick up and leave and disrupt the speech.

    That would be absolutely the worst approach imaginable, as it literally would be a coup of the lawful separation of powers and a criminal usurping of the Speaker's Constitutionally mandated authority.

    If someone insane like this happens the Democrats, all 200+, needs to form a human shield around the dais to let Pelosi order the mass arrests to begin in earnest.

    If we get this far the nation is finished. Despite that, if Democrats were to cede something like that, it's over anyway, so no way in hell.

    [–] Kalliope, JARVIS like assistant v0.5.3 released and reached 1000 stars on Github hyperviolator 1 points ago in Python

    But then my AI would be charmingly fond of speaking in plot terms, like "Sokovia's going for a ride," or "You might want to smell around the kitchen. Something may be burning."

    [–] Seattle Reddit Community Open Chat, Wednesday, January 23, 2019 hyperviolator 2 points ago in SeattleWA

    I had a few minutes of relative downtime, which is a rare treat. I dunno how the hell you get so much Doug/Chuck time during the day.

    [–] Seattle Reddit Community Open Chat, Wednesday, January 23, 2019 hyperviolator 2 points ago in SeattleWA

    You're assuming everyone is a libertarian extremist, like you, Charlesgrodinfan? That's a bit entitled. Check your entitlement, Chuck.

    [–] Seattle Reddit Community Open Chat, Wednesday, January 23, 2019 hyperviolator 3 points ago in SeattleWA

    Curious that the Trump-wingers and circlejerkers are most threatened by this. Why?

    [–] Seattle Reddit Community Open Chat, Wednesday, January 23, 2019 hyperviolator 2 points ago in SeattleWA

    Are you threatened by the fact the idea could neuter your ability to cause trouble, /u/charlesgrodinfan?